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10 Unusual Romantic Valentine's Day Trips

Jan 30, 2015 By Max

Valentine's Day, for many, is a chance to really impress your other half, a chance to prove that you're not a lazy romantic and that you've done all the necessary research to find that perfect place, a) just to keep the fire aligh...

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10 Perfect Places to Travel in Your 60s

Jan 15, 2015 By Paul Fowler

For a traveler, the adventure never stops. Traveling keeps you young, keeps your mind fresh and keeps you active - that's why it's so important to keep exploring the world as you move into your 60s. With travel in your 60s there'...

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List Of The Most Beautiful Old Quarters Around The World

Oct 30, 2014 By Max

"Make sure it's near the old quarter". Arguably one of the most common phrases when that time comes again to book a hostel online, or when you're tracing every corner of Lonely Planet's tiny grid maps on a rickety old bus headed ...

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10 Essential Places To Travel In Your 40s

Sep 19, 2014 By André Kiwitz

It's often said that your 40's are the most stressful years of your life, simultaneously trying to balance your ever-increasing pressure on your new, higher paid position at work and the ever-increasing teenage tantrums of your ki...

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24 Amazing Photos Of Southeast Asia

Sep 08, 2014 By Max

Southeast Asia has become almost mandatory on the backpacker scene over the last decade and it's really no wonder, with it's enchanting history, magical landscapes, sumptuous cuisine and dazzling coastlines, not to mention the ove...

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Tales from the Trenches:'s Triple-win Leads to a Series A Funding

Aug 20, 2014 By Paul Fowler

Exciting, exhausting, illuminating and unforgettable. It’s been an eventful 18 months for Sounds like we took a trekking holiday at, doesn't it? Well it was a trek alright, but I'm pretty sure no one would call i...

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Which Country Has The Best Cuisine In The World?

Aug 05, 2014 By Max

We all know how important the local cuisine is when we travel (check out how Jamie Oliver annoys Brazilians by insulting their local confectioneries). It contributes to 3 experiences per day (in most cases), it provides an insight...

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22 Best Hostels Around The World Not To Miss On Your Travels

Jul 24, 2014 By Max

A relaxing atmosphere, preferably with hammocks littered around the place, a big courtyard with lots of loungers, an abundance of flora and even more hammocks, a kick-ass balcony which contains incredible views over the city or la...

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Top 10 Things to do in Ecuador

Apr 25, 2014 By Max

Considering Ecuador is exceptionally small on the map of South America, it not only features heavily on travelers itineraries through Latin America but also contains some of the most exciting and diverse activities for those adven...

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8 Of The Best Honeymoon Destinations: Imaginative And Unique Ideas

Apr 24, 2014 By Max

Choosing your honeymoon can be a daunting prospect. However excited you may be to explore new places online and come up with new ideas, it remains a challenging task to narrow down those finds and actually choose that perfect dest...

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Top 10 Things to do in Nepal

Apr 10, 2014 By Max

Unquestionably one of the world's most alluring countries for the adventure traveler, Nepal contains some of the most exciting and unique tours on the planet. Whether you're looking for tranquil lakes set around unrivaled landsca...

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Travel Scams: Lies You May Encounter When You Travel

Mar 27, 2014 By Max

Let's face it, however much we adore traveling nobody likes being conned, especially when you're halfway around the world and traveling on a tight budget. There are many lies and scams that locals employ when they spot their bait...

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12 Of The Most Spectacular Photos Of The Antarctic

Mar 26, 2014 By Max

Antarctica is one of the most hostile and inaccessible places ('continent' would be a huge understatement) on our planet and is often overlooked because of its lack of human life and general basic amenities and tourism. It is, ho...

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Top 10: Colombia Off The Beaten Track

Mar 24, 2014 By Paul Fowler

Sultry Colombia has come into the forefront of the travel world with smiles beaming and hips swinging. It's got to the point where we can stop mentioning the past and focus purely on what Colombia tours offer: incredible culture, ...

