The best kept secret for adventurous travelers are Colombia tours that combine the old world charm and natural beauty of this coastal South American country. A Colombia holiday can include Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea beaches, archaeological explorations, salsa classes, UNESCO world heritage sites, and more.
The best kept secret for adventurous travelers are Colombia tours that combine the old world charm and natural beauty of this coas
Tayrona National Park (Photo by Eli Duke)
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Colombia Reviews

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Colombia Vacation

After the historic September 2016 peace agreement signed by President Juan Manuel Santos, a new era of nonviolent existence began, earning Santos the 2016 Nobel Peace prize and ending over 50 years of civil war. As Colombia moves further away from its troubled past, more and more people are venturing to see the diverse treasures this vibrant nation holds. With an acute sense of determination, Colombia is a global example for troubled countries looking to make an impact in the world of tourism. A brief conversation with any local will reveal the extensive possibilities offered for tours, which not only demonstrate the broad range of activities available, but also the unique passion and pride that Colombians have for their country.

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Colombia Vacation

Colombia Travel Information

Travel to Colombia

When you travel to Colombia, you will discover everything from a wealth of golden sand beaches to snow-capped peaks to bustling metropolises to Amazon rainforests to a vast array of wildlife and incredible desert landscapes. Indeed, for all that dazzles in Colombia and demands your attention, the warmth and hospitality of the locals is what makes trips to Colombia so enchanting.

The profound sense of optimism among the locals is contagious. While there are still areas of Colombia that aren't recommended for tours, there is so much of the country open for exploration that the favorite tourist routes have become increasingly refined.

Most trips to Colombia begin in the country's capital city, Bogotá, a bustling city that sizzles with salsa and electronic music at night. By day, there are 250 kilometers (155 miles) of dedicated bicycle trails to explore, a tramway or funicular ride to the peak of Mount Monserrate, and the famous Museo del Oro, or Gold Museum, containing three floors with over 55,000 pieces of gold artwork.

Medellín is perhaps the best example of Colombia's incredible transformation. Once considered the most dangerous city in the world, civic pride and innovative policies have revitalized Medellin. One of the most amazing additions is the 259 feet of outdoor escalators that connect the community. Along with installing the escalators, the local government distributed brightly colored paint and soon the residents and shop owners began to transform their homes and neighborhoods. Today, Medellin is considered one of the most interesting cities on earth for street art, with colorful murals and lively artists filling the town.

Cartagena, on the other hand, has long been regarded as one of South America's most beautiful cities and tours here have always been popular. It is the picturesque setting of several novels from Nobel winning author Gabriel García Márquez, affectionately known as Gabo, locally. Cartegena is a major port along the Caribbean since the 15th century. No visit to the city is complete without seeing the city’s fortress, Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a UNESCO world heritage site.

From there, a Colombia honeymoon may explore nearby Santa Marta, a coastal town alongside neighboring fishing village Taganga, the perfect location for a taste of Colombia's legendary nightlife. Further down the picturesque Caribbean coastline is Tayrona National Park - a haven of beaches, jungles and mountain views.

Fans of their morning java will appreciate tours of Salento in the breathtaking Cocora Valley, which is characterized by coffee farms, undulating hills and lush greenery.

Colombia tours including these highlights and more are just the start of a remarkable introduction to the country's charms, beckoning many return trips in the future.

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About Colombia

A favorable currency exchange rate provides tremendous value for the international traveler seeking a trending destination. With a Colombia holiday package, you will be guided by a local English-speaking expert who knows the best places to visit on the Colombia private tours.

A Columbia vacation is in close proximity to the equator which means an annual temperature variance of only 3-5 degrees, generally with the cooler areas being in higher elevation. From beautiful warm beaches to moderate temperatures of the mountain cities, the climate is predictably pleasant year round.

Diverse History

Colombia’s diverse history provides numerous opportunities for exploration during your visit. Though once a Spanish colony, the original region was populated by two highly civilized ancient native tribes, the Taironas and the Muiscas.

Both tribes were known for their metallurgy and goldsmith expertise, as well as their tenacious spirit, proving them difficult to conquer by the Conquistadors. The Taironas were settlers of the famous Ciudad Perdida, Lost City, which predates Machu Picchu by 600 years and the Musicas are responsible for the origin of the El Dorado legend, The City of Gold.

