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Costa Rica Reviews

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Costa Rica Vacation

Travelers have been enjoying Costa Rica vacations for decades now, and the land has become synonymous with nature trekking and ‘La Pura Vida’ - a laid back, contented approach to life that’s as infectious as it is transformative.


Whether you’re the adventurous traveler or prefer to lounge on the beach, our Costa Rica travel agencies have something for you thanks to the country’s overwhelming diversity and its dedication to its tourism infrastructure. In Costa Rica you’ll find wildlife in the rawest of presentations. Monkeys swing from the trees above you while birds swoop down to rest on nearby branches.


Elsewhere you can surf, hike, snorkel and visit volcanoes and, when you’re worn out, enjoy a delicious rum on the beach. ‘La Pura Vida’? You betcha.

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Costa Rica Tours

If you’re looking for nature and wildlife, look no further, Costa Rica packs in an array of nature and wildlife tours that will fulfill any nature enthusiasts dreams and even surpass expectations.

Protecting and preserving the beautiful Costa Rican wildlife is the main priority of our local travel agencies in Costa Rica and it's truly the underlying philosophy of the life and culture in Costa Rica and subsequently tourists from around the world are attracted to the mesmerizing biodiversity and sustainability on show.

With the addition of two beautiful long coastlines, Costa Rica can enthrall every type of traveler.
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Best time of the year to visit Costa Rica?

The dry season, which is also the high season runs from late November to late April, however, minus a few downpours, you can enjoy Costa Rica any time of the year.

For Whale watching the best time to go is July-Oct or Jan-March

For the Leatherback Turtle the best time to go is March-July.
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Food and Culture of Costa Rica

Rice, chicken and beans feature in a lot of the traditional Costa Rican dishes, however, with two luxurious coastlines, the seafood on offer is a tremendous alternative to those cheap staple diets.

A lot of fruit is consumed on a daily basis, this being down to the freshness of them and the refreshment they bring.

Although it’s not the cuisine that draws in the tourists, the coffee and chocolate in Costa Rica is good enough to take me back there.

Sustainable tourism is one attribute that is key to understanding the philosophy of the Costa Rican culture. Responsible eco-tourism like not destroying the landscape with commercial hotels and instead building eco-friendly lodges is just one thing that protects the environment. Furthermore responsible care and interaction with the animals is fundamental practice in the rain-forest.

The importance of nature is never underestimated on Costa Rica vacations.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Costa Rica

Keen surfers will immediately fall in love with Costa Rica. Pavones, a relatively tranquil and relaxed beach-town, is home to purportedly the longest left-hand beach break in the world.

Other incredible beach towns include Santa Teresa. More established and now thriving with tourism, this luxury beach spot parades pristine waters and forest hugging beaches. Montezuma adds another charming beach break to the list. An infectious spot that will force you to stay just another day.

Brimming with National Parks, Costa Rica works hard on preserving its natural beauty and with innovative sustainable tourism programs, implemented by all of our Costa Rica travel agencies, it is no wonder it never loses its charm. A few unmissable parks that showcase these delights are Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, a park that condenses Costa Rican wildlife into one area.

Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal is popular with geologists and volcano enthusiasts, a park with picturesque trails and containing a volcano that was constantly erupting until 2010. Any day now something could happen.

In fact there are many black beaches, often described as the perfect “black holes”, that intrigue tourists on their Costa Rica tours. These, like that of Playa Samara, add a unique charm and a contrast to the picture perfect golden sand.

On your wildlife tours you will not be short of spectacular animals to encounter. With over 900 species of bird, some of the worlds rarest frogs, leather-back turtles and of course an abundance of diverse forest monkeys, tours to Costa Rica are undeniably perfect for those wildlife lovers.

These forests also offer a splendid array of adventure activities to try out. Canopy walks throughout the forests and National Parks are a great way of seeing tree animals, in particular those cheeky monkeys.

Get more of an adrenaline rush by using the Tarzan swing to survey the forest, or additionally try canyoning down some of the most attractive yet daunting cliff faces. White-water rafting tours also feature highly on adventure seekers lists.
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Costa Rica Reviews

Chantal L., August 2018

A master travel planner, we said we wanted an active, adventure-filled holiday with lots of sightseeing and that’s exactly what we got! Very accessible and friendly. Wonderful holiday with family and friends!

Allen C., July 2018

Graciela is superb. She too k care of all my details and made a perfect itinerary for us.

Dannette Martinez, May 2018

Randall was great from start to finish! I would definitely recommend using his services. It's a great way to plan your whole trip or help supplement your planning along the way. Communication was great, changes were super easy to make both during the planning phase and while on our trip. Thank you so much for saving me a lot of stress as the travel coordinator, ensuring we had great tour guides and comfortable private transfers. It make our experience feel so personal and not like a mass tour operation.

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John Martin, April 2018

Laetitia put together a trip that I imagined! They handled my trip and all of my changes in a professional and caring manner. I have never used a travel agency before, but Laetitia made it all simple. I deafanlitally would use them again.

Jean Oshell, April 2018

Although I contacted several Costa Rican travel companies, it was not until I spoke with Lars at that I was sure that this was the best person and travel guide I could find. We were a family of 11 ranging in age from 4 to 71, traveling to Costa Rica to celebrate my 70th birthday. Lars listened to exactly what we wanted and arranged it all!! He promptly answered all my questions in a professional and pleasant way. Our whole group wished that we could have met up with Lars while in Costa Rica to let him know how thrilled we were with his help. Every one of our drivers and guides were wonderful to us, going out of their way to be sure we had a great experience. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Lars!!!!

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