Moving from Picasa to Google Plus

How To Use Google+ Photos (And Moving From Picasa to Google+ Photos), the Ultimate Guide

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This article will provide you all you need to know when moving your photos from Picasa / Picasa web to Google+ photos.

But before we get there, no doubt you’re asking yourself “why?”. Let’s start with that important question.

Why should I be moving photos from Picasa to Google+?

Like the majority of you photo lovers, I’m a big fan of Picasa. It has been the most important part of my photo workflow for many, many years. The convenient upload/backup process to Picasaweb gave me peace of mind that my photos were always secure (at least with the free 2048 Pixel Version). But now, after a long anticipated change, I have had to put in the effort into moving my photos to Google’s new photo service “Google+ Photos”.

Why should you do this sooner rather than later?

1. We’ll start with the obvious: sooner or later Picasa and Picasaweb will go away anyway, being taken over by several better platforms. All recent updates to Picasa now revolve around including Google+ features into Picasa. Google even cut down other features like the online editing functions. So it seems clear to me that Picasa will go away. Sure, you could just wait until this happens, but there are other reasons to make the move now…

2. The work flow for photos has changed. In previous years life was much easier. You just had your prime camera (and maybe another smaller camera to take pictures). After taking pictures you took your SD card, inserted it into the computer, imported pictures, sorted them, edited them and then synced/uploaded them.

Well, for me, this has changed over the last 3-4 years. While with my first smartphone the pictures I took weren’t at all suitable to be saved and collected, now a huge chunk of my photos come from my smartphone. Herein the process has also changed. Earlier I connected a camera to the computer and downloaded them, but over recent years and months the photos are now auto-synced to services including Google+ with “Auto-Backup” (learn more about Auto-backup). By having my photos online first it’s extra work to download them into Picasa and then to upload them again.

3. There are big benefits to all this. You can edit photos on your desktop, on your cellphone and on the web and the results are shown on all places at the same time (you still have the chance to revert the images to the original version at any time).

4. You can include PhotoSpheres photos in your albums. This makes sharing your photos with friends and family much more fun. (Find out here what Photo Spheres by taking a look at some examples).

5. On Google+ there’s a much better search option. The earlier I prepare my photos accordingly and use Google+ as my main resource the easier I can find and access my photos from anywhere.

This changing workflow was my tipping point for starting to use Google+ photo as my prime photos service.K6M-8i3JXQofV_3BoYdn8rrRaOxP3oggdCtriNoOQ8ABPmGn7_sS98dD-Kxi

My new workflow working with Google + Photos and regular SD Cards

Photos from my cellphone or tablet are synced automatically into Google+ photos.

I download all photos from the SD card locally to my computer.

I choose what pictures I want to keep (the others I directly delete) – it doesn’t matter if I do this with Picasa or Windows Explorer.

I then upload (more info about how to upload photos) all the pictures. Further below I explain the tools available to to make this even easier. I recommend just using the the 2048 Pixel option. On the one hand this is free, on the other this workflow allows you to have the large, original file backed up locally. If you have the cash you can also choose the option to save the photos in the original size.

These untouched pictures I then save in my folder structure (they are still in the original size) as backup and will not touch them again.

Once all the pictures are on Google+, I put them into the album. I move the already synced photos from my smartphone and/or tablet that will fit also in this album.

After I have all my photos together, sorted by date, I import the album in Picasa with “Import from Google+ Photos”, this will create a new folder within the collection “Web Albums”.

Set this new album to “autosync”.

My net process involves things that are still more convenient to do in the installed Picasa version (I believe over time Google+ photos will get better in this department and I will over time do those also online)

-> add location data
-> add descriptive tags
->description of photos

The changes are directly uploaded on Google+

After you are completely done with the album I recommend you take out the autosync. Why? It has a risk of updating your data automatically on Google+. You might delete photos accidentally. I don’t trust the sync too much, so I’d definitely turn it off after you are finished with this step. (please notice, that photo edits (contrast, color etc…) done on your local Picasa, that would be synced to Google+ but are not revertible online.