Close to Nature

Beyond the ancient history, Colombia private tours also offer visitors the chance to see several natural resources, including Los Flamingos Natural Park, home to a flamingo sanctuary on the country’s Northern coast or and the ever-charming Isla de la Micos, Monkey Island, at the tri-point border of Peru and Brazil.

Active Traveling

In addition to the nature and archeology, if you’re an active traveler, you can explore one of the many dedicated bicycle routes through Bogotá, zip line on longest zip line in South America in Medellín, or hike 700 steps to the top of El Peñón de Guatapé.

Native Cuisine

With all the sightseeing, you are certain to work up an appetite, and the food and drink of Colombia do not disappoint. With cultural influences from around the world, the quintessential Colombian dish is Bandeja Paisa; a colorful platter of white rice, red beans, shredded meat, chicharrón (pork rind), chorizo (sausage), morcilla (black pudding), fried egg, avocado, arepa (corn bread) and plantain.

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Food and Culture of Colombia

Owing to the lack of international influence in many areas of Colombia over the years, the culture of the country remains strongly intact (and fiercely guarded) throughout the various departments of the country.

Nobody on a Colombia tour could fail to notice the diversity of Colombian culture. The differences around the country at times feel so pronounced you could be forgiven for thinking you've changed countries, rather than merely crossed into a different city.

Colombia's Caribbean, for example, is characterized by its laid-back atmosphere, where locals listen to vallenato and cumbia (original styles of Colombian music) loudly on expensive speakers attached to their bicycles. This is in stark contrast to Bogota, where salsa, electronic, rock and reggaeton are far more frequently heard (although, being the capital, there is something for everyone). Locals here are far busier and are less likely to stop in the street for a quick chat.

Overall, however, Colombian culture is brought together by a passion for life and a love for music and dance. Very few Colombians stay still when the music of Carlos Vives or Joe Arroyo start playing, and these same Colombians are more than likely to extend their hand to you to welcome you to the dancefloor.

Food in Colombia typically consists of fairly simple ingredients, with spices used sparsely. Typical Colombian dishes include the monstrous Bandeja Paisa (meat, egg, avocado, rice, sausage and more), arepas (kind of a corn-based dough), lechona (slow-cooked pork with rice), ajiaco (chicken and potato broth), sancocho (another broth), mondongo (trite soup) and arroz con pollo (chicken and rice). One thing you shouldn't miss out on is the vast array of fruits - you'll find out about many you never even knew existed. On tours around the diverse regions of the country you'll find that the gastronomical makeup changes drastically - so stay hungry!

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What time of the year is it best to visit Colombia?

Colombia is a year-round destination, open to tourists whenever they choose to visit. While there are rain seasons along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, elsewhere these remain unpredictable and, in any case, bearable. December to March tends to be drier in the center of the country while the "wet" season along the Caribbean Coast is said to be in October and November. Take this information with a pinch of salt, however, as the weather is generally very consistent.

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Colombia Reviews Of Our Travellers

Emily H., October 2019

Very helpful and customizable

Ulf Kenneth B., October 2019

Good detailed info about the trip. All the guides were very good and knowledgeable. All drivers but one equally good. Excellent programs except for one day where the program had been changed without our knowledge to something completely useless. All domestic flights went well - in time and no problem with the luggage. Though different standards the hotels were good, interesting with nice helpful people. It was no doubt useful for us that we speak Portuguese when moving around since except for the guides and some hotel managers English was not that common outside the most touristic areas.

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Vivian L., September 2019

I decided to take a solo trip to Colombia for my Birthday. The Destination Expert I worked with was Andrea. She was such a pleasure to work with from the planning stages, during the trip, to post trip. I always felt very well taken care of. Andrea is very responsive, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. She made amazing suggestions based on my interests and preferences. Everything Andrea planned (the schedule, transfers, accommodations & activities) all exceeded my expectations. She made my birthday trip to Colombia extra special & memorable by planning a few birthday surprises for me!! I highly recommend Andrea and would not hesitate to work with Andrea again in the future.

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Susan B., September 2019

I put a lot of faith in Ophelia and to build a wonderful trip for my 11 year old daughter and I and was so thrilled with the results! She created a week that was enjoyable for both of us. The hotels were wonderful and the island trip was magnificent! We had one small issue with the hotel charges. I called Ophelia and she answered right away. The issue was addressed immediately. We will use again for our next trip wherever it may be.

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Alessia Federica M., August 2019

Everything was perfect! the trip was wonderful: nice hotels all in good position, good guides which spoke a perfect English.
Andrea was a great support always present and useful for any kind of request and support.