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Argentina Travel Information

Argentina is one of South America‘s most popular destinations, and for good reason. The allure of wine, steak, a vibrant art scene and stunning Patagonian landscapes draws millions of tourists every year.


There’s so much to do when you visit Argentina that’d it’d be impossible to get through it all in one go. Argentina offers a wealth of beautiful, untouched natural landscapes, as well as a chance to visit to Argentina's hip capital city, Buenos Aires. Wine tours in charming Mendoza, where the neighbouring mountains of Chile loom large, are an essential visit, as are the epic waterfalls of Iguazu.

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Argentina Travel Information

Argentina Tours

Argentina is one of South America‘s most popular destinations, and for good reason. The allure of wine, steak, a vibrant art scene and stunning Patagonian landscapes draws millions of tourists every year.

There’s so much to do when you travel to Argentina that’d it’d be impossible to get through it all in one go. Vacations in Argentina offer a wealth of beautiful, untouched natural landscapes, as well as a chance to visit to Argentina's hip capital city, Buenos Aires. Add on to this wine tours in charming Mendoza and the epic waterfalls of Iguazu and you may just have found your next vacation destination.
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Best time of the year to visit Argentina?

Generally speaking, the north of Argentina is much warmer than the rest of the country and the south, in Patagonia, is very cold.  Central Argentina has distinct seasons, particularly around Rio Plata and Buenos Aires. From December to March is summer, when it's extremely hot and most people in the region will take their vacations. March to May and September to November are the ideal times to go since temperatures are far milder. From June to August it can get chilly.
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Food and Culture of Argentina

Argentina is famous for its wine and its steaks, and as soon as you try them you'll taste why. Although out in las pampas the steak might be fresher, you'll still get world-beating steak in most restaurants in Buenos Aires and an excellent bottle of wine to boot.

Other staples of the Argentinian diet include their variation pizza and pasta, empanadas, mate and various other meats that are part of the customary (and delicious) asado (barbecue).

The culture itself is very much influenced by European immigration. Argentinians, particularly those from Rio Plata, speak Spanish with a distinct accent that's heavily influenced by Italian (and, to a lesser extent, neighboring Brazil).

Argentina is famed for its contribution to the arts. Literary giants such as  Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar are from Argentina, while films such as El Secreto de Sus Ojos relatively recently did the rounds on the international film market.

With respect to music, tango is Argentina's most famous export and in tourist areas of Buenos Aires, for example, you'll find many couples dancing this sensual style. Around Salta you'll hear far more folk music. When it comes to the nightlife, Argentina eschews its tango roots for electro-cumbia, reggaeton, electro and general chart music.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Argentina

Argentina vacations invariably start in the country's capital city, Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires the "Paris of South America", but although this manages to invoke the romantic cafes and vibrant cultural scene, it doesn't manage to do justice to Buenos Aires’s unique charms. This is an exceptionally beautiful city. Areas such as leafy Palermo have charisma by the bucket-load, while the crumbling, rustic streets of San Telmo will surely enchant.

Nearby cities Cordoba and Rosario are also notable and worth a visit. Both are lively areas full of students that offer a great nightlife and good cafes. Rosario is also the city in which Ernesto 'Che' Guavara and Lionel Messi were born, so there's plenty to research there.

To the north of Buenos Aires, on the border of Brazil and Argentina, is Iguazu Falls. There are few places on earth more impressive than these Goliath-like falls that span two countries. The Argentinian side is, according to general opinion, the slightly more impressive side thanks to the proximity to the waterfalls. Be sure to bring a raincoat, you're likely to get splashed.

Heading towards the border of Argentina and Bolivia you'll find Argentina to be much more arid. Here the main jump-off point is Salta, which itself is a charming colonial city. Tours are available from here to the Mountain of Seven Colors and Argentina's famous salt flats in Jujuy.

