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10 Perfect Places to Travel in Your 60s

For a traveler, the adventure never stops. Traveling keeps you young, keeps your mind fresh and keeps you active - that's why it's so important to keep exploring the world as you move into your 60s. With travel in your 60s there's a new found energy and excitement to be found when exploring the globe; meeting people, taking things slowly, enjoying the finer things in life and, above all else, basking in the fact that life still doesn't fail to fill you with intrigue and surprise. There's no shortage of wonderful destinations to explore in your 60s and we've picked out 10 that we think should be on anyone's bucket list.  

1. Go for a ramble in The Cotswolds, England

The beautiful Cotswolds

The beautiful Cotswolds

While London may be England's living, beating heart, those who visit the country without exploring the rolling hills of the countryside are missing out greatly on England's rural charms. Indeed, nothing says "quaint" quite like the picturesque, sleepy villages of The Cotswolds which are found in the south west/center of England. Wandering the cobblestone streets of villages such as Bourton on the Water it's hard not to imagine yourself in some period drama like Downtown Abbey, or Shakespeare-era play (he was, incidentally, born nearby).  

2. Enjoy Sun, Sea and Safari in Uganda

Rhino Uganda

Rhino's are one of Africa's greatest attractions

Needless to say, Uganda has a scattered past that left it off the beaten track for all but the most adventurous spirits for years. These days, however, word is spreading about this unique destination and more and more people are heading to Uganda's shores to discover exactly what the country has to offer for the tourist. And what they find? An eclectic range of unparalleled tourist attractions - an abundance of safari opportunities, golden coasts to relax on and locals that go out of their way to make any visitor feel at home.

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 3. Relax on Croatia's islands

Hvar island, Croatia

Panoramic view of Hvar's harbour, Croatia. Photo by Ramon.

Few places retain the charm and sophistication of old Europe like Croatia, and fewer still blend that with the paradisaical setting of bright blue seas, rustic houses and exquisite cuisine. Put another way, there are few places on earth quite like Croatia

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4. Walk the Great Wall of China

Great wall of china tours

Great wall of china

China is epic in every sense of the word - a sprawling patchwork of cultures that would take a lifetime to explore thoroughly. The Chinese capital of Beijing is electrifying and well worth a visit, but nearby is one of the world's most mystical and captivating man-made structures: The Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China runs just north of Beijing and is relatively easy to get to, so be sure to get on the trail and be transported through time, stopping at provincial towns on the way and walking in the footsteps of past emperors.  

5. See worlds come together in Istanbul, Turkey

Aya Sofya Istanbul

Inside the iconic Aya Sofya, Istanbul. Photo by Bruno Girin.

Turkey was once a global financial center and the vestiges of that past are still firmly evident in its splendid array of religious architecture. Turkey’s profound religious traditions derive from two of the world’s major faiths - Christianity and Islam. Gain an insight into these religions by visiting any of the stunning spectrum of architectural gems. Whether it’s the Christian sites you’re after such as St.Peters Castle in Bodrum or the house of the Virgin Mary, or Islamic sites such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, there’s something for everyone on Turkey’s unforgettable religious excursions.  

6. Take it easy in St Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent And The Grenadines

St. Vincent And The Grenadines, aka paradise

Time to get away from it all? Even if it's not, it's hard to resist being tempted by the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of St Vincent & the Grenadines. This tiny island - found in the southeastern reaches of the Caribbean - makes it easy for visitors to relax and enjoy themselves. Whether it's diving, yachting, trekking or just a hideaway you're after, St Vincent offers it in abundance, making it a truly luxurious destination to take time out of your hectic schedule.  

7. Get awestruck by history in Cairo, Egypt

Pyramids egypt

Nothing compares to seeing the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Ancient Egypt has intrigued historians and tourists for hundreds of years, and if you haven't already been it's about time it did the same for you. Tours of Cairo will leave your head spinning with 4000 years worth of history standing beside you. The Egyptian pyramids of Giza (a town that sits conveniently inside Cairo's boundaries) are mandatory on your stay in Cairo (need it be stated). The awe-inspiring pyramids are the one last remaining survivor out of the seven ancient wonders of the world, making this a destination worthy of any bucket list. Nearby to the Great Pyramids lies the Sphinx of Giza, the large limestone carving of a sphinx (half lion, half human) - another breathtaking feat of human endeavor that truly needs to be seen to be believed. Don't miss out.  

8. Come face to face with nature in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

A marine iguana basking in the sun on Ecuador's famous Galapagos islands. Photo by schorsch1982.

Galapagos tours will let you in to Darwin’s bewildering world of exotic animals. All wildlife enthusiasts from around the world will have the Galapagos Islands at the top of their "need-to-go-one-day" list, however you don’t need to be a maverick zoologist to appreciate this dream fusion of color and rare wildlife. You'll see iguanas, tortoises, penguins, seals, sharks and much more.  

9. Enjoy the finer things in life (wine) in Bordeaux, France



Love wine? Then there's one trip you need to make sure you've taken come your 60s: Bordeaux. Oozing all the romanticism and class of Paris but blended with an extra dose of - well - wine, Bordeaux makes an ideal getaway to explore France's beguiling culture and to learn in-depth about the country's fascinating history of wine production. And to drink a lot of delicious, delicious wine. The historic part of Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as an exceptional example of 18th Century architecture. while those more interested in the wine can enjoy some of the world's most expensive varieties, as well as delicious every day samples.  

10. Stay cool in Alaska, USA


A Caribou bull wanders the Alaskan land

Looking for rugged, natural beauty? Look no further than the snowy climes of Alaska, USA. Most people enjoy the region by cruise ship, and little wonder since this way you can take in the US's largest state in all its breathtaking, pristine glory - and with friends. This truly is the trip of a lifetime; a humbling, awe-inspiring experience.   What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!