Bulgaria tours give you the chance to explore the rich legends of the past in a modern day setting. From the mountain tops to the coastal areas, when you visit Bulgaria, you will discover a magnificent crossroads of Russian, European, Greek, and Turkish heritage that blends the ancient influences of both East and West into a unique cultural cosmos
Bulgaria tours explore the legends of the past in a modern day setting. Bulgaria will amaze you.
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Bulgaria Reviews

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Bulgaria Vacation

On a Bulgaria holiday, you’ll be able to experience everything from the ancient Bulgarian Orthodox frescos at Boyana Church, to the sparkling beaches of the Black Sea, to the pristine Balkan Mountains in the north and the Rhodope Mountains in the south. From the metropolis capital of Sofia with the grand Presidential Palace, you’ll begin the journey of a lifetime. A short trip from the largest city in Bulgaria, you’ll have the opportunity to absorb the culture of what is possibly Europe’s oldest city, the City of Seven Hills, Plovdiv, which has been chosen as the 2019 European Capital of Culture. With 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites to see, you will marvel at every step on your Bulgaria tour. You can discover the magnificent Rila Monastery, visit Thracian Tombs (as mentioned in The Iliad), and explore the Old City of Tsars founded by Peter the Great. At some point, you may even relax in the hottest natural springs in Europe at Sapareva Banya with a geyser up to 18 meters high. At the end of your day, you can look forward to satisfying your appetite with delicious food that merges Turkish, Greek, and Persian influences to delight your taste buds.  

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Bulgaria Vacation

Bulgaria Travel Information

Travel to Bulgaria

There are so many things to see and do when you travel to Bulgaria, without the expertise of your Destination Guide, you may not know where to start. Your Bulgaria travel package will most likely begin in the capital city of Sofia, a lively city filled with history at every turn. You can take a religious building walk and see the famed Russian Church, the Orthodox St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Saint Sofia Church, the Sofia Synogogue, and the Banya Mashi mosque.

Just outside the capital, your trip to Bulgaria must include a visit to the Boyana Church, a UNESCO heritage site. Inside Boyana Church, you will see walls covered with frescos of 240 Biblical and historical figures, painted in during the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 1200s. The unknown artist’s style of painting predates the renaissance artists by 200 years. From there, the spectacular Boyana waterfall awaits you, on a short hike through Vitosha Mountain.

The Rila Monastery about 70 miles (110 km) outside Sofia is definitive of the Bulgarian identity. It is the first Christian monastery in Bulgaria. St. Ivan of Rila, the namesake and patron saint of Bulgaria, lived in the monastery in the 10th century when he settled in the area and devoted his life to prayer.  This holy cloister is a UNESCO world heritage site, and contains relics and artwork from throughout the centuries.

That is just the beginning of all the wonders you can discover on a Bulgaria trip. You’ll be fascinated by The Old City of the Tsars, the Tsarevets Fortress, in Veliko Tarnovo. An old city located on three hills, has housed palaces throughout the Bulgarian history. The former capital during medieval times, the fortress is visible from all points in the city. Today, Veliko Tarnovo recreates the story of the city with a spectacular Light and Sound show, through laser and light effects, dramatic music and ringing church bells. The show is free on national holidays and private showings can be arranged other times.

If you want to include sunny beaches when you travel Bulgaria, there are several recommended beaches along the Black Sea coast, including the historical town of Varna, a primary port between East and West for centuries. Bulgaria has always been at the crossroads of civilization. A proud nation that boasts many influences, yet maintains a uniquely Bulgarian culture, waits.

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About a Bulgaria trip

Ancient History

Bulgaria boasts what is thought to be the first civilization in Europe, the seaport of Varna along the Black Sea. On your Bulgaria private tour, you can tour the Varna Museum of Archeology, and see the famous Varna gold, discovered in the 1970s, dating possibly as far back as 4600 B.C. Archeologists unearthed graves filled with gold artifacts of stylized pendants, bracelets, beads and headpieces.  

Further inland, located between the plains of the Balkan Mountains to the north and the Rhodope Mountains to the south, is what is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, the City of the Seven Hills, Plovdiv. While today there are only 6 hills, the name remains. On a clear day, you can see both mountain ranges, but that is just the beginning of all you will find on a Bulgaria holiday package.  Plovdiv is easily walkable, and your Bulgaria tour will take you from a Roman Theater, to mosques from the Ottoman Empire, to Russian monuments on Bunardjik Hill.

Additionally, if you are a student of historical handwriting, you will love learning that the First Bulgarian Empire developed the Cyrillic script alphabet, the basis for Orthodox Slavic and Russian alphabets.

Natural Wonders
With the mountain ranges, coastal areas, and the Danube River (along with hundreds of smaller, less deep rivers), you will marvel at the natural wonders you find on your Bulgaria tour.  You will appreciate a nature hike to Emen Caves and Canyons, in the foothills of the Balkan Mountain range, where artifacts from the Neolithic age have been discovered.

To the South, in the Rhodope Mountains, you can see the Kardzhali Earth Pyramids, a geomorphical structure formed nearly 40 million years ago from volcanic ash. These rock formations are named for their appearances, so you will learn the legends behind the “petrified stone wedding”, or perhaps create your own stories from what you see.

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Bulgaria Reviews Of Our Travellers

Veronica F., September 2019

Our experience with Radoslav can be summed up with one word: WOW!!!
We were looking for a trip to tag along before embarking on a river cruise in August. We searched the web but couldn't find that one would fit perfectly until we saw Radoslav on trip.me. We were a little skeptical at first, but thought to give Radoslav a try. We wrote to him and he came up with a customized itinerary that we thought may work timing wise.
The guides on our Romania and Bulgaria were so GOOD. Dan was our Romania guide/driver and very knowledgeable and flexible and Dani was our Bulgaria guide who was very experience and we liken her to a walking encyclopedia.
As a bonus, we even got to meet his wonderful mom and dad (who also is our Bulgarian driver).
Would definitely do another trip with Radolav and recommend him to anyone who wants flexibility and learn about the Balkans.
Greg and Veronica

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Priya P., August 2019

Excellent service and arrangements provided by Radoslav. I must also mention our guide Danny and driver Emil were exceptionally good. We had a fantastic time and came back with amazing memories and most of them very good.

Geoffrey Michael H., August 2019

All worked perfectly.

Ruth O B., August 2019

In planning our trip to Bulgaria, communicating with Radoslav was easy. He was polite, prompt, and very informative. He responded to my questions well. We were met at the airport in Sofia but somehow the driver was running late. Finally Radoslav's father came to pick us up and took us to our hotel. Radoslav's girlfriend was waiting for us at the hotel and helped us with the check-in. With the tour service being a family business, it was good to meet those who are running it. Our Bulgaria tour was all inclusive. Food was good and servings were sufficient, more than enough at times. Our hotel was three star so it was what one expected. The rooms were clean but aged. However dinners at the restaurant were excellent. Our local guide Vasil was very informative and helpful. He and our driver (Radoslav's dad) looked after me and my husband well. Radoslav's dad is a careful driver and has a good knowledge of important sites too. The car was in good condition and clean. The program which Radoslav designed for us gave us a very good experience of Bulgaria in the short time we were there. We were able to visit Rila Monastery, Koprivshtitsa, Kazanluk, Plovdiv, and of course, Sofia. We are very happy with our experiences with Radoslav.

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Niloufar G., July 2019

One of the best trips ever. The rooms were excellent. The coverage of the country was so complete. Great towns and cities we visited with extraordinary beauty. We had the best driver that took us from north to south of Croatia without us lifting a finger. Can't say enough about the country or our package. Thank you

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