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Explore a serene kingdom in the Himalayas that has a rich cultural heritage and abundance of magnificent landscapes on Bhutan tours. A country with a deep Buddhist core where ancient traditions are still followed, this Asian destination is relatively unexplored and untouched by mass tourism.
Explore a serene kingdom in the Himalayas that has a rich cultural heritage and abundance of magnificent landscapes on Bhutan tours.
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Bhutan Vacation

With its pristine landscape dominated by the mighty mountains as well as idyllic monasteries, a Bhutan holiday offers travelers something different from the usual. While modernity has made inroads here, the people of this kingdom have preserved their wonderful culture and heritage. Besides the Bhutanese capital Thimphu, visitors can discover the picturesque town of Paro, Punakha district, fortresses, flora and fauna, and superb hiking trails. In Bhutan, the journey is as fascinating as the destination. As you make your way around various places of interest, you can immerse yourself in cultural experiences, understand the local way of life, and feel a sense of peace and happiness that seems to envelop this beautiful country.

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Bhutan Vacation

Bhutan Travel Information

Travel to bhutan

On a trip to Bhutan, you will not only discover marvelous sites and unspoilt landscapes but also rediscover the meaning of simplicity and the importance of tradition and culture. Bhutan travel starts off from the Paro airport from where you can proceed to the capital Thimphu. Usually, tourists catch a flight to Paro from Bangkok, Kathmandu, Delhi or Singapore. From Thimphu, you can journey to all other sightseeing destinations in the country. Besides offering trips to the Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan travel packages sometimes club together tours to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Thimphu, Paro and Takshang Monastery

Thimphu is the gateway to a round trip Bhutan travel experience. Here, you can visit the 15th century Changangkha Monastery, the Memorial Chorten, and the National Institute of Zorig Chusum known as the painting school. Take a stroll in the market and mingle with the locals. Being in Thimphu also enables you to see the rare ‘Takin’ – the national animal of Bhutan. Another highlight of trips to Bhutan is Paro district. At Paro, see superb views of Mount Chomolhari on a clear day. You can also visit the Ta-Dzong watchtower that is now home to the fabulous National Museum. A major high point, literally, is the trek to the Takshang Monastery perched on a cliff 800 meters from Paro Valley. Known as Tiger's Nest monastery (Taktshang Goemba), it exudes a serene spirituality against the backdrop of dramatic vistas.

In the Lap of the Himalayas

One of the constant sights, when you travel to Bhutan, is the dzongs or fortresses. A Bhutan package will include visits to a few such fortresses including major ones such as the Punakha Dzong in Punakha. Enjoy the landscape at this picturesque location and the views of the fortress situated between two rivers. In Bhutan, you cannot help but be mesmerized by the Himalayan mountains as it is an awe-inspiring presence along your journey. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the remarkable views of the kingdom’s highest mountain Gangar Punsum on your Bhutan trip. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the Gangtey Gompa valley. Here, you can also spot the rare black-necked cranes that migrate from Tibet. Pass through spectacular mountain scenery as well as forests of pine and rhododendron as you go to the gorgeous Bumthang Valley, a sacred and spiritual hub. Many Bhutan sightseeing packages also include a stop at the splendid Trongsa Dzong.

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A Land of Gross National Happiness

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Bhutan is a tiny kingdom that is big on unique experiences. Although neighboring India and Nepal are popular tourist destinations, Bhutan tours are intriguing in their own special way. Its geographic location, impressive biodiversity and cultural roots make it a captivating place. The kingdom has been successful in retaining its traditions – be it clothing, food or the Buddhist way of life. Bhutan is also one of the most eco-friendly nations in the world and is committed to the conservation of its environment. While most other countries measure their progress with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Bhutan’s indicator is Gross National Happiness. So, if you are in the pursuit of happiness, a Bhutan vacation may just give you what you are looking for.

Mountains and Valleys

Sightseeing in Thimphu, the capital, is a great way to get introduced to the local life and culture of the country. Make visits to monasteries, goldsmith workshops, handicraft centers, and the local market. Bhutan private tours also give you a chance to see the spectacular Himalayan ranges that accompany you on several parts of your journey. Enjoy the sight of the highest mountain in Bhutan – the Gangar Punsum towering high at almost 25,000 feet. You can also journey to Bumthang valley known for its natural beauty and sacred sites.

Monasteries and Fortresses

At Paro, a beautiful valley town, there are several attractions including the Ta-Dzong watchtower. One of the most famous sites of interest in Bhutan situated close to Paro is the Takshang Monastery built into the cliffside. A hike to this monastery is an intrinsic part of any Bhutan holiday package. Another important place to visit on a Bhutan tour is the Punakha Dzong, a striking fortress. Other dzongs (ancient fortresses which now serve as civil and monastic administration headquarters) in Bhutan include Simtokha Dzong, Drugyel Dzong and Rinpung Dzong.

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Food and Culture of Bhutan

Thanks to its isolation, both geographically and politically, from the outside world, Bhutan has effectively protected itself from external cultural influences. In fact, it is only in fairly recent history that foreigners have been allowed to visit the country on Bhutan tours, and even then it has been limited.

Bhutan's culture is therefore very much rooted in ancient traditions and is last remaining Buddhist kingdom. Prayer flags are a common sight around the country, and locals predominantly dress in traditional Bhutanese clothing.

Staple foods in Bhutan include red rice, buckwheat, chili, cheese, soups and stews and much more. Typically the food is very spicy.

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What time of the year is it best to visit Bhutan?

October to May is the peak time to visit Bhutan when it is mainly dry and sunny. In December and January snow sometimes blocks mountain passes, making it impossible to travel to certain areas of the country.

It should be noted also that it's cheaper to visit the country in January, February, June, July, August, and December.

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Bhutan Reviews Of Our Travellers

Francisca M., August 2018

Kishor was extremely proactive and helpful because we booked in the last minute, less than 24 hours before our trip to Nepal and he gave us all the support from the beginning to the end. My kids came back really happy which I was unsure because they were not sure about going to Nepal to get fun. But at the end, both came extremely happy. And all was thanks to Kishor that prepared for us such a great trip plan. Great professional guides, good hotels and of course our great driver.
Thanks Kishor...amazing job.

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Ali A., August 2018

Kishor is very helpful and kind person. He planed our visit perfectly covering most of the country.

Nariman M., August 2018

We were very overwhelmed when Kishor gave us 2 hours of his precious time to meet with us and explain to us every single detail of what to expect on our trip. His humbleness and modesty was our first contact with Nepalese people and made us excited to explore more about this country and it’s amazing people.

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Janet M., August 2018

We were extremely happy with Kishor's services. He communicated with us very well, and we fell very comfortable and safe in his care. Huge thanks Kishor - we loved our trip!

George G., August 2018

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Kishor and his team did a good job.