Journey to the heartland of Africa and experience the beauty and wonder of an Africa tour. Africa tours are in high demand. Ideal for those who want an inspiring experience, as versatile as its landscape! Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world. Travel to islands, mountains and historic districts all within close proximity.
Journey to the heartland of Africa and experience the beauty and wonder of an Africa tour with
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There is no continent on earth that can match Africa for diversity and adventure. This is a continent of such breathtaking scope that it's near impossible to sum up neatly in a few phrases. Our Africa tours introduce you to this vast continent and its extremes. Modern cities sit toe to toe with ancient tribes, while tranquil beaches lap at lands where the wilderness still calls the shots.

Simply put, Africa is an experience, and one you'll never become exhausted of.

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Where to start with an Africa trip. An exploration of this scintillating continent will take you from vast desert landscapes to glacial mountain ridges all the way to bustling market towns lining the palm-fringed beaches.

Take a plunge into the history of Africa and visit the educational and somber slave trade museum on Accra's beachfront. A fascinating insight into the torturous past of Ghanaian's and in particular the dreaded door of no return.

After going back even further in time? Then travel back 4000 years to ancient Egypt and marvel at the Great Giza pyramids of Cairo before cruising the river Nile south towards the Valley of Kings in Luxor. Come face to face with the Sphinx and brave eerie mummified tombs, Egypt tours offer a unique experience that will enliven your adventurous side.

African safaris are the main driving factor behind tours of Africa, with some of the worlds greatest game reserves offering opportunities to see rare animals roaming in their natural environment. The African bush is such an alluring facet, it's no surprise why nature enthusiasts and adventure travelers from around the world make the trek to experience the invigorating African safaris.

The best safaris are widely considered to be in East Africa. The Kenya safaris and Tanzania safaris top the list of wild safaris in Africa, while trips to Botswana, Uganda, and South Africa are also beautiful experiences.

Furthermore, the attractive African mountain peaks are often regarded as some of the greatest climbing challenges and all-around life gains, therefore offering a dimension of Africa tours completely different to the multitude of other various attractions.

After your monumental climb up Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya, slip back into the relaxing dream world of idyllic, pristine beaches and dive into the marine world of the perfect turquoise waters.

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Africa Reviews

Stuart T., April 2019

Very knowledgeable tour guides of the temples and pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Jan G., April 2019

We were nearly 100% satisfied with the trip. The guides were very knowledgeable, spoke good English and were punctual. Unfortunately, it started out bad as I could not find your representative as I was looking for someone with the sign; he carried instead the local agency sign, without my name.
You could make a few improvements on the scheduling. First of all, I would suggest you include the carriage ride around the pyramids. We did it early in the morning and it was one of the best moments of the trip as there were very few people around. Secondly, I would suggest a later flight from Cairo to Luxor. We had a 6:30 am flight, arriving an hour later in Luxor and the first excursion of the day started at 3 pm. So, there was no reason that we had to get up so early. We booked the trip early enough so that a later flight would certainly have been available. On the way back from Aswan to Cairo, you had booked us in the Meridien Pyramids Resort, which is a long way from the airport. We asked to be rebooked in a hotel closer to the airport as the following day we would be leaving for Dubai, which your office did. However, the hotel you chose (I forgot the name) was not very good and I would not recommend you to use that hotel in the future. It may well have been that a good hotel was not available because of the last minute change.

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Arlette B., April 2019

We had the best experience booking our trip with Amira, she was always helpful.

Rebeca L., April 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Tiffany B., April 2019

Amira was quick in responding to questions and facilitating our requests. She handled all of our arrangements to include international flights which were very convenient. I would like to add our tour guides in Cairo, Sarah, and Ahmed in Luxor was great as well. They were informative, accommodating and personable. Wonderful, thank you.

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