Go to the online version of this album in Google+, all the information that you added locally now appears online.

Voila! You now have all the photos together online on Google+.


What Software or Services can you use to upload your photos automatically or quickly to Google plus photos?

Using Google + Photos and Eye-Fi Cards

Usually I take pictures on my Eye-Fi Card. This makes the workflow even simpler. It’s basically the same as above but now I’m even faster:

  1. I take pictures with my DSLR.

  2. With Eye-Fi synced enabled I directly get those photos on my cellphone.

  3. In the Eye-Fi App I select all new photos and share them to “Google+ Photos” (not to Google+).

  4. After the upload has finished I then delete all the photos in my Eye-Fi app on my phone.

  5. I now have all my photos on Google+ photos and can move them to a new album or an existing album.

  6. I leave the photos on the SD card. Once connected to a computer I move them to my computer to the backup location in their original size.


  1. Using Chromebook

You can install the Google+ Photos App. Whenever you insert an SD card into your computer you have the option to directly upload the photos to google+

Using Android

In Android the photo backup is built in, you can simply turn it on in the Google+ settings.

Using iOS

Install the Google+ App for iPhone or iPad and turn the “autoysync” option on.

Using Windows/Max

Install the Google+ Auto Backup Software (Windows / Mac ). Once installed you can set what directories should be observer. Whenever the software finds new photos or Videos these will be uploaded/synced with your Google+ account.



Understanding the Structure of Photos on Google+


These are albums that you set up and automated “folder” setup from Google from the auto-sync from your cellphone. I will call these automated collections “folders” to differentiate them better from albums.  Google’s algorithm decides which pictures are “highlights”, these are shown on this page.

By clicking on the small arrow you can expand the view to see all photos in this album or folder.


In this tab all photos (other than those in the trash) are shown, sorted automatically by date. It’s hard to find older pictures here, but google+ has strong search options that are explained below.


This is as close as it gets to the old Picasa or Picasaweb view. This view just shows the albums that you created. It doesn’t show what I called “folders” above.

Bonus tip: If you would like to view your albums in Picasaweb view mode you can do so by using this url:


The trash feature is quite handy. If you believe you should delete photos (because they’re duplicated or you have a better version) they are still saved for another 30 days. This happened to me several times where I had to recover my photos. So I’m quite confident using the delete button now.

Editing your photos online with the Google+ Photos

From any view mode described above you enlarge a photo and then edit it. There are optional automatic editing features called “AutoEnhance”, but this I will cover below. From the photo viewer you can click on edit to get to the edit mode:


The Basic Adjustments:

This is a picture of my colleague, Max, freezing on a cold winter day in Berlin. We have taken this picture as an example. This adjustment is quite powerful and the result of the Snapseed acquisition (more about snapseed a little later). Most of the features are pretty self explanatory, so I won’t dive into everything here but here are most significant tips:

Selective Adjustments:

With this tool you can select specific parts of the photos. The selected area depends on the size that you give it. It will just cover the area of a similar color tone. In this example it covers the blue house that gets the attention in this photo. Now we can just adapt the brightness, contrast and saturation for this part (the part marked with red) of the photo.

The result is a darker, unsaturated house, that doesn’t capture the viewers eyes anymore. To easily compare the 2 versions of the Video I recommend you use the “compare” function right above the photo. I additionally increased the saturation of Max’s face, darkened the whole right hand side of Max and made Max lighter as his surroundings also brightened the snow a little bit.

The rest of the basic adjustments are quit self explanatory, so let’s jump to the “Creative Adjustments”:

The black and white options are really good and for an online editor really advanced, I highly recommend them. But they are straight forward, so let’s dive into “Center Focus”. This is a very handy tool. By selecting the “Center Focus” you can highlight the center, darken the outside (Vignetting effect) and even blur the outside. After the “selective adjustments” and the “center focus” adaptions I got to this photo:

Drama is quite a powerful tool. Make sure that you turn down the “strength bar” as I find this otherwise to be over exaggerated. The result of this filter:

Another filter, that is very powerful is the “Tilt-Shift” Filter, I wouldn’t use this on this specific filter usually, but for the purpose of demonstration I’ll do this. Please notice that on the top of that filter you have two shapes to select from, so apart from the straight form there is also a a round shape option. I used this on the photo:

The other editing options like frames and retrolux are self explanatory, feel free to play around with them.

