Our guarantees. For an extra peace of mind.

Best price guarantee 

We believe in providing the fairest price possible. By connecting you directly with a local travel agent in your country of choice, we’re able to offer prices that have no hidden fees and are the best on the market - guaranteed.


We’re so confident in our prices that we’ll refund the difference of any competing offer (with the same services and accommodation) that you may find. If you think you’ve found a better offer, we’d love to know about it! Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll take a look at the claim without hesitation.


Because of the nature of individual travel it’s important you consider the following when making the comparison:


  • Are the hotel and room type the same?

  • Is it the same guide throughout the trip or local guides, changing in each destinations?

  • Which language is the tour in?

  • Are the transfers with private drivers, transport mix or on public transport?

  • Are the domestic flights at the same time with the same airline?

  • Is there any special kind of insurance included for car rental?

  • If you’re taking a group tour, is the number of participants equal?

  • Are the terms and conditions, cancellation policy and currency identical?




The best price guarantee can be claimed one week after sending the booking confirmation to trip.me and verifying a down payment. The best price guarantee applies to the total price of the booked trip, including all taxes and fees. It excludes discounts and other promotional offers.


If the claim is found to be correct you will receive confirmation and the difference paid back to you once your booking is paid for. If your trip is canceled the claim will be void. If the claim is found to be incorrect you will be informed immediately with the full details of the reasons for it being voided.


We reserve the right to change the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

Secure Payment 

We go the extra mile to make sure your money is safe.


When making your booking you will enter into a contract with your Destination Expert’s agency. When confirming the booking you’ll have the chance to choose between a Direct Payment with your Destination Expert or trip.me Payment Plus, a payment process mediated by trip.me for increased security and extra peace of mind.


The trip.me platform is run by TET Travel Expert Technologies GmbH, based in Berlin. Our finance department works closely with prestigious German banks and, since we’re based here in Germany, we’re subject to vigorous German financial laws.


Should you choose for trip.me to mediate the booking process we will provide you with a secure payment process. Your payment will remain in our German account until shortly before your departure, allowing extra security and flexibility.


When you book your tour 20% of the payment will be used as a deposit. The remaining 80% can be paid up to 30 days prior to departure. When choosing trip.me Payment Plus, we will cover any applicable credit card fees (excepting foreign transaction fees) as well as providing a number of other benefits for an additional 2.5% cost.

Quality Agencies 

We love our Destination Experts, and we’re sure you will too. Each Destination Expert on the trip.me platform is an established travel consultant in an outstanding local travel agency. Our staff has amassed years of experience in the travel industry, so we know what matters when looking for agencies and we only choose the very best agencies to work with during our rigorous selection process.

Our standards are backed up, too - many of our agencies have won awards and are fully certificated (e.g. by the Rainforest Alliance).

Personal trip.me Contact 

We’re here to help from the very first minute. When you make an inquiry with trip.me you’re immediately put in contact with one of our experienced staff members in Berlin. This person will assess your request and put you in touch with a Destination Expert that suits your needs.

From that point on your trip.me contact will be available to help with anything you should need before, during and after your trip. Simply contact us on +49 30 2089 800 13 from Monday to Friday (between 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm).

Customer Reviews 

We want to hear from you! Not only does your opinion help us to constantly improve, it also lets fellow travelers know what they’ve got to look forward to on our trips.


Our customer reviews are transparent and available for all to see. This encourages our Destination Experts to offer the highest quality service possible in order to remain competitive and stay on the trip.me platform for a long time to come.