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Our Vision, Mission and core values

Our vision.

To be the #1 platform for planning & booking the worlds' best trips.


We want to be the first site in the minds of travelers when searching for inspiration, planning and booking trips. We want to get a better price for travelers, and give them access to an unrivalled collection of the best tours in the world - as well as the freedom to design their own tours completely from scratch. Simply, we want to be the number 1 platform for booking the world’s best trips.

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Our mission.

To enable true travel experts to offer outstanding trips to a worldwide audience​.


Our mission at trip.me is to bring a worldwide audience to the true travel experts. For us, the true travel experts are those that build extraordinary itineraries for their clients, informed by a deep knowledge and passion for the country they’re selling. We want to level the playing field between these smaller businesses and large, international tour operators by giving them the tools to effectively plan, publish and sell their trips to clients without intermediaries.


We want to keep prices down, keep profit where it belongs, and avoid middlemen that hinder access to our true travel experts’ unrivaled pool of knowledge.

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Core Principles.



We strive for simplicity in all we do. Simple.




Creating value and happiness is at the forefront of what we do. From our employees to our clients, we want everyone that comes into contact with trip.me to benefit in ways that are both tangible and indescribable. 




We act upon data to improve our website and offers, we act upon our client’s feedback to improve our trips, and we act upon the knowledge of our experienced staff to stay ahead of the game.




Travel is all about learning and growing. Companies that work in travel should be no different. We seek to be generous with our knowledge and share what we know with clients, DEs and even competitors. Most importantly, we always aim to push ourselves to learn and move forward as individuals and as a company.




Exceptional tours, exceptional agencies, exceptional staff, exceptional work ethic and exceptional clients. Here at trip.me we want you to experience nothing but the exceptional.

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