Editing your photos on Android/iOS

The nice thing about working your photos with google+ photos: you can edit them not just on your desktop computer but also on your iPad, iPhone and Android device. The android version still has the “older” editing version:

So, it’s not consistant with the web editing funcionality. But the good news is (and maybe by the time you read this), the snapseed functions that you have in the desktop version still is just available in the stand alone snapseed app. If you use this the inconvencience is, that you have to save two different versions of the photo: the orginal, unedited version and the edited version.


What level of AutoEnhance to take on Google+ Photos?

The AutoEnhance feature makes your photos looks more stunning, automatically. Google will Algorithmically calculate each photo and look into what kind of corrections should be made. Among these are: contrast, brightness, shadows, color correction, noise cancellation & vignetting. The results are quite mind-blowing. I personally recommend you use the “normal” AutoEnhanced level because I don’t like my pictures to look overly enhanced. But this is up to your taste. Let’s take a look at an example:

AutoEnhaned turned off:


AutoEnhancel: level “normal”:


AutoEnhacel level “high”:

As you can see in this example the “high” level clearly overdid it (but this really depends on the picture).

You can set the default setting in the Google+ Settings:

Your Photos, that are AutoEnhanced are presented this way. It says “ENHANCED” on the top right corner of such a photo. When you hover over it with the mouse you can change the settings for this photo individually:


AutoAwesome on Google+ Photos

The AutoAwesome functionality is one main reason why you should upload your photos to Google+. It analyses the photos and doesn’t just adjust them with AutoEnhanced but creates amazingly cool effects. Auto-Awesome effects are constantly being added. The present ones are:

MOTION – short animations created from a sequence of photos

If you take photos in serial mode, with motion you can add those photos in an amazing gif-Video, like this one:

Safari Google Plus photo

SMILE – group photos where everyone looks their best!

Take various pictures of a group. Someone always comes out bad. But don’t panic! AutoAwesome SMILE will stitch the faces together from different photos to one final photo, where everybody looks into the camera and smiles. Pretty amazing.

PANO – panoramas created from a series of landscape photos

This is for a situation where you might have your fisheye missing. Just take several vertical shots that overlap every time by about 30% and Google+ will stitch it together for you. It’s amazing. Here is an example from some years back taken with my former iPhone, that just got stitched together from Google now:


Bonus question: who can recognize this stadium?

MIX – photobooth-style pictures created from multiple portraits

These I get a lot! I often take a series of pictures of my son to make sure that I get a really good one. Google+ Photos is now and then mixing them up. Here in example of our Community Manager Paul (who is not my son) in splendid selfie mode:

HDR — HDR photos created from a set of bracketed exposures

If you know how to set your camera to bracketing mode, then you can now play in the HDR league. Google+ calculates a better result in HDR than most automatic, on-camera options, that I know of anyway. Take a look at the the result of Google+ stichting my 5 photos taken in bracketing mode:

Pretty stunning, wouldn’t you say, getting such a result out of the box?

Eraser – Having a landmark just for you

To be honest, this AutoAwesome Feature has never been executed in my photos, but I have seen amazing results. What does it do? You take several pictures of yourself (in front of the Eiffel Tower for example), then Google stitches the photos in such a way that the people around you (irritating photo-bombers) in the photo disappear.

3 New features in October 2013: Action, Eraser and Movie

Google announced three recent AutoAwesome features: Action, Eraser and Movie. Please read this article to see examples and find out more about them.

Can I use AutoAwesome features manually?

Yes you can. But just for the feature “Movie” and just from your iOS and Android device. I’m not sure why Google doesn’t enable this feature on the website. But what the heck. You might as well do it right from your phone. You select videos and photos and Google then makes a movie with a soundtrack out of this. The results are great, you should try it out.

