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Bhutan Vacation

The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most beguiling, beautiful places on earth, matched only for hiking scenery in neighboring India and Nepal. It was only recently that Bhutan came out of isolation from the entire world, meaning the deep Buddhist traditions are still preserved, and the stunning landscape almost untouched. Today thousands of people are enjoying tours of Bhutan, soaking up the rich culture and stunning nature within the country’s borders.

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Bhutan has a fairly well-established tourist trail, but there are a few surprises awaiting visitors when they arrive on Bhutan tours.

The most iconic of Bhutan's sites is the Tiger's Nest monastery (Taktshang Goemba). Perched on a 900m cliffside, it's not only visually spectacular but the perfect place to unwind and learn about Bhutan's unique culture. Paro itself, where treks to Tiger's Nest monastery leave from, is a picturesque town that's home to Bhutan's only international airport.

Thimphu is Bhutan's capital city and boasts architecture that is said to date back to 1216. Notable sights in the city also include the National Memorial Chorten, National Textile Museum, and National Institute of Zorig Chusum.

Of Bhutan's Dzongs (ancient fortresses which now serve as civil and monastic administration headquarters), Punakh Dzonga in Punakha is one of the highlights.  Best of all, it serves as a good stop off point on a journey between Thimphu and Paro, where you begin treks to the Tiger's Nest.

Near Paro is also Simtokha Dzong, which is said to be the first fortress to be built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in Bhutan. The fortress, constructed in the year 1629, is believed to be the oldest surviving complete Dzong in Bhutan.

Overall Bhutan's appeal lies not so much in specific destinations, but in the experience offered by being in the country, and by trekking through the epic landscapes that make up this captivating land. 

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Food and Culture of Bhutan

Thanks to its isolation, both geographically and politically, from the outside world, Bhutan has effectively protected itself from external cultural influences. In fact, it is only in fairly recent history that foreigners have been allowed to visit the country on Bhutan tours, and even then it has been limited.

Bhutan's culture is therefore very much rooted in ancient traditions and is last remaining Buddhist kingdom. Prayer flags are a common sight around the country, and locals predominantly dress in traditional Bhutanese clothing.

Staple foods in Bhutan include red rice, buckwheat, chili, cheese, soups and stews and much more. Typically the food is very spicy.

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What time of the year is it best to visit Bhutan?

October to May is the peak time to visit Bhutan when it is mainly dry and sunny. In December and January snow sometimes blocks mountain passes, making it impossible to travel to certain areas of the country.

It should be noted also that it's cheaper to visit the country in January, February, June, July, August, and December.

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Bhutan Reviews

Herlina Sujatibachtiar, April 2015

excellent everything , hotel. tour , guiding , driving , everything perfect . two thumb for him

Rosemarie Wu, December 2014

I want to thank you for Ranjit's assistance while planning my trip to Bhutan, and for his assistance with the tour arrangements. Particularly thankful for the promptness with which Ranjit responded to my email inquiries. He answered questions and gave details much more quickly than any other tour services I contacted. Everything has been perfectly organized, all the trip went perfect. Thank you very much for all the arrangements!

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My trip to Bhutan was excellent. An incredible country, found it all very different. REALLY worth it! Highly recommended. ////
A minha viagem para o Butao foi excelente. Um pais incrivel, achei tudo muito diferente. Realmete valeu a pena! Recomendo.

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Ms. Yong, September 2013

Fantastic, Great tour. I will recommend you to all my well travelers friends. Everyone in the tour are helpful and flexible. I would love to come to your beautiful country again through you.

Mr. Warren, September 2013

Well organized tour. Excellent services with knowledgeable and competent guide. Fluent in English, as such no problem in communication.