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Alluring, captivating, and allover marvelous, Argentina tours are guaranteed to leave you filled with wonder. Argentina is a feast for the senses, from its enticing capital city of Buenos Aires to it’s towering natural marvels to its world-famous tango. Truly for those that want to experience something unique, Argentina is a country with a personality all its own.
Argentina tours are guaranteed to leave you speechless. Truly for those that want to experience something unique, Argentina is a country with a personality all its own.
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Argentina Reviews

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Argentina Vacation

Argentina is one of South America ‘s most popular destinations, and for good reason. The allure of wine, steak, a vibrant art scene and stunning Patagonian landscapes draws millions of tourists every year.

There’s so much to do when you visit Argentina; that’d it’d be impossible to get through it all in one go. Argentina offers a wealth of beautiful, untouched natural landscapes, as well as a chance to visit to Argentina's hip capital city, Buenos Aires. Wine tours in charming Mendoza, where the neighboring mountains of Chile loom large, are an essential visit, as are the epic waterfalls of Iguazu.

Influence greatly by the grandeur of European design and culture, Argentina is a funky mix of east and west. Dive deep into the culinary scene, where you’ll drink world-class wine, a variety of Latin flavors, and meat from a parrilla (an open-flame grill.) Reconnect with nature and experience the incredible variety of terrain that Argentina exhibits, from rainforests to salt flats to prairies to mountains. Get to know the friendly locals and immerse yourself in the vibrant, feisty aura that Argentina exudes.

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Argentina Vacation

Argentina Travel Information

Travel to Argentina

Nearly all trips to Argentina begin in the capital of Buenos Aires, the “Capital Federal.” One of the more elegant and classy cities in South America, this living, breathing metropolis is an intoxicating mix of styles and influences. Start your walking tour at the Plaza de Mayo and stroll among historic, sculpted buildings fringed by sunny palm trees. The city’s love for art and culture is evident here, with countless cinemas, galleries, and the ever-majestic opera house along your route. Meander through the lovely parks of the trendy Palermo neighborhood as you make your way to the harbor. At Puerto Madero, take a walk along the ocean and stop for empanadas at one of the many waterside grills. Head inland once more to take in the Barrio Norte, a heavily European influenced area complete with palaces and cobblestoned streets. At night, indulge in an artisan cut steak while enjoying the serenade of some local musicians at one of Buenos Aires’ many five star restaurants.

Fantastic waterfalls

No Argentina trip would be complete without checking out it’s most famous natural wonder. Head north to the Brazilian border to experience one of nature’s most fantastic phenomenon - the Iguazu Falls. Spanning almost three kilometers in width, this natural spectacle is truly humbling to behold. Explore the many footpaths in the national park to get the best views from above, or take a boat ride to get up close and personal with the thunderous waterfall. Just be sure to bring your poncho!

Wine, lakes, and mountains

A visit to the Argentinian wine country is a must. Stop in Mendoza to sip wine in the shadows of the glaciers sitting high atop the Andes Mountains and take a tour of one of the sweeping vineyards in the area, given by a local farmer. Just a little further south, you'll find Argentina's stunning lake district. Rent a boat and float across the crystal clear glacial lakes. Later, leave the mountains in the distance as you venture across Patagonia. Strap on your hiking boots and immerse yourself in one of the most beautifully desolate places on earth. From arid steppes, towering mountain ranges, and the occasional new llama friend, you won't want to leave this pristine natural wonder.

Lastly, complete your Argentina round trip by returning to Buenos Aires. Spend a final day or two in the city, then bid your local expert “adiós.”

Argentina travel packages

Argentina travel packages are not limited to just the above. Many travelers also want to see the northwest regions of Jujuy and Salta, or to visit the “end of the world” destination of Tierra del Fuego. Still others are interested in less active travels and prefer to spend more time in the grassland discovering the cuisine of Argentina in a farm to table style. Whatever type of trip you desire, an Argentina travel package tailored just for you will have you setting off on the trip of a lifetime.