Here’s an example of a movie I just made.

For other AutoAwesome Features you can’t manually set it yet.


Syncing Picasa tags to Google+ Photos

This is the most annoying issue with moving your data from Picasa to Google+. This has been an issue for me before. I have tagged people several times in Picasa, the information was lost in Picasa once and I had to redo it. Now that people/circles are a core piece of Google+, Google seems to struggle with how to deal with the old local data on people in your Picasa program.

When you tag people in Picasa and then sync the data to Google+, this information is lost. I’m not sure if Google will ever be able to fix this. Maybe you, dear reader, have a suggestion how to deal with this?

At the moment I’m not tagging people in my pictures. There is another reason for doing this: as soon as you tag a person in a Google+ photo album the whole album is shared with the tagged person. There are lots of discussions around this and Google won’t answer… This, in my opinion, doesn’t really make sense. If you ask me, just the photo should be shared with that person. If you don’t mind this you can go ahead and tag people on Google+ photos. But some of the photos in the album you shared the photos from may be private and therefore why would you want other people seeing them.


Additional info about syncing data between Picasa and Google+

Syncing starred photos on picasa to Google+ Photos

The good news: starred photos within Picasa (learn more about this feature here) are synced to Google+. The information is online and below you will learn how to search for those photos. The only disadvantage: there are no stars on Google+, so you can’t see which photos are starred and which aren’t.

Syncing tags from Picasa to Google+

In Picasa you have the chance to tag your photos:

In Google+ this option doesn’t exist. Similar to information about starred photos this information is passed on to Google+ Photos but you can’t see it there. You can search your photos, however, for these tags. Information about this is further below.

Syncing people tags (facetagging info) from Picasa to Google plus

Unfortunately this information is not passed to Google+. Later I’ll cover this in more detail.

Tagging people on Google+ Photos

You can tag people from an album view:

Or you can tag people from an individual photo view:

Sometimes you will see that this option doesn’t exist. When does this happen?

Warning: this gets a bit tricky.

This happens when the photos are in the album “AutoBackup”. So, for example, all photos that were synced automatically from your cellphone are in this album. When you copy those pictures from the album “AutoBackup” to the album that you created (instead of moving it), the picture stays in the AutoBackup Album. If you could tag a person in this album, the tagged person could see all your photos, past and future ones coming to that album. This would be a big privacy issue so Google doesn’t allow you to tag photos that still belong in this album.

Sharing your photos on Google+ Photos

As we have learned, you can share an album automatically to people by simply tagging one photo of this person in the album. Usually this is not the way you want to share photos or albums. There are better ways of doing this.

You can either share photos directly to circles, specific people on Google+ or to e-mail addresses. You can also download a photo and manually send it through e-mail if you prefer. To share a complete album, simply go the the album overview and choose the sharing option to share a complete album.

How to send only a few photos within an album

If you want to share just a few photos within an album (and not the whole album), do the following. Open the album and select the photos you would like to share:

When you select the first photo a blue bar will appear on top. Select the photos you would like to share and click the share button. In this case a new folder is created and this new folder is just shared with the people specified. This way those people won’t have access to other photos of the original folder.

How to search for your photos on Google+ Photos

If I’d sorted the content for my personal feature love I’d start with this paragraph. When Google+ first started, initially the search functions were horrible. This has completely changed over the years and Google has now developed very efficient search functions.

Here are my favorite searches. If you have your photos on Google+ you can simply click on the examples to perform that search on your own photos. You can conduct your search either from the normal google search starting with “my photos of” or from within Google+. For example if I search for photos of flowers:

The results are shown not because the pictures have the name “flowers” but because Google can recognize flowers within the pictures (yup, Google is crazy like that). You can perform this search with lots of possible terms:

  • beach
  • churches
  • kids
  • birds
  • animals
  • cars

The list goes on and on…

Besides from understanding the photos, Google+ also takes the photo description, location and tags into consideration. With tags I refer to tags that you added to your photos on picasa. These kind of tags are not yet available on google+ itself. Now to the list of possible searches:

How to search your Google plus photos per date?

