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8 Of The Best Honeymoon Destinations: Imaginative And Unique Ideas

Choosing your honeymoon can be a daunting prospect. However excited you may be to explore new places online and come up with new ideas, it remains a challenging task to narrow down those finds and actually choose that perfect destination, particularly if you want that destination to be imaginative and unique to the rest of them. To make the most of your new commitment and, more importantly, your time off work, it's imperative that you have the romantic adventure of a lifetime. Something that will live forever in the memory and something/ somewhere that will set the bar to new heights for all those future couples. It's for this reason that have scanned the web, taken surveys and gathered various details from friends and travelers alike, to produce this list of 8 of the most imaginative, unique and the best honeymoon destinations around the world:

Socotra, Yemen

This luxury island in the Indian ocean, just off the coast of Yemen, is an untouched paradise.
Socotra's beaches, Yemen

This paradise has been described as the “Galapagos of the Arabian peninsula". Photo by Ahmed.

Socotra, lying in the indian ocean near the southern gateway to the Red Sea, has been described as the “Galapagos of the Arabian peninsula", and for good reason. Boasting over 815 plant species (250 of which don't exist anywhere else in the world) and containing 7 species of the 'frankincense tree', makes Socotra one of the most unique islands in the world and a true gem for those couples looking for the perfect nature holiday accompanied by paradise beaches.


Tanzania has a plethora of adventurous honeymoon options. My advice... Go for them all!
Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro offers rewarding views. Photo by Demetrius John Kessy

Tanzania has emerged as one of Africa's hottest (not temperature) tourist destinations and its highly unique adventures hold a particular appeal to those wanting to reach new heights (literally). One almighty adventure you will want to go on is a trek up Africa's highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, a honeymoon experience that offers stunning and rewarding views above Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park is Tanzania's, and arguably one of Africa's, greatest spot for an African safari adventure of a lifetime. Linked to the Masai Mara of Kenya, The Serengeti features the annual wildebeest migration that attracts millions of visitors year round. Tours of this park off vital opportunities to observe the top 5 in their natural habitat. A truly unique honeymoon activity. Australian Wedding and Honeymoon blog, Polka Dot, proclaim an African Safari to be the ultimate honeymoon adventure. For that all important break from the more arduous and exhilarating activities, Zanzibar, the paradise island just of Tanzania, epitomizes the contradictions in Africa. Whilst most people are out in the arid grasslands searching for the big 5, a trip to Zanzibar Town, the capital of Zanzibar, will reawaken your romantic senses and make you walk the dreamy streets endlessly before hitting the luxurious beaches for a spot of sun and a refreshing snorkel.


From Volcanoes to multi-colored rock-pools to Mayan Ruins, Guatemala offers an eclectic range of adventurous activities.
Guatemala rock pools

The multi-colored pools of Semuc Champey create a spectacular birds-eye view. Photo by Max Barnard.

Guatemala is a country with a wealth of culture and unique sites, with a whole host of delights on offer for the romantic couple. Hooneymooners will be charmed by the colonial city of Antigua, particularly with treks up the local active volcano, while stunning Lake Atitlán and its surrounding volcanoes will take your breath away. A trip to Guatemala will also propel you into a world of Mayan ruins and artefacts, with Tikal being the main showpiece, offering various spectacular temples and ruins set amid the eerie forests - beautiful for trekking. Be sure not to miss Semuc Champey (pictured), a picturesque natural limestone bridge that oversees the surreal waters of the Cahabón River.

Brazil - 2014 World Cup

This year is Brazil's year and no doubt the approaching summer will be an electrifying time to have your honeymoon in Brazil.
Rio de Janeiro

Rio's skyline buzzes with flavor, noise and color. Photo by Phil Whitehouse.

Free Wedding and Honeymoon planner organisation, Hitched, really encourage the idea that "If you both love Football then a trip to Brazil with a World Cup game or two thrown in this year could be an unforgettable honeymoon experience of a lifetime". I think couples around the world will agree that there is no time like now to head to Brazil for that all-out-action trip of the lifetime. The atmosphere will be buzzing, the security will be high and the sites will be all the more accessible and smoothly operated. Brazil has never looked so appealing. >> Check out our guide to traveling to Brazil for the World Cup 2014, along with key itineraries for those continuing their trip after Brazil.


Morocco has an endless amount of attractions and is a quintessential couples getaway.
Sahara sand dunes

The surreal landscape of the Moroccan Saharan sand dunes. Photo by Scott Presly.

Blogger and wedding aficionado, Courtney Cox, author of the wedding blog 'Destinationido' says that the happy (and adventurous) couple should experience "the Magic of Morocco - A popular destination for Europeans, Morocco is great for adventurous and active couples looking to explore the souks of Marrakesh or hike the gorgeous High Atlas". From the exquisite Moroccan food to the exceptionally unique and quirky boutique hotels, it is not only adventure that will take up your special honeymoon in Morocco.


Relaxing, cool and with endless stretches of romantic shorelines, Jamaica contains a special something for every couple.
Jamaica Beach Tour

Jamaica offers the perfect blend of relaxing beach holiday and cool, unique experiences! Photo by Mel Stoutsenberger.

Jamaica evokes a certain appeal to every traveler. Pristine beaches abound, immeasurable amounts of rum to indulge in and cool music that runs in the locals’ blood. What people don't know is that there’s also so much more to this beguiling island for romantic travelers or people dreaming of a honeymoon in Jamaica. Christopher Columbus once described Jamaica as “the fairest isle eyes ever beheld”, and it is waiting for you and your partner, sure to come away with the same perspective. On top of enjoying some of the most incredible beaches you’ll see stunning waterfalls, cosmopolitan cities, charming fishing villages and delight in some authentic Jamaican cuisine. Hitched Honeymoon Site say, "If you're looking for a truly unique honeymoon idea then why not travel to the Caribbean island of Grenada where you can snorkel off the west coast to visit the world's first underwater sculpture park. This once in a lifetime experience could be truly unforgettable".


For the intrepid travel couple, India, in my eyes, oozes with romance around every corner.
Kerala tours

Unrivaled beauty on the picture perfect Kerala waters. Photo by Jo Kent

A houseboat on the charming backwaters of Kerala, southern India, will be a romantic adventure tour never to forget. The stunning labyrinth of backwaters added to the romantic Indian culture and divine southern Indian cuisine will whet your appetite for a swift return to this enchanting sub-continent.
For more beguiling and unique ideas in India, visit the bewildering and photogenic city of Hampi, a city containing a spectacular set of forlorn ruins and precarious boulders, set along a romantic bending river.
India's 'official' romantic city of Udaipur (and setting for James Bond's Octopussy) is the quintessential Indian honeymoon visit if you are planning a trip north to the exquisite region of Rajasthan.


Not so much a unique country, however unique tours in Australia deserve a lot of recognition for honeymoon idealists.
Uluru Australia

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Uluru offers majstic photo opportunities. Photo by Nosha.

Australia, with it's huge diversity, vast landscape and majestic coastline, never ceases to amaze, or indeed offer new, incredible trip opportunities. Honeymoons to Australia should be well-thought about and approached with full enthusiasm and an adventure spirit. For a luxury honeymoon to Australia, Australia's premier wedding site, Polka Dot Bride, say that "nothing compares to a luxury trip sailing through the Whitsundays on your own private yacht". Or, for a twist on a beach honeymoon, leading honeymoon site 'Hitched' say that "walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge or around the UNESCO World Heritage site of Uluru could be pretty incredible when it comes to your honeymoon photography".