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About Argentina trips

Argentina is a destination that truly has something for everyone. Whether you love to wander foreign cities, reconnect with the great outdoors, or explore a new culture through food, music, and art, an Argentina vacation will tick all the boxes. Argentina private tours allow you the chance to discover all the beauty and wonder of this South American gem, from its lush rainforests in the north all the way to the otherworldly Tierra del Fuego in the south.

Argentina holiday: more than meets the eye

While you may be looking forward to the famous steak and fiery tango that Argentina boasts, the country has all that and much more to offer. An Argentina holiday will give you the opportunity to unearth beautiful Buenos Aires, a passionate city with a heavy dose of European glamour. Dubbed the “Paris of South America,” this seductive and mesmerizing city will charm you with its café culture, sophisticated art scene, and quirky, upscale neighborhoods.

A natural wonder

For many, the highlight of an Argentina vacation lies in the outdoor activities. The country is incredibly diverse, showcasing massive waterfalls, enchanted grasslands, peaceful lakes, and more. The waterfalls of Iguazu are a major highlight, as are the mountains of Patagonia in the south. The sprawling prairies, shrouded in myth and legend, are home to many cowboys and even more livestock. Vast mountains on the country’s western border showcase ancient glaciers and snow-capped peaks. Nestled below the mountains are glasslike lakes and peaceful, inviting vineyards just waiting for you to enjoy. With stunning natural landscapes sure to leave even the most dedicated city-slickers in awe, Argentina private tours don’t disappoint.

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Best time of the year to visit Argentina?

Generally speaking, the north of Argentina is much warmer than the rest of the country and the south, in Patagonia, is very cold.  Central Argentina has distinct seasons, particularly around Rio Plata and Buenos Aires. From December to March is summer, when it's extremely hot and most people in the region will take their vacations. March to May and September to November are the ideal times to go since temperatures are far milder. From June to August it can get chilly.
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Food and Culture of Argentina

Argentina is famous for its wine and its steaks, and as soon as you try them you'll taste why. Although out in las pampas the steak might be fresher, you'll still get world-beating steak in most restaurants in Buenos Aires and an excellent bottle of wine to boot.

Other staples of the Argentinian diet include their variation pizza and pasta, empanadas, mate and various other meats that are part of the customary (and delicious) asado (barbecue).

The culture itself is very much influenced by European immigration. Argentinians, particularly those from Rio Plata, speak Spanish with a distinct accent that's heavily influenced by Italian (and, to a lesser extent, neighboring Brazil).

Argentina is famed for its contribution to the arts. Literary giants such as  Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar are from Argentina, while films such as El Secreto de Sus Ojos relatively recently did the rounds on the international film market.

With respect to music, tango is Argentina's most famous export and in tourist areas of Buenos Aires, for example, you'll find many couples dancing this sensual style. Around Salta you'll hear far more folk music. When it comes to the nightlife, Argentina eschews its tango roots for electro-cumbia, reggaeton, electro and general chart music.
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Argentina Reviews Of Our Travellers

Sheri B., August 2018

From the moment we first contacted Lujan, through creating the trip, finalizing our itinerary and, ultimately during our tour itself, Lujan was the consummate professional. She advised us well, made all arrangements with great care and was available to help out while we were on the road. Simply exceptional service

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Robert G., June 2018

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Dk, May 2018

We just returned from 18 day trip to Argentina. We’ve arrived to Buenos Aires and travelled to El Calafate, then to Salta province, then to Iguazu and back to BA. Lujan made plenty of interesting suggestions, and created an excellent itinerary for us. Despite our time difference, the emails were answered quickly, and our questions and concerns were promptly addressed. Our transfers and excursion pickups were always on time, and generally the quality of the local services and hotels was very good. This was one of our best travels, and we are grateful to Lujan for helping us.

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Judith B., April 2018

Hotels, drivers, guides, and more were excellent. Gwen did a wonderful job planning and orchestrating our trip. Ranch outside of El Califate was the highlight of our trip. Riding horses at Lake Argentina with snow covered Andes in the background can not be matched

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Philip S., April 2018

Our trip was planned perfectly, and importantly, it was seamless.