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20 Breathtaking Photos of Nepal

A journey through mystical Nepal will not only stay with you forever, it'll also inevitably trump any photograph you have ever taken before. Anywhere. The true captivating landscape of Nepal lies not only in its permanently popular Everest region but moreover in between its prodigious mountain valleys, enhanced by gushing waterways, vast green hilltops, rickety old bridges, Nepalese (or Tibetan) hikers possessed with determined walking faces but always with a friendly smile to offer, a crisp, fresh air complimented by a soothing tranquility and the omnipresent peaks jutting out sporadically on attractive horizons. Check out these photos of Nepal and find out for yourself just how attractive this country is.
Nepalese man

Hard working Nepalese man. Photo by Sharada Prasad.

Nepal mountain

Dramatic hillside landscapes and eerie skylines make Nepal a spectacular place to trek. Photo by Ivan Borisov.

Nepal snow

Prayer flags covered in snow, Nepal. Photo by Travelwayoflife.

Annapurna Nepal

South Annapurna, Nepal. Photo by Rajkumar1220.

Prayer Flags, Nepal. Photo by Sam Hawley

Prayer Flags, Nepal. Photo by Sam Hawley

Sunlit monastery, Nepal. Photo by Dhilung Kirat

Sunlit monastery, Nepal. Photo by Dhilung Kirat

Nepal Hillside Village

Hillside village of Majuwa. Photo by Dhilung Kirat

Patan Nepal

Atmospheric square in Patan, Nepal.

Tibetan dance

Being introduced to a Tibetan dance on my Langtang trek, Nepal.

Patan Nepal

Crowds gather for Krishna festival, Patan, Nepal.

Patan Nepal

Reflective waterbed, Patan. Photo by Prashant Shrestha.

Nepal trek

Precarious bridge between mountains in Nepal. Photo by Ilkerender.

Pokhara Nepal

Colorful boats rest on the tranquil waters of Phewa lake, Pokhara. Photo by Shirada Prasad.

Nepal landscape

Gorgeous stream flowing through Pokhara, Nepal. Photo by Dihilung Kirat.

Nepal trek

Breathtaking views on the Langtang Trek (Tibet on the left, Nepal on the right)

Mount Everest

The infamous Mount Everest. One of the worlds greatest challenges. Photo by Wonker.

Nepal Monastery

Prayer and blessing time at Tharlam Monastery, Nepal. Photo by Wonderlane.

Nepalese woman

Old Nepalese woman hobbling the streets in Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo by Wonderlane.

Nepal sunrise

Every sunrise in Nepal is the perfect photo opportunity. Photo by Steve  Hicks.

Durbar Square

Bustling Durbar Sqaure in Patan, Nepal. Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbera.

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