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China Vacation

China is a country that is moving at such a speed that it can seem unrecognizable at points and, yet, on China tours you’ll still discover a country that is rooted deeply in ancient traditions.


China is a land of juxtapositions. For all the skyscrapers that dominate the new cities, the Great Wall of China remains its most arresting piece of architecture, and for all the businessmen that frantically traverse the streets of Shanghai, it’s the Terracotta Warriors that inspire the most awe among travelers.


To tour the entire country would take almost a lifetime, such is the enormity of the place. China is about the same size as Europe, and beyond the obvious attraction of China tours, there are entire worlds to be discovered.

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Whether it’s the vastly growing metropolis’ of Beijing and Shanghai that you’re after or the ancient discovery along the iconic Great Wall of China, China tours offer some of the most diverse itineraries and travel pursuits in the world.  

Great food – check. Great history – check. Great people – check. Great experience – check.

Calling China vast is a massive understatement. If you are planning to travel to China, be sure to allow for a few separate trips to ensure you complete the ultimate experience, but for now lets focus on your interests.

If it is stunning scenery you’re after, China offers that in abundance. You only need to follow the trail of the great wall, then to deviate into one of China’s romantic bamboo forests, climb atop one of its prodigious mountain tops, sail down an eerie, misty river gorge, get lost in the mind-boggling  Stone forest or simply traverse the picturesque rice terraces to realize the aesthetic offerings right in front of you on your China tours.

Time to become insignificant in the mist of millions of other entities as you get lost between skyscrapers in futuristicShanghaiMarvel at the groundbreaking architecture where monumental skyscrapers creep over ancient temples and monasteries, a constant reminder of how fast Shanghai is moving forward.

As it gets dark you will witness Shanghai as its greatest, when neon lights illuminate the glamour and office workers flood into restaurants for hours on end, to either catch up with friends or talk even more business over a stretch of courses.

The Chinese capital of Beijing is electrifying. Always changing but still manages to maintain its imperial charm, Beijing never slips under the radar of any travelers. On your China tours, Beijing should be the focal point for food, shopping and most importantly, a visit to the Forbidden City, a huge ancient citadel right in the middle of Beijing that showcases the beauty of ancient Chinese architecture and ceramic work. An array of mind-blowing palaces, this complex must not be missed on your China tours.

Not only this, but the Great Wall of China also runs just north of the scintillating capital. So hop on the trail and take a walk through time, gazing along the way at the phenomenal scenery on offer, stopping at provincial towns and walking in the footsteps of past emperors.


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Food and Culture of China

Chinese food, like the country itself, is diverse, innovative and appealing in so many ways.

You are probably familiar with Chinese cuisine from ordering a takeaway with your family and friends on a Saturday night or from many of the fabulous China towns around the world in big cities, but nothing compares to the authenticity of Chinese food in a dimly lit, backstreet eatery in China.

From fried dumplings to the incredible tasting seaweed to the shredded duck to the crispy shrimps, China has it all and it masters every single dish.


The staple accompaniment to these elaborate dishes would either be rice or noodles mainly, whether it’s egg noodles or fried rice, it will certainly come with a remarkable source or array of side dishes.

Soups are also very common. Like that in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in South East Asia, Chinese soups also features a lot of spices and fresh vegetables making for a healthy, wholesome and rewarding dish at the end of a long day. Alternatively, smaller soups can make for a light and healthy lunch

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What Time of the year is it best to Visit China?

China is an ideal country to visit all year round. April-May and September-October consist of huge swarms of tourists because the weather is most pleasant, however if you want to avoid the high prices then less busy spells from June-August or the months of March and November offer less pricey times and still great weather for scenery and trekking etc.

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China Reviews

Jim Sutton, May 2018

We found Cynthia’s service to be outstanding. The guides in Yunnan were brilliant. We had a couple of cases after that, of guides not being at airports at the arranged times, and being hard to find. Trish, my co-traveler spoke directly to Cynthia at the time, so she would know about it. The highlight of the trip for us, was getting into places in villages that would not be practical for bigger groups, such as small cafes. One had only two tables. On our own, without a guide, we could not have communicated with the proprietors. Another was going to a village market providing mostly food ingredients to locals (not another tourist in sight). We stopped for lunch at a small family bistro. The children of the family came home from school, and the daughter (9 or 10 years) came and sat with us. She gave Trish a flower petal, on which she had carefully inscribed a heart symbol. We were very touched. We observed quite a few senior citizens sitting in the sun, alone or with friends. We learned that every day, older people whose families had moved away, or who just liked to get out and about, could go to the market square, and the stall-holders would feed them. Trish and I had each visited China previously, in the course of our work, but this visit, mostly away from the major cities and sophisticated government officials, gave us new insight into the ways of life and social norms of ordinary citizens. Our affection for China has been deepened, and we have been telling our friends how delighted we are with the arrangements made and service provided by Cynthia and our guides.

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Joy Yih, April 2018

A well custom-planned trip just how we wanted. We have been all the key places, the knowledgeable tourist guides were very informative. A true culture trip.

Travis Frizzell, February 2018

Cynthia worked with me for over 6 months in order to make sure I had the exact trip I wanted. She did a wonderful job at arranging things and making sure they were just right. The guides and resources she uses are excellent and worth using. Even when we had a small issue during our trip, she immediately addressed the issue and resolved it in our favor. I would highly recommend using her as your agent with

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Darrell Vincent, February 2018

Cynthia organized every detail of our 9 day vacation. The only hiccup was when our plane flight was cancelled. We could not get in touch with her quickly to help us rebook. Every other detail was perfect.

Wai Yin Hoo, January 2018

She was so helpful to me and my family in organizing the trip and getting our documents in order. It was easy to navigate and the response time was excellent. Cynthia was always responsive to every question or concern we might have had, Customer service was outstanding.

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