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Around the World Trip - An Alphabetical, Poetical, Photographical Adventure

Andorra A-Z Countries

Andorra. Photo by Maria Rosa Ferre.

As many an avid traveler before her, Sarah alighted an airplane to Andorra,
Bosnia A-Z Countries

Mostar, Bosnia. Photo by Dennis Jarvis.

Her backpack brimming  with her life for a year, for Bosnia she was bound,
Croatia A-Z Countries

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Photo by Les Haines.

After a crisp Croatian beer.
Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Tiberio Frascari.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Tiberio Frascari.

A delayed flight from Denmark lost her a day,
England A-Z Countries

London, England. Photo by André Zehetbauer.

But eventually she entered England and, on her way,
Finland A-Z Countries

Finland. Photo by André Mouraux.

Flew to Finland (the lowest fare for the flight),
Germany A-Z Countries

Germany. Photo by Harald Hoyer.

And got to gaze at a German airport, If just for the night.
Holland A-Z Countries

Holland. Photo by Moyan Brenn.

She had her share of hops, it was time to make haste, Holland was, happily, exactly to her taste.
Iceland A-Z Countries

Iceland. Photo by Victor Montol.

Her incredible itinerary didn't finish there, Next were Iceland's icecaps, Then inevitably into the air.
Jordan A-Z Countries

Jordan. Photo by Dennis Jarvis.

Justifiably she felt jaded but her journey went on, Jordan was up,
Kenya A-Z Countries

Kenya. Photo by Wajahat Mahmood.

after Kenya
Lebanon A-Z Countries

Lebanon. Photo by Ahmed Alsaqer.

and Lebanon.
Morocco A-Z Travel

Morocco. Photo by Sam Greenhalgh.

Marrakesh made her miss Morocco when she left,
Nigeria A-z Travel

Nigeria. Photo by Kipp Jones.

But next on her list was Nigeria, So no time for a rest.
Oman A-Z travel

Oman. Photo by Hendrik Dacquin.

She got ill in Oman (it's outrageously hot),
Pakistan a-z Travel

Pakistan. Photo by Guilhem Vellut.

She'd planned to go to Pakistan but could not.
Qatar a-z travel

Qatar. Photo by Peter.

A visit to Qatar didn't quite quench her thirst,
Russia a-z Travel

Russia. Photo by Haylee Barsky.

But rested her right for Russia, Where she drank vodka 'til she burst.
Colombia A-Z Travel

San Andres. Photo by Joao Carlos Medau.

Though she spent Saturday and Sunday in the snow, San Andres was the next place to go,
Trinidad and Tobago a-z Travel

Trinidad & Tobago. Photo by PhotoFan18.

Then Trinidad and Tobago and, after this,
Uruguay A-Z Travel

Uruguay. Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius.

Uruguay was up,
Venezuela a-z Travel

Venezuela. Photo by Paulo Fassina.

After Venezuela (she couldn't resist).
Wales a-z travel

Wales. Photo by Roger Davies.

And then, like all world wanderers, she had to go home, She'd walked thousands of miles and now to Wales, alone.
Singapore a-z Travel

Singapore. Photo by Arian Zwegers.

Xīnjiāpō and Thailand she couldn't afford,
Yemen a-z Travel

Yemen. Photo by Franco Pecchio.

Just like Yemen,
Zimbabwe a-z Travel

Zimbabwe. Photo Mazzali.

Zimbabwe and so many more.
Next time, Sarah. Next time. Phew! We hope you enjoyed Sarah's around the world trip. Where on the list have you been?