Search for “my photos -month- -year-“, for example “my photos april 2013″. Check it our here:

How to search for photos from your friends?

Search for “my friends photos of India” Check it our here:

How to search for starred photos in Google+ Photos?

This just applies to users, that use the starring options in picasa. The information is synced to google+ so you can search for this characteristic with “my starred photos”. Check it out here:

How to find photos, that have autoawesome?

Google itself answered this here. You can search for motion, smile, pano, mix or hdr to find the corresponding photos where the effect applies. You need to add a “#” before the effect name, for example “my photos of #motion”. Check this out here:

How to search for your panoramic photos: PhotoSphere photos?

For some reason here you can’t search for “my #PhotoSphere photos” etc, just directly “PhotoSphere”. Check this out here:

How to search for photos from a specific album?

You can simply search for the title of the photo album to show all pictures of this album, for example “2013 Namibia”, you can add additional information like “pano” for panoramic photos. Check this out here:

How to search for photos, that have been auto-backedup from your phone?

Simply search for #AutoBackup to show photos, that are in this system album. Check this out here:

How to search for photos that have been uploaded from Picasa or the desktop?

You can search for #desktop to show these kind of photos. Check this out here:

Searching for people doesn’t work well for me yet, as I have hardly used people tags yet, so maybe you can leave recommended searches to find specific people in the comments.

How to search for Videos on Google+ Photos?

You can search for “my videos”, you can also add additional criteria like “my #videos of namibia”. Check this out here:

This brings me to the last bit of important info (phwoar, you made it this far?!): using Google+ for your videos.


Working with Videos on Google+ Photos

The workflow as explained for Photos also works for Videos. Actually it’s already quite convenient to use Videos on Google+ – The features:

  • well integrated with your photos, you can add it into any album, change sorting with Videos as you like.
  • Videos get “Auto Enhanced” improving colors and, most importantly, adding video stabilization.
  • Integration of Videos in the “AutoAwesome” Feature #Movie. This Feature takes highlights of your Videos and Photos and makes a short movie with music out of this, as you may know it from animoto.

What it lacks is:

  • you can’t trim any videos yet
  • you can’t mix videos together

These features already exist on youtube, I believe it’s just a matter of time until these features have been rolled out to Google+ Photos.


I hope this article has helped. I feel the move to Google+ is a logical move and the time has arrived to go ahead with it. Google+ is getting more and more users every month (and some say soon will overtake Facebook), so at least you know, that your photos are stored at a service, that is growing and will be around for a very long time. So thanks for reading, I’m guessing by now you have converted if you hadn’t already, and I look forward to receiving and sharing some great photos via Google+. Happy snapping!


  1. Benno says:

    Haha, LOVE the lion gif!

  2. it working…..

  3. Marian says:

    Thank you for such an awesome article! To switch to google+ from Picasa, do I need to actually do something? It seems like all my Picasa photos are already there in google+. Also, do you know if google+ no longer has the 1000 photos per album limit? By mistake I had more than 1000 photos in an album when I uploaded via Picasa and they are all showing up on google+.

    • Hi Marian, thanks for asking. You don’t need to do anything to “switch” from picasa to google+. They work in parallel, but the feature set and usability is different. My recommendations concern how to “switch” your workflows and why it makes sense to use google+ as the prime resource to organize and edit your photos.

  4. Briggbob says:

    Many thanks for taking the trouble to put this together. I’m finding it very helpful. Can I ask you which software you use to sort out “perspective” problems on your photos eg converging parallels when photographing tall buildings?

    • Hi Bob. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m not conversing parallels with any software. I’m just using google+ for my photos.

