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Asia is perhaps our planet's most diverse continent. With countless languages, religions and cultures on offer it would be a lifetime before anyone truly understood the continent and all its contradictions.

Our Asia tours allow you to see several faces of the continent, from the serene Buddhist cultures in Bhutan and Nepal to the bustling, chaotic cities of China to the ancient holy traditions of India.

Asia tours are a truly remarkable experience, and offer a refreshingly different perspective on life. Don't miss out.

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Asia trip

As the largest and most highly populated continent in the world, Asia tours must be experienced in depth and must be returned to many times to even scratch the surface of this diverse land.

Travel to India to experience the true wonders of the most populous and most spiritual country in the world. This sub-continent is imperative on every adventurer's list of Asia tours.

South East Asia tours offer a journey through time as you pass through beguiling Vietnam to hospitable and luxurious Cambodia. Indulge in authentic Asian food as you reach Bangkok and be sure to head south to modern world Singapore. Whilst your in Southern Asia, why not fly south to the pristine beaches of Indonesia or east to the beautiful Philippines.

China is vast and enchanting and no Asia tour is complete without a visit to see the oldest continuous civilization in the world, as you discover the mesmerizing Great Wall of China and the eye-opening history of the Chinese  dynasty, China tours are simply unmissable.

Asia doesn't stop there. Travel to the Middle East and observe the extraordinary, walk through the awe-inspiring open air, antiquity museums and learn about some of the most significant cultures in religious history. Tours of the Middle East comprise both challenging and eye-opening feats and some of the most rewarding traveling experiences in the world.

If you want to appreciate diverse food and learn to respect overwhelming religious and spiritual understanding, along with being part of some of the greatest spectacles and bearing witness to some astounding scenery, prepare yourselves for some of the greatest adventure travel, get packing and set off on your very own Asia tours.

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Asia Reviews

Elizabeth G., April 2019

- Ellen organized our trip superbly and the tour was according to our group specifications
- Responded quickly to any queries or concerns we had
Thank you, Ellen!

Mischa T., April 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Stuart T., April 2019

Very knowledgeable tour guides of the temples and pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Jan G., April 2019

We were nearly 100% satisfied with the trip. The guides were very knowledgeable, spoke good English and were punctual. Unfortunately, it started out bad as I could not find your representative as I was looking for someone with the sign; he carried instead the local agency sign, without my name.
You could make a few improvements on the scheduling. First of all, I would suggest you include the carriage ride around the pyramids. We did it early in the morning and it was one of the best moments of the trip as there were very few people around. Secondly, I would suggest a later flight from Cairo to Luxor. We had a 6:30 am flight, arriving an hour later in Luxor and the first excursion of the day started at 3 pm. So, there was no reason that we had to get up so early. We booked the trip early enough so that a later flight would certainly have been available. On the way back from Aswan to Cairo, you had booked us in the Meridien Pyramids Resort, which is a long way from the airport. We asked to be rebooked in a hotel closer to the airport as the following day we would be leaving for Dubai, which your office did. However, the hotel you chose (I forgot the name) was not very good and I would not recommend you to use that hotel in the future. It may well have been that a good hotel was not available because of the last minute change.

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Arlette B., April 2019

We had the best experience booking our trip with Amira, she was always helpful.