Why | How to become a Destination Expert?

trip.me is an excellent marketplace for any hardworking, knowledgeable and, above all, passionate tour operator to offer their trips. And we're more than a just a web platform, we're a community of Destination Experts around the world to provide outstanding customers' experience.

6 easy steps to list your extraordinary itinerary 

  • 1 - First contact with our team to exchange information, get to know your agency and share how trip.me works.
  • 2 - If we see a potential fit and common interest, an account manager schedules an interview with you.
  • 3 - After the in-depth interview, the account manager will assess your application and let you know if you will join our Destination Experts community. If approved, the Destination Expert then completes the profile and submit a trial trip based on specific competition and requirements. 
  • 4 - Shortly after submitting your trial itinerary, your account manager will schedule time to discuss your proposal.
  • 5 -  A trial inquiry will follow to ensure quality and compliance with trip.me policies. Your proposal will be reviewed for content and style, and your account manager will guide you for best results.
  • 6 -  When all steps are completed and validated, your account manager will publish your trip and you will be able to receive your first inquiries. You can begin to delight your customers and secure bookings!

Ready to join trip.me? 

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