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50 Things Every Traveler Needs to Do Before They Die

Mar 06, 2014 By Paul Fowler

Just how awesome a traveler are you? You may have toured through Spain, partied in Bogota and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, but it takes more than that to be a true traveler. We're not just talking about seeing sites and taki...

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9 Of The Funniest Photos Of Salar de Uyuni (Bolivian Salt Flats)

Mar 04, 2014 By Max

The salt flats in Bolivia are a vast expanse of impressive white sheets, glinting facades and picturesque landscapes. The mirrored image of endless skylines, displayed in the reflective calm salt-flats, is a constant reminder how ...

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6 Of The World's Most Unforgiving Places (That You May Not Return From!)

Mar 03, 2014 By Max

A shroud of myth and mystery doesn't surround the majority of places on this vast planet, however it is for the places that do that we will forever be intrigued, looking in from afar and questioning the very reality behind the ela...

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Top 10: Spain Off The Beaten Track

Feb 19, 2014 By Max

While hoards of tourists head to one of Spain's famous ports or cultural capitals, there are a set few who deviate away from the mainstream stay and set out to find quaint and beautiful Spain, Spain with a medieval twist or Spain'...

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Top 10 Off The Beaten Track Places in Dublin

Feb 06, 2014 By Henry Longden

Henry Longden is a student and freelance journalist currently working in Dublin, Ireland. He is editor of TN2 Magazine which looks at local and international trends in culture, from design to drink. Check out Henry's list of top 1...

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An American Expat in London: My 3 Favorite Neighborhoods

Feb 05, 2014 By Paul Fowler

Stephanie Sadler, born in the USA, has been an expat since 2007, mostly in London with six months in Colombia in 2011.  She's been blogging almost daily since 2002, and you can find her work (including a collection of fantastic ph...

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How To Use Google+ Photos (And Moving From Picasa to Google+ Photos), the Ultimate Guide

Jan 31, 2014 By André Kiwitz

This article will provide you all you need to know when moving your photos from Picasa / Picasa web to Google+ photos. But before we get there, no doubt you're asking yourself "why?". Let's start with that important question. ...

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Top 10 Things to Do in Colombia

Jan 21, 2014 By Paul Fowler

Though Colombia has only relatively recently begun to welcome international tourists, internally locals have been paving a well-worn route that has forged an imperfect but nonetheless impressive infrastructure for tourism - so muc...

Read More's Favorite Beers Around The World

Jan 17, 2014 By Max

There is not a single nation in the world that doesn't enjoy the refreshing, creamy sensuality of a cold beer joyously traveling down the back of one's throat at the end of a hard days work. Whether it's clandestine youngsters, c...

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Top 10 Things to do in Uganda

Jan 09, 2014 By Max

Sir Winston Churchill proclaimed Uganda to be "the pearl of Africa" and he certainly wasn't wrong. Uganda is a microcosm of Africa. It invigorates the sense like few countries on this earth do, with spectacular sights, fascinatin...

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10 Best Cities in the World for Graffiti

Jan 08, 2014 By Paul Fowler

I remember when I was growing up there was a great deal of fuss about graffiti. Conservative politicians were rushing to brand it as vandalism and sought to ensure the general public supported its illegality. The more liberal amon...

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8 New Year Resolutions That Everyone in Travel Needs to Happen

Jan 07, 2014 By Paul Fowler

It seems everyone and their dog has joined in making New Year Resolutions. From the thoroughly achievable (I’m planning to be able to order food in a restaurant in German) to the downright ludicrous (“I’m going to give up drinking...

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The Travel Awards, Travel Experts and Bloggers' Picks, 2013

Dec 20, 2013 By Paul Fowler

When coming up with our Travel Awards for 2013 we called upon the opinions of several travel experts and bloggersto help us bring you a more informed and diverse collection of ideas. We're incredibly thankful to everyone t...

