Chile boasts one of the most stable economies in South America, making a Chile tour highly desirable for both tourists and investors. The capital city, Santiago, with six-million people, is a natural starting place for a Chile holiday, boasting nightlife and restaurants unmatched.
Chile boasts one of the most stable economies in South America, making a Chile tour highly desirable for both tourists & investors
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Chile Reviews

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Chile Vacation

Thanks to Chile's gradual emergence as one of South America's most stable economies it has become a benchmark for development in South America - as well as a favorite destination for tourists and investors. Chile tours inevitably start in its capital, Santiago. It's home to 6 million people and is the 6th biggest city in South America - boasting nightlife and restaurants. But nightlife doesn’t even begin to explore the tip of both a literal and figurative iceberg of sights and sounds found in Chile, including the beautiful blue icebergs found kayaking through Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. This narrow country bordering the Pacific Ocean for 4,270 km (2,653 miles) has something for everyone.  Chile’s infrastructure and cleanliness are unmatched throughout South American. More and more newcomers are starting to visit, enthralled to discover all the cultural delights and eclectic mix of old and contemporary Chile has to offer.  

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Chile Vacation

Chile Travel Information

Travel to Chile

Because of Chile’s formidable length, it is hard to cover all the wonders in a single trip to Chile. Most visitors spend their travel to Chile either in the bottom half (Patagonia and Santiago), or the top (Santiago and upwards).

Wine enthusiasts will enjoy some of the fine vineyard tours in and around Santiago and want to visit a few museums and fine restaurants before moving on, to enjoy the natural beauty of Chile travel.

Valparaiso, Chile’s other major city, sits temptingly close to the capital and contains an alluring labyrinthine alleyway structure with old cobbled streets and fabulous architecture, perfect for hiking in Chile. Horse riding tours in the Elqui Valley of the Andes have been attracting tourists for years and offer the perfect hillside scenery for such an adventure, overlooking tranquil lakes and lush vegetation.

Heading further north you will reach the Atacama Desert.  The Atacama is the driest place on planet earth with an arid, moon-like landscape that stretches 1,000km from northern Chile as far as Southern Peru.  Atacama treks contain stunning snow-capped mountain ranges, vast picturesque salt lakes, surreal-looking rock formations and an abundance of fresh mountain air.

Heading to a warmer climate down south is the beautiful landscape of the popular Lake District. With jaw-dropping scenery, the Lake District offers some of Chile’s greatest jewels. Formed of stunning, rich blue lakes, extremely dense forestry that is excellent for hiking and monumental volcanoes, this is where Chile is its most pristine.

Further south is the desolate natural beauty of Patagonia, a stark isolated stretch of wind-swept mountains leading, along with the Argentinian side, down to the end of the world. The top site of Chilean Patagonia has to be the Torres Del Paine massif, a hiking hotspot with a series of granite spires that precariously loom over the naked landscape. Tierra del Fuego translates to the ‘land of the fire’ and offers scintillating mountain scenery and a selection of prodigious glaciers.

Finally, if you haven’t got enough added enough things on your to-do list already, Easter Island, one of the most remote places on the planet, and offers amazing prehistoric cultures and ancient sculptures.  Sitting on Chile’s Pacific coast, along with Isla Robinson Crusoe, part of the Juan Fernandez archipelago, Easter Island consists of remarkable undulating, mountainous terrain, formed over the years from volcano activity. Isla Robinson Crusoe also boasts a rich abundance of wildlife and dense vegetation.

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How to organize a Chile Tour

We all want the best, most authentic experience when we travel. Getting in touch with locals and experiencing their way of life is an essential part of getting to know the world we live in, and here at we understand that. That's why all our local travel agencies in Chile know the country inside out. They're here to help you handcraft your dream trip to Chile the way you want it.

With you book your trip direct with the experts based in Chile, meaning you get a completely personalized service and the best advice at your fingertips. Better yet, you'll be skipping over unnecessary middlemen and therefore keeping your money where it belongs: in your pocket, and with the hardworking locals in Chile.
The first step of your dream trip to Chile begins here at

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Food and Culture of Chile

With Chile’s absurdly long coast, it is no surprise that Chilean cuisine features exquisite seafood dishes, fresh from the day’s catch.

Additionally, like Argentina, Chile is famous for its fantastic wine, particularly red, and sumptuous steak, cooked to perfection in an asado, a brick barbecue with a chimney that adds a nice smokey flavor to the beastly red meat. Fortunately, the two go so exceptionally well together.

Meat is really the staple requirement in any Chilean dish, whether it’s pork smothered with chili, a wholesome chicken and vegetable soup or salty chunks of beefy goodness.

Literature plays an integral part in understanding the culture of Chile, with illustrious poets such as Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral having won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Both were stern advocates of socialist politics, which induced their vehement yet romantic poetry.

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About Chile trips

Most Chile tours will begin with the sights of her vibrant urban centers but for the remainder of your Chile holiday package, you will want to explore the incredible landscapes Chile offers. Just outside Santiago, you’ll find the snow-capped Andes Mountains where you can climb, trek, rappel, raft, or ski during your Chile vacation.

