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The trip.me team | Who we are

Andre Kiwitz 

CEO/Head of Marketing
Background: Andre studied Business Administration with a specialization in Tourism. He started his first company, Viventura, in 2001. He spent almost a decade living in Peru and Colombia, and  is now back in Germany. In January 2013 he developed his newest idea: connecting travelers directly to local agencies without any middlemen involved. Say hello to trip.me.
German | Languages: DE, EN, SP, PT
Travel fact: Andre has been to every summer Olympic Games since 1992.

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Sandra Zschach 

Head of Operations
Background: During and after her studies of International Tourism Management in Germany and Australia, Sandra gained valuable experiencs in the tourism industry working for tour operators and incoming agencies in Ecuador, the UK and Germany. Sandra has been with trip.me since September 2013 and is ever since constantly looking for reliable agencies throughout the world that offer the best trips for our travellers.
German | Languages: DE, EN, SP
Travel fact: Sandra once snorkeled with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Islands.

Edgar Fluijt 

Head of Marketing

Background: Edgar studied International Tourism Management to make it possible to work in the industry where he is passionate about. During and after his studies he worked for several tour operators with the goal to give every tourist a great experience. At Trip.me he loves to bring travellers from all around the world in contact with the best agencies.

Dutch| Languages: NL, EN

Travel fact: Edgar hires a bike in every city he visits. Not only because he is Dutch, also because he believes that this is the best way to explore a place.

Stefan Richter 

Co-Founder, Head of IT
Background: Stefan is passionate about Software Development. Luckily, he was able to bring this together with his passion for travelling by working in a travel agency for many years. That allowed him to work in different countries, mainly in beautiful Colombia. Now, he's responsible for the technical side of the implementation of all the great ideas of the trip.me team.
German | Languages: DE, EN, SP
Travel fact: The day he climbed the Cotopaxi in Ecuador (not to the top), Stefan forgot his own birthday and only remembered in late afternoon. He had worked late the day before and was so happy travelling again.

Meike Scholz 

Marketing Manager

Background: After graduating with a Masters in Communication and Media Studies Meike ventured off to explore other cultures and countries on a 9 months trip around the world. Back in her home city of Berlin she started working in the Marketing field and is very excited to be able to combine her passion for travel and marketing at Trip.me.

German | Languages: DE, EN

Travel fact: Meike tries to travel by herself once a year as it helps her experience a new city like a local and makes it much easier to get in touch with people.

Anna Forneck 

Account Manager

Profil: Anna hat eine Ausbildung als Reiseverkehrskauffrau abgeschlossen und im Anschluss Unternehmensmanagement studiert. 
Während ihres Studiums sammelte sie weitere Erfahrungen in In und Ausland in der vielseitigen Tourismusbranche.
Bei trip.me arbeitet sie intensiv mit Agenturen im englisch- und deutschsprachigen Markt
zusammen und verbindet Reisende mit vertrauenswürdigen Ansprechpartnern.

Deutschland | Sprachen: EN, DE

Travel fact: Anna genießt es während ihrer Reisen lokale Küche umfassend zu erkunden und zu verkosten.

Ron Luu 

Account Manager

Background: Ron studied Advertising and Marketing Communications in Canberra, Australia. After obtaining some valuable experience in Account Management, he had decided to continue his professional experience abroad in Berlin, bringing with him alongside his huge passion in travelling the world. At Trip.me, Ron now works to help travellers around the world have the best and most memorable experiences.

Australian | Languages: EN, CN

Travel fact: Every time Ron sets foot in a new place, he tries to get himself lost just in order to try and find his way out again.

Elisa Tessan 

Account Manager

Background: Elisa studied Romance Languages and Literature in Bamberg, Germany. She defines herself as a citizen of the world, she left her home country Italy at the age of 20 and since then she has stayed in 8 different countries. Traveling and discovering new cultures is her biggest passion, that is why she loves working in the tourism industry, in which she has gained so far over 6 years experience. At trip.me she helps agencies to grow their business and travelers to have their dream trip.

Italian | Languages: IT, DE, EN, SP

Travel fact: Elisa is always curious to have the most authentic experiences while traveling so she didn't say no to a dish of crunchy fried grasshoppers in chili powder offered to her in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Saeed Sady 

Software Developer
Saeed studied Software Engineering in Damascus, Syria. After getting some work experience in Syria, he moved on to work in Turkey. Then he decided to come to Germany in order to increase his knowledge and face new challenges. At trip.me he works in our IT team on offering the best services for our destination experts and travelers.
Syrian | Languages: AR, EN
Travel fact : Saeed is interested in visiting ancient places to expand his knowledge about cultures and histories and he is very curious to taste different countries dishes and try all food recipes to discover their secrets of love and life.

Gillian Muessig 

Chair, Board of Advisors
Background: Cofounder of Moz, Gillian is a globe trotting speaker, author, and startup whisperer. Host of CEOcoach at WebmasterRadio.fm, Gillian is best known for her ability to build highly engaged global brand communities.
American | Languages: EN, with smatterings of DE, FR, SP
Travel fact: Gillian is known as SEOmom to more than a million digital marketers in approximately 100 countries. She's the founder of SearchCycle, a growing event that brings technologists, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs out, from behind their desks, to cycle in cities - and between cities - around the world.