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10 Unusual Romantic Valentine's Day Trips

Valentine's Day, for many, is a chance to really impress your other half, a chance to prove that you're not a lazy romantic and that you've done all the necessary research to find that perfect place, a) just to keep the fire alight and b) to make it a Valentine's Day to remember. Now comes the hard part, where to go? How to avoid the cliché choices that will inevitably make you look lazy? And most of all, how to surprise them, woo them and find the most unique and romantic Valentine's day idea? This list of 10 unusual and romantic Valentine's day ideas will be sure to please any partner that's up for an adventure, especially the ones looking for that extra special and unique getaway:

10. Trekking in Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina Patagonia

The stunning vistas in Patagonia. Photo by Marina & Enrique.

Rugged doesn't really do it justice - the scenery in Patagonia has to be seen to be believed, and what better way to experience it than with your loved on on Valentine's Day? This is nature at its most raw, its most awe-inspiring and most epic - the perfect opportunity to ignite some of your own raw passion.

9. Roam the Streets of Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland's lively capital, boasts a charming, cosy old historic center.

Edinburgh, Scotland's lively capital, boasts a charming, cosy old historic center.

Scotland might not be the first country on your list when you think about romance but Edinburgh somehow defies the odds with its rustic charm, friendly locals and slew of fantastic restaurants. February might be cold and rainy, but this can often lend the vistas a kind of melancholic nostalgia that you and your loved one can snuggle up and enjoy.

8. Discover Nature in Botswana, Africa

Botswana tours

Elephants roam wild in Botswana

Explore the Okavango Delta with your partner and you'll be awe-struck by nature. Taking a luxury safari tour in Botswana is an unforgettable experience and one that's perfect for any adventurous lovers on Valentine's Day.

7. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay

Halong Bay or 'The Dragon's Mouth', Vietnam.

If it's peace and quiet you're after, you can do no better than to explore Halong Bay in Vietnam. Spend a few days in a ship cruising around the incredible scenery in the region, enjoy spectacular sunsets, swim out into the calm waters and for sure enjoy the delicious cuisine. Unmissable.

6. Mafia Island, Tanzania

mafia island Tanzania

Mafia Island boasts unspoiled beaches and a peaceful getaway. Photo by Frontierofficial

Lying just south of Zanzibar, Mafia Island is predictably overshadowed and often overlooked by the colonial beauty of Zanzibar Town and the renowned attractiveness of Zanzibar's beaches. For me, Tanzania would already signify a romantic Valentine's Day idea but why not take that one step further by heading off-the-beaten-track Tanzania and completely overwhelming your loved one with the unique desire that Mafia island beholds. With truly pristine, perfect beaches and crystal clear waters, it is amazing that this island hasn't already built such a reputation as Zanzibar. But this, in a way, is also to its advantage. With a remarkable sense of peace and isolation, Mafia island is the perfect spot to entice the utmost romance and completely win over the romance doubters. Additionally, you can head to Zanzibar after Valentine's Day to experience the compelling charm of its colonial streets.

5. SHI Restaurant, Long Island City, Queens, New York

Shi restaurant, New york

Shi restaurant, New york

SHI is a majestic eatery tucked away in the up and coming Long Island City with a breathtaking view of the Manhattan Skyline. If you can take your eyes off the moon dancing on the East River, and then your beautiful date, you'll notice the Asian fusion cuisine is incredible in its own right.  Just a short Uber ride from the city or Brooklyn, your Valentine will be impressed that Queens had such opulence on offer and that you knew about it.

4. Vallon des Auffes, France

Vallon Des Auffes

Skip cliché Paris and head down to forever charming Vallon des Auffes, Marseille province. Photo by Chris Brown.

Avoid the pretentious swarm of people that dive unknowingly into any of Paris' absurdly expensive candlelit restaurants and instead opt for this quaint harbor town in the Marseille Province. With unrivaled character and a selection of sleepy, romantic old streets to stroll down, it is impossible to go wrong with Vallon des Auffes. Another reason to escape here on a romantic getaway is because it boasts two of the most renowned fish restaurants in France. L'Epuisette is a Michelin-Starred restaurant with a divine selection of fish dishes and Chez Fonfon is the historic favorite. Both are famous for their Bouillabaisse. Another option for a beautiful French town is Cassis. Also in the Marseille province and also containing fantastic landscapes, Cassis exhibits spectacular calanques, providing mesmerizing views over sparkling bays.

3. Mompox, Colombia

Mompox Colombia

Romance can't get any more magical than on the colonial island of Mompox

Mompox oozes with magical myths and romantic stories. This sleepy colonial village, disconnected from the once bustling waterways of the Magdalena, is the perfect place to enjoy some time away from modern life. Mompox used to be a major port in Colombia, so the echoes of its affluent past can be seen in its architecture. It was, however, subsequently abandoned for easier routes and therefore the village never grew, but still retained its humble splendor. Time moves a little slower in Mompox, so take your time wandering the cobblestone streets, enjoy the local food, and be sure to spend the night at English-run Casa Amarilla.

 2. Camping Under the Stars in Simpson Desert, Australia

Simpson desert Australia

Sleeping under a starry night in the Australian desert offers unrivaled beauty. Photo by Patrick Savalle

Away from civilization, alone in the stark, isolated desert, hopping through some of nature's most pristine environments, the Simpson desert in Australia is a unique experience. This is a great opportunity to escape the pollution of the city and star-gaze all night long at the mesmerizing desert night sky. You, and your love, will be truly astounded by the amount of stars on display. A night to remember.

1. Rügen Island, Germany

Rügen Germany

Rügen island has a myriad of romantic walks and picturesque cliff-edge views. Photos by Marcus, Daniel Stark, Gunnar Ries and Martin Terber

Rügen island, according the the Germans in the office, is indescribably beautiful. With its monumental chalk cliff faces, hanging over sandy beaches and wide, open bays, along with being backed up by thick forest land containing numerous romantic walking paths, it is evident to see why Valentine's day trips to Rügen make German women tremble with excitement. Germany's largest island, Rügen is a popular summer destination for Germans, however, little do they know that the eerie mist and snowy paths make for an even better winter visit. Perfect for those loved up couples looking to take fresh winter strolls, snuggle up in one of the many strandkorbs located along the unspoiled stretch of mile-long beaches (pictured bottom left) or enjoy the captivating views from atop the 161 m high Königsstuhl cliff ('King's chair'), it is no surprise that 5 times more marriage proposals take place on Rügen island than the rest of Germany. Have you visited any of these romantic places? can you add to our list of non-cliché Valentine's day ideas? Leave your comments below...