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The team | Who we are

Sandra Zschach

CEO | Head of Operations
Background: Sandra joined the team in the founding year and created the operational backbone of the company before taking over the leading role as CEO of She drew from past experiences working for traditional tour operators and incoming agencies in Ecuador, the UK, and Germany. Sandra is passionate about travel - especially to Latin America - and loves to see more and more travelers join the community. Her goal is to carry the way of travel further into the hearts of travelers worldwide.
German | Languages: DE, EN, ES
Travel fact: Sandra once snorkeled with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Archipelago.

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Matthias Woppmann

Co-Founder | Head of Finance & Legal

Background: Matthias is a serial entrepreneur with extensive strategic and operational experience gained over 25 years in the software and internet business. He holds a degree in industrial engineering and loves working with younger people, what makes perfect sense since he is the oldest one in the team. At his main focus is to ensure that everything is done legally correct and that money is kept and forwarded safely.

German| Languages: DE, EN

Travel fact: Matthias is a passionate traveler who has visited 45 countries in the past decades. In the West Bank he has joined a irrigation project. In the Sahara he was kept in a sandstorm for a day. Since then he is always carrying a bottle of water with him.

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Stefan Richter

Co-Founder, Head of IT
Background: Stefan is passionate about Software Development. Luckily, he was able to bring this together with his passion for travelling by working in a travel agency for many years. That allowed him to work in different countries, mainly in beautiful Colombia. Now, he's responsible for the technical side of the implementation of all the great ideas of the team...
German | Languages: DE, EN, SP
Travel fact: The day he climbed the Cotopaxi in Ecuador (not to the top), Stefan forgot his own birthday and only remembered in late afternoon. He had worked late the day before and was so happy travelling again.

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Edgar Fluijt

Head of Marketing

Background: After getting in contact with at a travel exhibition in 2015, Edgar decided to join the team in Berlin. He felt the need to offer travelers a unique experience to bring them in direct contact with local experts. At Edgar combines his passion for travel, marketing, and data. 

Edgar is proud to be Dutch and has strong emotions when the Dutch national sports teams play their games. Unfortunately for him, he has to support Germany during the world cup in 2018 ;) 

Dutch| Languages: NL, EN

Travel fact: Edgar loves to visit football games when he is traveling. Edgar and his friends were the only tourists in a stadium of a game of Bangkok United. He also went to the famous derby of Medellin (El Clásico Paisa)  in Colombia.

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Lena Kosmalski

Sales & Account Manager

Profile: After her studies (business economics & tourism) Lena worked for a regional travel agency chain before she decided to pack her bags to be a tour guide on board of a big cruise ship company. After two years of traveling the seven seas and with a bunch of impressions from all over the world she joined the team in summer 2018. 

German | Languages: EN, DE

Travel Fact: Lena's travel tip - don't go with the flow. Worked well: After the beautiful sunrise at the temples of Angkor Wat do your tour simply the other way round. Or have you ever thought about visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcer in Jerusalem? Do it at 05:00 AM!  

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Justine Differdange

Sales & Account Manager

Background: After completing her studies in Tourism Management, Justine spent a year volunteering around the world.  Since her return, she has been working within the travel industry, with a strong passion for off-the-beaten-track journey. This is this passion that led her to Here at, Justine works closely with English-speaking local experts and is proud to bring more travelers in direct contact with them.

Belgian | Languages: EN, FR, SP

Travel fact: Justine enjoys discovering the countries she visits like a local. She enjoys living with local host families and volunteering abroad in order to really connect with the country and its culture. 

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Adriana Gil Amado

Finance Manager
Background: Adriana is one of our international team members. She was born and lived most of her life in Colombia. Traveling is one of her biggest passions and has led her to exploring not only her home in South America but also road tripping in North America, safaris in Africa, cooking classes in Thailand, and hunting the aurora borealis in Norway.  In the office, Adriana ensures that our partners are paid on time and our travelers have a good payment experience.  

Colombian | Languages: EN, SP, DE

Travel Fact: Her favorite destination is Iceland which she finds a perfect mix of dramatic landscapes, Nordic culture and nice people.


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Felipe Machado Soares

Online Marketing Manager

Background: As a lover of new experiences, Felipe crossed the ocean with a background in digital advertising to find With his passion for travel, marketing and performance, at he can combine these strengths to assist people to travel and to realize their dreams. And to him, that means a world more united.
Brazilian | Languages: PT, EN, SP
Travel Fact: Eat a local dish and walk through street markets and you'll know more about the place that you're visiting than if you rush into tourist venues. Enjoy your trip!

