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9 Of The Funniest Photos Of Salar de Uyuni (Bolivian Salt Flats)

The salt flats in Bolivia are a vast expanse of impressive white sheets, glinting facades and picturesque landscapes. The mirrored image of endless skylines, displayed in the reflective calm salt-flats, is a constant reminder how beautiful this world is. It is also an excuse to get a little bit childish and have fun with your new camera, bought especially for this moment of creativity. It has, however, become the number one spot for cliche photos meaning travelers now have to think outside the box and produce the ultimate funny traveling photo. Here are my top funniest photos of Salar de Uyuni:
funny salt flats photo

Actually makes you a little scared for them. Photo by Madeleine Holland

salar de uyuni photo

Pretty sure a lot of couples would love to do this to their partner. Photo by Evaneos

salt flats

I love this one for its title alone - Salar de Lolita. Photo by Judith Heinrich

salt flats jump

This chap knows how to emulate a gazelle. Ridiculous jump. Photo by Madeleine Holland

action packed salt flats

I love this one just because of its absurdity. Photo by Brendan's adventure

Lonely Planet Salar de Uyuni

This is pure genius, set up perfectly. Photo by Ardjans Travels

salar de uyuni

Again, unbeatable composition. The layout on the plate is hilarious. Photo by Stephanie

funny salar de uyuni

Refreshing shower from a giant slave on the Bolivian salt flats. Photo by croshfoodandtravel

And my all-time favorite... Mr Irony
ironic salt flats photo

This had me in stitches. This is how to pull an ironic face ladies and gentlemen. Photo by travels of yum


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