If seaport, coastal life is appealing, look no further than the cliffside city of Valparaiso. Not only will you discover the freshest Chilean sea bass in the world, but you will also be able to enjoy it in one of the most colorfully vibrant cities in the nation, where each of the 44 cerras (hills) are painted with brightly colored murals.

Up and down the entire coast, you’ll find an exceptionally diverse country. From the northern part of the country with stargazing in the Atacama Desert, to the southern part tip with the beautiful, crumbling glaciers and fjords of Patagonia, you will find a marvelous variety of things to explore with a Chile private tour.

If architecture is your passion, you won’t want to miss the 16 churches on the southern island of Chiloé.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, these Jesuit built treasures date back to the 1600s when the area was colonized by the Spanish. Especially incredible is the merging of ancestral wooden boat construction with Spanish architecture to create buildings without nails. Instead, reinforced wooden joints hold the churches together.

All these adventures are certain to make an intrepid traveler thirsty, and again, the vineyards of the Colchagua Valley in central Chile do not disappoint. They are home to some of the finest wines in the world, originally cultivated by European settlers in the late 20th century.

Should you fancy yourself a modern-day Robinson Caruso, you will find the inspiration behind the story at the Juan Fernandez Islands and discover the largely self-regulating biospheres of nature.

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Best time of the year to visit Chile?

Southern Chile attracts many visitors throughout the appealing summer months of November-March.

The Atacama desert can be explored all year round, but summer brings about extremely hot days and bitterly cold nights.

In general Chile tours can certainly be a great experience all year round but December-March is the high season. Skiing is best in the winter months of July-September.

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Chile Reviews Of Our Travellers

Edward L., February 2020

Lorena did an EXCELLENT job of setting up our trip. She was always prompt with responses to questions, both before and during the excursion. The accommodations, guides, drivers and tours she selected could not have been better. She developed a trip for us that was packed with spectacular and interesting sites and scenes. We were very busy but never overwhelmed and there was time for relaxation as well. Thank you, Lorena.

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William B., February 2020

Our trip to Chile organized and planned through Trip Me and Lorena was just great. I had researched several trip planners through Trip Advisor and consistently had great reviews. I now know why. Lorena was so helpful and readily available during the months of planning ahead of our trip. We just returned from a 7 day/6 night trip to Chile that included a day in the Maipo Valley wine country, three days in the Atacama Desert based in San Pedro de Atacama and three days in the Lake District of southern Chile based in Puerto Varas.

This was an aggressive action packed schedule covering a lot of distance in this beautiful long skinny country. We had a lot of things on our wish list with a firm number of days to work with. Lorena gave us great ideas on how we could make this work. We ended up with a tremendous quality experience. What we did we were able to have a wonderful quality experience.

She answered all of our questions promptly; same day or next day. We tweaked our trip itinerary a few times. She had great suggestions. We were offered different levels of comfort and cost in tours and hotels. We were able to checkout these hotels on line before our trip. Our trip package price for 7 days/6 nights was incredibly reasonable. Lorena handled four separate in country flights for us; setting up everything with Latam. This worked very well. We had flown with Latam a couple years ago in Peru and dealing with them on reservations and purchases from the US individually is difficult.
Our in country flight boarding passes were delivered to our hotel rooms the night before a flight. That was great.

Everything went exactly as planned on our trip. There were no surprises. Lorena checked in with me several times during the trip to make sure all was going well and to ask if we had any questions or concerns. OK our cocktail party our guide Juvenal set up out side our van in Valle de la Luna at the end of the day was a surprise:) Wine, cheese, olives and great Chilean wine in the desert with unbelievable views. Amazing.
Tour guides and transportation was prompt and professional, vehicles were in excellent condition. Airport transfers were great. Really nice to see the big well printed signs with our names on it at the airports. The hotels were wonderful. Lorena and Turismo Milodon had a really nice welcome package waiting for us in our first hotel in Santiago. Much appreciated. Also included was an updated current itinerary for our trip. Locations of the hotels were great; right at the heart of each city making for easy walking around to explore locally. Eacxh hotel had wonderful buffet breakfasts. One had a great evening wine and cheese gathering each evening.

We chose private tours for our group of four adults. This was wonderful. We had private guides in vans that were comfortable but also agile. Our guides knew how to get us around and avoid large crowds and large tour busses. Our guides were all personable and engaging. We were able to stop, get out and look at things when we saw something unique, not possible on a large tour bus. We learned so much about local geography, history, wildlife and everyday life in Chile from our guides. We saw so much wildlife: Vicunas, nandus (rheas), flamingos, chinchillas

The food everywhere was wonderful. Our guides had some great local suggestions. We still had time for wandering. The diversity of the country was fascinating.

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Joseph P., February 2020

Lorena took care of every detail of our trip to the Atacama Desert, in Chile. All of the excursions, transfers, flights, and hotel arrangements, we're perfect! With Lorena's arrangements, we were able to visit extraordinary locations and sites. I wouldn't hesitate to use her service in the future.

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Julia L., January 2020

Amazing trip with great support by Lorena

Nahida K., January 2020

She was always available and accommodated on last minute plan changes. We wanted to hike to the base of Torres Del Paine and she made it happen in less than 24 hrs.