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Tales from the Trenches:'s Triple-win Leads to a Series A Funding

Exciting, exhausting, illuminating and unforgettable. It’s been an eventful 18 months for Sounds like we took a trekking holiday at, doesn't it? Well it was a trek alright, but I'm pretty sure no one would call it a holiday. As you've no doubt already gathered if you read the title of this blog post, we have our first round of funding. And, as a startup that’s hugely important, since it gives us fuel to grow, increase our network of local travel agencies and continue to make our travel-loving customers deliriously happy. funding investment

Here's the team on the big day - a glass of champagne each to celebrate!

Naturally, we’re thrilled to be in this position, and extremely honored to have Recruit Holdings behind us. Recruit is one of the largest holdings companies in Japan and this is their first investment ever in a German-based company. We're still giddy that they chose to take to this dance. It means they’re confident enough in the model to invest, which only serves to firm up what we've always believed: the travel industry is ripe for disruption and the model is the way forward. Thanks, Recruit! We needed your voice behind us as we continue to trumpet this message. Now a much larger portion of travelers will hear it. Like so many of today’s biggest startup success stories, we’ve built this city on rock and roll based on the new opportunities offered by emerging technologies and the experience gained working with traditional platforms. For us specifically, this means leveraging our proprietary internet platform to connect travelers directly to local travel agencies - Destination Experts - around the world. investment

After a long day the papers are signed.

These local travel agencies are experts in their regions. I mean, they really know their stuff. By connecting directly with these experts, travelers using get the best advice because it’s personal and comes from years (sometimes decades) of first-hand experience. Such bespoke service should logically cost more (think of a tailor compared to mass-production), but, by leapfrogging over middlemen, turned that equation upside down. It actually costs a lot less to travel with than with local agents or aggregators. Traditional tour operators can charge up to a whopping 50% commission on bookings. If that doesn’t sound like broadening experiences for everyone to you, we'd like to agree. It sounds like a potentially restrictive price, which is something that we want to avoid. So, just to recap: better price, better service. Win win, right? Right. But there's more. Because you'd be working with experts located in the region in which you want to explore, more of your travel dollar goes to and remains in that region. That makes the platform a triple win. The places you visit have economies that do better because you stopped by. We particularly like that: triple win! This is a model we truly believe in, and we’ll keep working and evolving and not sleeping (thanks, Club Mate!) in order to reach more travelers, more destination experts, and yes, the next round of investment. office

Working hard in the office.

We hope you'll be joining us for the ride.   If you'd like to take a look at the official press release, please click here.