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Which Country Has The Best Cuisine In The World?

We all know how important the local cuisine is when we travel (check out how Jamie Oliver annoys Brazilians by insulting their local confectioneries). It contributes to 3 experiences per day (in most cases), it provides an insight into local traditions and cultures and it fills the palate with sensual new flavors. The novelty is one thing. But tasting the cuisine from the very heart of its origin is something so magnetic for travelers. Food is, unequivocally, of the utmost importance. But which country contains the best cuisine in the world? This question has been open to debate for centuries and although it's an insolvable question, the polls can certainly be democratically swayed. And so here to try and find a mass winner, we would like to ask the public who they think has the best cuisine in the world by voting below (the list is in the winning order according to our Country Ranking Tool:
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How we formed our results...
In order to find plausible results on our Country Ranking tool with regards to cuisine, we took 3 methods to find the overall standings. Method 1 - Best cuisine articles and blog posts. Search for 10 existing polls on cuisine and find an average of mentions of that country and place on the list. Method 2 - Collect a list of 10 top tour operators around the world. Search each country and find how many food tours they offer. Method 3 - Twitter search. Find the amount of times a country and their food was mentioned, e.g. #Peru #food.