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The Travel Awards 2013

Dec 20, 2013 By Paul Fowler

Hello and welcome to the Travel Awards 2013. Over the course of the past month we've been involved in intense discussions here in the office, trying to come up with our picks for the categories below. It wasn't ea...

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20 Breathtaking Photos of Nepal

Dec 04, 2013 By Max

A journey through mystical Nepal will not only stay with you forever, it'll also inevitably trump any photograph you have ever taken before. Anywhere. The true captivating landscape of Nepal lies not only in its permanently popul...

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Build Your Audience: Basic Rules for Beginner Travel Blogs

Nov 19, 2013 By Paul Fowler

Today it seems everyone and their dog has a blog, especially in the travel sphere. This means that you, as a probable-blogger, will find it hard to stand out among a sea of other writers. But some people manage to do it, right? So...

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14 Reasons Why Nature Gifs are Your New Favorite Thing

Nov 12, 2013 By Tom McDougall

Ever wish pictures of nature moved? Of course you have. Me too. Luckily for us in this gif-filled world there are literally thousands of plucky gif-makers that are focused solely on creating mesmerizing nature gifs for our benefi...

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Around the World Trip - An Alphabetical, Poetical, Photographical Adventure

Nov 08, 2013 By Paul Fowler

Andorra. Photo by Maria Rosa Ferre. As many an avid traveler before her, Sarah alighted an airplane to Andorra, Mostar, Bosnia. Photo by Dennis Jarvis. Her backpack brimming  with her life for a year, for Bosnia she was bound, Dub...

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15 Inspiring Travel Movies You Need to See Right Now!

Nov 05, 2013 By Paul Fowler

Looking for films that inspire travel? Fellow movie-buff and travel-lover, you've come to the right place. I've picked out my favorite movies that have made me want to pick up my backpack and set out on an adventure across our ...

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More Essential Travel Infographics You Need to Read

Oct 24, 2013 By Paul Fowler

Check out more infographics in part one of this post. A couple of weeks back we brought you our Top 5 Travel Infographics that Every Traveler Needs. You guys responded with loads of Likes, shares, Tweets and more and so, as thank...

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The 10 Scariest Places on Earth

Oct 23, 2013 By Paul Fowler

Looking for a scare? It's coming up to Halloween and so  to get into the "spirit" of things we've compiled a ghastly list of the most ghoulish, spooky places in the world. Do you dare read on? Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), Roma...

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5 Travel Infographics Every Traveler Needs

Sep 27, 2013 By Heather Berghmans

In today's busy world it can be hard to find time to read and research all the travel tips out there. To make things easier (especially on a Friday) we've compiled the 5 best travel infographics for you.  Whether you're looking fo...

Read More Hosts 20 Startup CEOs in Berlin #CEOsatTM

Sep 06, 2013 By André Kiwitz

Berlin StartUp CEOs at #CEOsatTMWant to share this? Use the hashtag #CEOsatTM The Back Story Because who doesn’t like a good story, eh? The co-founder of MOZ (then SEOmoz) was spending her birthday speaking at a conferen...

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5 Things That Make Guatemala Special

Aug 27, 2013 By Sarah Lorenz

Every adventure into a new culture opens the door to a different understanding, and diving into this world full of life can be enjoyably overwhelming; where you feel the magic of the places and see the smiles of the inhabitants. G...

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5 Ways to Avoid Looking Downright Silly at a Korean Dinner Party

Aug 10, 2013 By Joseph Ratermann

As a first time traveler to South Korea, navigating the labyrinth of social norms and customs can sometimes leave you feeling a bit disoriented. South Korea is a country that runs on etiquette. Break the "rules" and you run the ri...

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5 Crazy Southeast Asian Food Markets

Aug 08, 2013 By Heather Berghmans

Southeast Asia will engage your senses in ways you've never experienced before. Bustling streets crammed with exotic food, drinks, and trinkets. Vendors and consumers barter in different languages. An undercurrent of energy per...

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