Mendoza, located on the border of Chile and Argentina, is the country's wine capital and the choice of possible destinations for wine connoisseurs. The city itself is leafy and attractive, but its real appeal is the surrounding countryside where the wineries are located. Huge mountains loom in the distance, making cycling tours of the area an unforgettable experience. You'll be able to visit traditional, bespoke wineries that produce unique wines, as well as large, modern wineries that employ the latest techniques.

Moving south you'll find Patagonia, Argentina's pièce de résistance when it comes to hiking and nature tours. This is a sprawling, beautiful region of mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests and rustic lodges that is in equal parts romantic and thrilling. Bariloche is a good stop off on the way, and one of the most visited cities in Argentina. It's a great place to begin your exploration of the area before you head further south. At the very bottom of the region, South America's most southerly climes, you'll find the Perito Moreno Glacier. This is one of Argentina's most iconic sites, and a must-visit destination.
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Traveller Reviews

Arthur Giannopoulas, November 2017

I recently completed a holiday that was organised by Lujan . I wish I could provide her with 7 stars not 5 as per this review. Every email sent to her while organising this trip (with many changes of my mind) was never an inconvenience to her, she was always willing and able and keen to assist me with every concern I raised with her, all her replies via email to me were always within 24 -36 hours, in my world people do not care how much you know "they only want to know how much you care" I travel the world 3 times a year and have never experienced a more caring Tour Company. Lujan arranged tours for us to Iguazu Falls and El Calfate and Tango Dancing/ dinner show as well as a City tour around Buenos Aires , not only were their pricing cheaper than other companies with the same offering but also very very true to label. Lujan did a fantastic job organising our flights, tour guides on arrival and hotel bookings and showed all the qualities of a true professional at her job. From the minute we arrived in Buenos Aires ( even though our flight was 4 hours late) her representative Marcela (another fantastic and caring person) was there waiting at the airport to greet us and stayed with us to check us into our hotel, specific instructions in relation to departure and pick up time transfers to and from the airport were always spot on, we always felt like VIP's being looked after so well. If you are considering a holiday in South America, especially Argentina more so if you cannot speak Spanish then I strongly recommend you give this company an opportunity to offer their services to you. I have already recommended friends to this agency ( also recommended they ask for Lujan especially, as previously mentioned she is a very caring person and excellent at her job)
The major question that is always asked is "What can be done better or improved" in my case absolutely nothing, its very difficult to improve on excellence.

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Rachel Colabella, May 2017

Gwendeline was fantastic to deal with and gave us a fully customized trip, catered to exactly what we were looking for. We had a very limited amount of time and wanted to pack a lot in, and she was able to help us figure that all out. Gwendeline personally came to meet us in Buenos Aires, and we really appreciated the personal touch! She was available to us throughout our trip which was helpful at times. Thank you Gwendeline!

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Tanya Christon, January 2017

Andrea is very thorough, and strives to accommodate your every need, and want. She can tailor your experience to whatever you desire for the most fabulous trip. I wanted a very non-touristy experience, and Andrea was so very helpful in ensuring I had the best accommodations, the perfect tours, and friendliest of people for all of my interactions; from the pick up at the airport, to the private tour, to the hotel, to the delivery back to the airport - everything was beautifully arranged, and worked out perfectly.

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Alina Bardashevich, December 2016

I would recommend Andrea services to my friends. She was very helping, friendly, quick responding.

Alejandra Petersen, December 2014

Nuestro viaje fue durante mas de 20 días, desde Salta(Arg) , pasando por Salar de Uyuni, La Paz, Titicaca, Cuzco, Nazca, Arequipa,Iquique y vuelta a Salta.
Realmente la organizacion y atencion superó nuestras expectativas!!! No solo por la logistica y organizacion del viaje sino tambien por su atencion cordial, y sobretodo conocimeinto de los lugares que visitábamos!
Este proximo año compartiremos una nueva aventura con él por el Amazonas.

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