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Chelsea Creighton

Sales Manager

Background: Chelsea grew up with a love for adventure living in seven different countries and traveling around the world. After completing her Bachelors in Boston, USA, Chelsea moved to Barcelona to teach English. Her passion for travel led her to Breda, Netherlands to earn her Master’s in Tourism Destination Management. Following this degree and exploring Asia, Chelsea moved to Berlin to work in the industry she loves at At Chelsea finds and recruits new partners to expand and grow’s destinations.

USA | Languages: EN

Travel fact: Going to remote areas to see wildlife in their natural habitats, like traveling into the Cambodian rainforest to meet the reclusive sun bear.

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Ruben Ortiz

Full Stack Developer

Background: With a degree in Computer Science and many hours of research about UI and UX, he spent the last 10 years working in Web Development. Believe it or not, he loves spending time programming with music in the background and a mug of coffee, or two. He comes from Paraguay, a beautiful tiny country in South America, where citizens speak Spanish and Guarani, an indigenous language (awesome, right?). At his main focus is to ensure travelers have the best experience using our products.

Paraguayan  | Languages: Spanish, Guaraní and English.

Travel fact: with a group of bikers, he did the entire "Road of Death", the world's most dangerous road, located in Bolivia, more than 60 kilometers across beautiful landscapes of mountains, cascades, and jungle. He hopes he can do it again, in the future.

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Tij Verhees

Sales & Account Manager

Background: From his early days, Tij was a traveler, first traveling with his parents which contaminated him with the travel virus. And as soon as he was allowed to he went to explore the world on his own. After living in the Netherlands, the United States and Nicaragua, Germany is the fourth country he is a resident of. Through his work at a tour operator in Nicaragua and his work at an online travel agency in Amsterdam he knows a thing or two about travel. With this experience he helps destination experts create a smooth booking experience and the most memorable trips.

Dutch | Languages: NL, EN

Travel fact: When Tij is traveling he always chooses the restaurants where the locals are eating. He hopes that he doesn’t understand anything on the menu, this way it is always a surprise what he will experience.

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Adriana Corta Puente

Sales & Account Manager
Background: Adriana stepped on 41 countries before landing in ever-evolving and international Berlin, Germany. After 5 years working at a multinational firm, adventure knocked on her door and she didn’t hesitate to leave Madrid to travel for 180 days to every corner of Southeast Asia. Her passion for travel and people are now combined on, as a Sales and Account Manager. Her goal: to drive growth for the destination experts and increase happiness among travelers.  
Spanish | Languages: SP, EN, FR
Travel fact: While planning the next trip, Adriana has the habit to leave aside the guidebook and discover the literature written by local writers. Once in a new country, it is most likely you will see her having a great time with locals!

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Susanne Raudonat

Finance Manager

Background: Sanna lived for 14 years on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Her everyday life was characterized by meeting people from all over the world. This has been very inspiring for her till today. Sanna enjoys now while being good with numbers to be part of the young, dynamic and cosmopolitan team.

German| Languages: DE, EN

Travel fact: During business trips, Sanna had the opportunity to get know China on a very personal level. Everything was so different from what she imagined. The visits were very intense, impressive and funny, which shaped her life. For Sanna gratitude also got a completely different status.  

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Soren Fuchs

Online Marketing Manager
Background: From the start, Soren has always sought new adventures to live and travel the world, living in Germany, Peru, and Hungary and exploring many countries in between. He finished his Bachelor's degree in Business in Boulder, CO, USA and immediately moved to Berlin to work for He hopes to get more people to have wonderful experiences traveling, while also growing his marketing knowledge. Soren is always searching for nature, whether that be mountains, beaches or any body of water. 
USA | Languages: EN, SP, DE
Travel fact: His favorite destination has been the beautiful island of Menorca or the mountainous city Huaraz. He thinks that Peru has the best cuisine in the world!

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Gillian Muessig

Chair, Board of Advisors
Background: Cofounder of Moz, Gillian is a globe trotting speaker, author, and startup whisperer. Host of CEOcoach at, Gillian is best known for her ability to build highly engaged global brand communities.
American | Languages: EN, with smatterings of DE, FR, SP
Travel fact: Gillian is known as SEOmom to more than a million digital marketers in approximately 100 countries. She's the founder of SearchCycle, a growing event that brings technologists, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs out, from behind their desks, to cycle in cities - and between cities - around the world.

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