Machu Picchu tours

Peru… in a Nutshell


Peru, over the years, has established itself as the ultimate South American traveling experience.

With its fascinating landscape and its romantic history, tourists from all sorts of backgrounds and interests have had an unyielding desire to embark on various Peru tours.

It is no secret that the Inca’s carved the way for some of the most formidable and enigmatic trails in the world, that nowadays attract millions of visitors worldwide to come and marvel at the ancient wonders. Peru tours certainly pack a punch.

Things to do on Peru Tours

Main Attractions and Tourist Regions

Machu Picchu tours are undeniably the main pull with regards to Peru tourism, however it is the quiet charms of Cuzco, the neighboring city, where the enchantment begins. Rooftop scenery and traditional shops are the rewarding stop-offs in this chilly high-altitude gem of Peru.

Cusco rooftops, Peru

Cusco from up high offers scintillating views. Photo by Kenneth Moore

Tours of the Inca trail are offered ubiquitously around Cuzco and the excitement swiftly follows. Despite large numbers of tourists each month, the grandeur and mystery of the Inca trail and the lost cityof Machu Picchu still exists.

After the bewilderment of Machu Picchu, prepare for more mystery as you kayak on the eerie yet wondrous Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America that lies serenely in between the Bolivian and Peruvian border.

Lima, the capital, although not Peru’s most famous asset, features an eclectic melange of fine restaurants, contemporary art galleries, top of the range hotels and a home away from home for all those long-haul travelers.

Peru tours were most definitely be incomplete without a tour to the Amazon. Make sure to take one of the many Amazon cruise tours and let your senses run wild as you are part bird-watching, part anaconda and caiman hunting and part wildlife wanderer.

Traditional Peru bags

Colorful handicrafts like this are very common in Peru. Photo by World Wide Gifts

So What’s Peru all About?

Food and Culture of Peru

In the last two decades Peruvian cuisine has defied all odds, and critics, and emerged as one of the finest cuisine destinations on the planet. What was once thought of as deluded, Peru food tours are now common practice and are reaching extreme attention worldwide.

So what attracts us? Well some say it is the incongruous mixes on the palate, for example uncooked fish with fruit. If the Peruvians hadn’t been bequeathed with the inherent innovation, however, then “outrageous” dishes like this would have never been discovered.

Cerviche, although common throughout Latin America, is a Peruvian delicacy that pleases palate after palate. Then there is the somehow appealing roasted guinea pig. Home to Peruvian cuisine, this dish has been intriguing travelers for years.

It would definitely be a shame to miss out on cooking classes on your Peru tours.

The rich colors of Peruvian dress-ware is immediately infectious with many tourists adopting the local attire on their travels.

When to go on Peru Tours

What Time of the Year is best to Visit Peru?

June-September is the driest and most popular time to visit Peru. It can also be overcrowded during these months so to witness Peru with less crowds we would advise going between April-May, and also October.

The wet months between November and March should be avoided, especially for Inca Trail treks and Machu Picchu tours.