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12 Of The Most Spectacular Photos Of The Antarctic

Antarctica is one of the most hostile and inaccessible places ('continent' would be a huge understatement) on our planet and is often overlooked because of its lack of human life and general basic amenities and tourism. It is, however, for the extreme adventurer, and the travelers lucky enough to venture down there, an unparalleled experience that simply cannot be trumped anywhere else on the planet. The vast expanse of white, tiered snow-caps and seemingly endless glaciers only heighten the feelings of humanity's insignificance and natures grandeur and these photos alone will make you feel a little isolated and overwhelmed. The enormity and lack of perspective of the Antarctic make it an attraction for all photography enthusiasts and that's why we have chosen 12 of the most spectacular photos of the Antarctic that we could find. enjoy:-
Glowing iceberg

The iceberg is often even bigger under the surface, but doesn't stay subtle. Photo by Cloudzilla.

kayak antarctica

The tranquility and serenity of Antarctica is outstanding. Photo by

Aurora rays

The Aurora Rays are a surreal but breath-taking image. Photo by Image Editor

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica

The likeable Emperor penguins stake claim to the vast ice flats. Photo by Christopher Michel

Iceberg Antarctica

Isolated and cold, Antarctica has never looked so chilling. Photo by Christopher Michel

Sun Comet Antarctica

Impressive blue lights from the sun comet. Photo by Cloudzilla

22 degree halo sunset

Breath-taking halo around the sun. Photo by Christopher Michel

Antarctica sailing vessel

Sailing trips offer a great way to see the mesmerizing scenery of the Antarctic. Photo by

Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Penguins trying to seek refuge in an isolated cabin. Photo by Christopher Michel

Antarctic sea and sky

A beautiful image of the strange sky in Antarctica. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

vast Antarctica

This image displays just how vast the Antarctic is. Photo by Cloudzilla

Royal Navy Vessel

Royal Navy Ice Patrol Vessel HMS Protector. Photo by UK Ministry of Defence