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Core Values

Learn and Grow

At we focus on the continuous development of people, relationships, and processes. We strongly believe that by learning something new each day, we will grow over time. Making mistakes is part of the job. We quickly learn from them and accept them as essential in developing ourselves and our team. We love giving and receiving constructive feedback. A growth mindset allows us to gain knowledge and improve our skills to contribute to our team and company. 

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Take Responsibility

We hold ourselves accountable. Whether it’s achieving our goals, shaping our environment, or understanding how to improve situations - we prefer to display initiative and take action. If there’s something that needs improvement, we do what needs to be done. We strive to lead, however, know when to follow. Taking responsibility to us means being fully self-aware, owning our actions, and being accountable for the outcome. 

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Strive for Clarity

Clarity begins in our own mind. Being clear about what we expect from ourselves and others enables us to see what needs to be done. Clarity also makes communication easier. Therefore, we appreciate open and straightforward communication. Being clear and precise avoids misunderstandings and the need for assumptions. We prefer and encourage asking questions, where clarity is needed.

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Focus on Results

At, we focus on results and love to reach ambitious goals. We do our best to meet our commitments and constantly become better. Being data-driven helps us to see developments early on and improve faster. It also enables us to predict the impact of our actions, learn from their results, and prioritize for better outcomes. All this makes our results better, day by day.

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Assume Positive Intent

Positive intent means having good intentions with what we do and how we do it. To assume positive intent we focus on understanding instead of judging. Therefore, we listen to and ask about the other person’s thoughts and opinions. When we see unexpected behaviors we try to stay curious and assume positive intent. This helps the other side to open up and to foster a better understanding of each other.

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Share your Passion

Everyone has a passion. We believe that sharing this has a positive influence. It not only inspires people, but creates opportunities for learning, and builds mutual understanding. It also helps people grow closer. Sharing what we love can energize other people to engage in their own passion. Thus, we believe in proactively and openly sharing our interests, as well as, encouraging other people to do the same. What’s your passion? 

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Aim for Quality

We aim to provide high quality for our travelers, partners, and our team. In order to understand what quality means for them we try to put ourselves in their shoes. Once we understand, we do our best to deliver and are open for feedback along the way.

For our travelers, we offer outstanding tours and a great overall experience. For our partners, we develop intuitive systems and support their growth. For our team, we create an inspiring and challenging work environment with continuous potential for development.

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Heart for Travel

Travel has a place in our lives and in our hearts. When traveling, we learn about different people and their ways of life, their points of view, culture, and heritage. Our mind broadens, we see the similarities and differences between people and understand them better. It helps us to move past our comfort zone, embrace diversity, and discover new horizons.

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