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China is a country that is moving at such a speed that it can seem unrecognizable at points and, yet, on China tours you’ll still discover a country that is rooted deeply in ancient traditions.


China is a land of juxtapositions. For all the skyscrapers that dominate the new cities, the Great Wall of China remains its most arresting piece of architecture, and for all the businessmen that frantically traverse the streets of Shanghai, it’s the Terracotta Warriors that inspire the most awe among travelers.


To tour the entire country would take almost a lifetime, such is the enormity of the place. China is about the same size as Europe, and beyond the obvious attraction of China tours, there are entire worlds to be discovered.

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Travis Frizzell, February 2018

Cynthia worked with me for over 6 months in order to make sure I had the exact trip I wanted. She did a wonderful job at arranging things and making sure they were just right. The guides and resources she uses are excellent and worth using. Even when we had a small issue during our trip, she immediately addressed the issue and resolved it in our favor. I would highly recommend using her as your agent with

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Darrell Vincent, February 2018

Cynthia organized every detail of our 9 day vacation. The only hiccup was when our plane flight was cancelled. We could not get in touch with her quickly to help us rebook. Every other detail was perfect.

Wai Yin Hoo, January 2018

She was so helpful to me and my family in organizing the trip and getting our documents in order. It was easy to navigate and the response time was excellent. Cynthia was always responsive to every question or concern we might have had, Customer service was outstanding.

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Jan Verasdonck, November 2017

Normally we go “unguided” on our trips, wherever they go. For China we decided to use the services of an agency. We chose Cynthia for that task. We were very happy with the service of her people, all trips were perfect. Not only made our trip very comfortable, we saw more, got more insights, felt safe all the time and did not encounter any problems with bureaucracy in this big country with lots of officials.

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Amy Taub, November 2017

Cynthia was able to plan a detailed trip off the beaten path (as well as on the beaten path) to China for first time travelers that was detailed and effective. The guides we had were knowledgeable and the drivers were good. All were dependable and her suggestions proved to be really astute- she knows China. I would highly recommend Cynthia for anybody traveling to China.

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