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Traveling during the Coronavirus

Last update: April 21st 2020

As the coronavirus is spreading globally, the team is closely monitoring the outbreak and will continue to provide assistance to travelers. The health and safety of our travelers and partners remain’s ultimate priority. Below we have created an overview of your rights in times of a virus-outbreak and negative travel advice.



This page will be updated based on new information and the development of the coronavirus.

Please note that we are based in Berlin and, on the advice of the German authorities, all of our staff are working from home until April 30th. As a result, we are currently unable to take as many calls as we would and ask for your patience and understanding.

The best way to get in touch with us in this period is via email on [email protected]


Before the trip

Before the trip: Understand the safety risks and health recommendations of the destination

Please familiarize yourself with the safety risks, health and travel recommendations of the destinations you visit. For the most up to date information contact your foreign office in your home country for advice. For reference, you can also visit the WHO advice page on the novel coronavirus and the official advice of your local government of health authority.

Travel advice is non-binding.  You are always responsible for your travel choices and decisions.

We strongly recommend taking comprehensive travel insurance before you travel.

Before the trip: There is no travel warning, can I still travel? 

Our local agencies will execute the trip as they have planned it with you. You can always reach out to them in case you have questions or concerns.

At the moment that you are not willing to travel to the planned destination, you can also contact your local agency. In most cases, our local agencies will be open to postpone or rebook your trip to another destination.

Before the trip: A travel warning has been issued, what happens with my booking?

The situation with COVID-19 and its impact on political borders and movement are unprecedented. As a result, we are reviewing all cancelations on a case-by-case basis. 

We are as flexible as possible with postponements, re-bookings and change of destinations, however, most cancelations will incur charges in line with the cancelation policies of your bookings.

Please reach out to your local destination expert in the first instance. Please note that, due to the volume of requests at present, there will be a significant delay in response time. 

We will prioritize travelers by scheduled start dates for all correspondence. The best way to get in touch with us or your destination expert is email.

Our team in Berlin is on [email protected], your destination expert is reachable via your traveler area.

Helpful links

Travel advice for common source markets:

Information from the World Health Organization: World Health Organization

Further reading from the World Health Organization on Covid-19:


Already traveling

I am already traveling in the destination, what do I need to know?

If there is an outbreak in your destination, please follow the advice of your local authorities.

We recommend you to review the recommendations of the WHO and your local health authority on basic safety measures and precautions for your destinations. We also ask you to contact your local agency.

Please familiarize yourself with the details of your travel insurance policy, in particular, the contact details in the event of a medical emergency. Please also ask your local experts for the contact details of your consular office at the destination.

In the case of repatriation (when you must return home during your trip), because of a medical-accident or sickness, travel insurance should kick in and you should directly contact your providers.

When you wish to interrupt your trips and return home without a medical reason, you should also contact your insurance providers. 


Travel vouchers

How long are travel vouchers valid for?

Travel vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Legally, all vouchers issued for bookings made before March 8th have to be valid at least until December 31st 2020. We are offering flexibility on this for your convenience and have extended the validity to two years from date of issue. 

When the can I use the travel vouchers?

You may use the vouchers at any point within two years of issue of the voucher. Your travel date can be at any time during or after the 2 years. If you need more time or flexibility, please talk to us.

When will I receive the travel vouchers?

We issue vouchers as soon as the cancellation has been agreed with your Destination Expert. Please bear with us during this time as we are experiencing large volumes of request and our team is working offsite.

However, rest assured that as soon as your destination expert and you have agreed to cancel a trip and issue a voucher, we guarantee it and will issue it as soon as we can.


Postponement & Change of booking

How can I postpone my trip?

In case you want to postpone your trip, please contact your local agency. Let them know that you intend to travel later and, if you already know a time frame, also inform them about your newly planned travel dates. You Destination Expert will check the bookability of your trip and confirm the itinerary or any needed changes (e.g. due to seasonality).

Can I move my trip to another destination?

Moving your trip involves canceling your current trip and re-booking another. Cancelation fees would apply with your current Destination Expert. The remaining amount would be refunded in travel credit with the same Agency your Destination Expert belongs to. Changes are allowed but your itinerary will still be provided by your Destination Expert's Agency which means it is likely to either be in the same country or the region the country is in if the Agency covers it.

If no travel warning has been issued for your travel destination and the itinerary has not been significantly affected by COVID-19, travelers wishing to cancel a booking are subject to standard cancellation policies and fees. 

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