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Berlin StartUp CEOs at #CEOsatTM

Berlin StartUp CEOs at #CEOsatTM

Want to share this? Use the hashtag #CEOsatTM The Back Story Because who doesn’t like a good story, eh? The co-founder of MOZ (then SEOmoz) was spending her birthday speaking at a conference in Hannover 5,000 miles away from home and family in Seattle. Ok, 4,979 miles from home. I know we’re all stat geeks and like precision around here. In truth, she spent more than 150 days on the road, nearly 100 on a stage, sharing insights and advances in Search, Social, Inbound Marketing tactics and news of ‘moz with a growing corporate brand community of nearly 1 million marketers. As the founding president and corporate evangelist, Gillian Muessig took her role seriously; it was a labor of love. Thousands of entrepreneurs, technologists, and digital marketers improved their skills, learned from her experience, launched and grew more successful companies because of her efforts. As a matter of fact, the year before, Gillian received the 2009 World Brand Leadership Award for her role in building the brand of 'moz from inception to the global brand leader in Search Marketing. Well earned. While her day was filled engaging with conference delegates, answering questions, solving business growth issues, and helping marketers and entrepreneurs see the road ahead, Gillian was spending her 56th birthday alone on the road. Among the more than 500 conference planners, speakers, and attendees, international digital marketer named Yngrid Arnold noticed that one of the speakers would have a birthday during the event. Born in Peru and married to a German, Yngrid is an ex-pat who knows about marking holidays far from home. And being one of the most empathetic souls you’ll ever meet, Yngrid did what came naturally. She brought a birthday gift to the event and made sure Gillian was in the party hall when, at midnight, champagne and a huge cake, courtesy of bing, was rolled out as more than 300 digital marketers sang 'Happy Birthday' to the surprised conference speaker.
MOZ founder Gillian Muessig and Yngrid Arnold with Gillian's Birthday cake

Yngrid Arnold (left) and Gillian Muessig in Hannover with ~300 of the coolest digital marketers and entrepreneurs on the planet!

Fast forward to 2013. Yngrid Arnold, Head of Marketing of and now CMO of needed some professional advice. She emailed Gillian and asked for some mentorship. In an instant, Gillian responded, “Yes!” A big heart, coupled with a little effort and attention to detail, can make all the difference. Since Q1 2013, Gillian has been mentoring as Yngrid Arnold CMO, Matthias Woppmann CFO, I, and the team re-engineer the tour travel industry to bring custom travel from the realm of the rich and famous to the reach of all travelers. Over the months, we’ve held frequent phone calls, shared documents, and run email threads long enough to become white papers and ebooks. We’ve covered topics from funding and finance to corporate culture, staffing, IT and of course, Inbound and Brand Community Marketing. That’s where you come in. Gillian Muessig, known as SEOmom around the web and world is coming to Berlin - and you're invited! As a member of the Board of Advisors to, Gillian will be spending a week at’s offices and taking time to explore her father’s home, Berlin. “Ich bin wirklich ein Berliner,” Gillian says with a smile. “It’s time to explore my home.” We’re thrilled to be hosting Gillian at our office the last week of September and want to share the value with our colleagues. So we’ve taken one afternoon and evening, mixed it with one great speaker and counselor, 20 CEO's from Berlin-based companies, some beer and snacks to follow, and we’re calling it “CEOs at” [hash tag: #CEOsatTM]. How to be Among the 20 CEO Attendees Great questions, exciting startups, and challenging growth issues are your ticket in. This may be the most valuable afternoon you spend on your business this year. Don’t miss it! If you’re a Berlin-based entrepreneur and have a burning question to ask Gillian Muessig, co-founder of MOZ, CEO of OVG (Outlines Venture Group), CEOcoach at NewGen Broadcasting /, author, global keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur, this is your chance! Post your comment here, send me a mail ([email protected])  or ping us through social media* to tell us why you should be among the 20 CEOs at this extraordinary event – what’s your burning question?
Berlin StartUp CEOs at #CEOsatTM

Berlin StartUp CEOs at #CEOsatTM

*Share with us why you would like to attend through any of the following:
  • Comment on this blog post
  • Tweet a burning biz question to @TripMeTravel using the hashtag #CEOsatTM. (If you wish to link to my Open Letter to CEOs of Berlin Based Startups, feel free to use this that I created for Twitter: )
  • Post your business growth and dev challenge on GooglePlus using the hash tag #CEOsatTM and +TripMeTravel
  • Post your question on your blog and shoot us a link to this invite page. We’ll find and connect with you.
Success is most often about recognizing opportunities when they appear and taking advantage of them for the benefit of your company. Don’t miss this opportunity to join CEO's from the Berlin startup community as we challenge Gillian with our questions and learn from each other as well.

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         What: An afternoon with Gillian Muessig / @SEOmom          When: Thursday, Sept 26 2PM - 6PM followed by beer and light snacks reception          Where: office in Berlin, directions to follow your confirmation to attend          Who: 20 CEO's of Berlin startups          Admission: We will contact the 20 winning attendees via email          Price: This event is a gift of in cooperation with Gillian Muessig
CEOCoach co-founder MOZ Gillian Muessig giving keynote address

Gillian Muessig giving a keynote address