  5. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the workflow. I have not made the switch to Google+.
    I’ve read that the order of photos in your Picasa web album is lost when converted to Google+.
    It instead sorts by date/time. I sorted my Picasa album photos to try and tell a story and often mix in old photos.
    Does Google+ allow for sorting photos in any order?
    I don’t want to spend days reordering my photos in Google+

    • Hi Jeff, you can just sort the photos within the albums freely. The albums themselves are ordered by date. What might be a solution for you: upload your albums in your present folder structure to Google Drive and enable the photo sync between google+ and google drive. This way you can always access the photos in your favorite folder structure while also having the benefits of using google+ photos.

  6. Gary says:

    I’m not a Google+ member it is because of how simple it is to share my albums with my family using a old version of Picasa (3.8) and Picasa Web Albums. In Picasa I set the album privacy to “anyone with the link” and click ‘sync to web’. I’ve also set up a bookmark on my families’ browsers that takes them to web picasa where all of my shared albums are located.
    So it is super simple for both me and for my family. 3 clicks for me (2 for setting privacy and one to sync to web) and 1 click for them (a bookmark to a single page on web picasa that has all of the albums).
    Google+ seems to be more focused on sharing individual pictures/albums.
    Do you know how I can do the same thing with G+? How I should set up my albums so all of the albums that I share can all be viewed on a link by anyone to whom I give the link?

    • Hi Gary, if you go the the album settings (by click on the edit icon next to the album totle) a popup appears. Click on the share button and you can get the link to share to your friends, just like you did with picasa. Here is a screenshot.

  7. I love this post, very useful!

  8. dirk says:

    At the moment I still dont get used to google+ photo’s. Liked picasaweb much more. I could edit the properties of an album, for example the album date, to get them in some order. How is this working now?

    • Hi Dirk. Click on an album and choose the “Organize” button, here a screenshot: Then in the next screen select “Sort by dates”

      • Rogerio says:

        I think that what Dirk is saying, and I’m searching for that too, is a way to organize albums, not photos inside an album. For instance, all albums imported from the old Orkut appears before all other albums. Do you know if there is any way to change that? Great post, anyway!

        • Hi Rogerio. The order of photos within an album can be done manually per drag and drop. The order of the albums is automatic. It’s orderd by the date of the newest photo within that album. So to get the order correctly, my aanswer to Matt should help: “ok I understand the problem now. Google+ is sorting albums by date by default. So your albums should be in the right order with the top album being the newest one. If this is not your case then same photos in your album have a newer “created date”. This happens if you edit a photo and save it with “save as”. Then the date of the edit and used as the “photo taken date”. To correct this you can use a software like this one: But I’m not sure if it will be worth the hassle for you.”

      • Renita says:

        I saw the screenshot but I don’t have the organize button on my screen. I have looked everywhere under Google+ photos. Also, the move button is low lighted and won’t work. So I have to first copy the photos into a new folder and then go back and delete them form the original folder. Very inefficient.

        • Hi Renita, you can just the see the orgaize button in the album view (so the url looks something like this “″

  9. Mitch says:

    Great article thank you very much for your tutorial and workflow…. i had one question. I used the import from Googleplus option in Picasa and it started to download my albums BUT i did not grab my Autobackup stuff. I double checked and i have over 2000 photos in ALL PHOTOS but they are no where to be seen locally once sync is complete….

    I want to basically download ALL photos from Google Photos to my pc then use Picasa to manage, remove, delete easily then sync back up.

    Any ideas on how to achieve this ?

  10. Rob says:

    Hi Andre,

    Is there a way to search / filter on AutoBackup photos by date?
    In other words, I would like to see all the photos from May 2014 that were processed by AutoBackup.


    • Hi Rob. To my knowledge you can’t specifically search for autobackup only photos in combination with a “time search”. But if you search for “my photos may 2014″ the reuslts should show all photos, including the autobackup photo. I think this should work fine…

  11. Matt says:

    Thanks for giving me some ideas on how to improve my workflow. The reason I ended up on your site is that I am incredibly frustrated that there is no obvious way to order albums by date or album name (e.g., Jan 2014 should come before December 2013 because it’s the most recent). I’m not talking about ordering photos within an album. Do you know a way to do this?



    • HI Matt,
      ok I understand the problem now. Google+ is sorting albums by date by default. So your albums should be in the right order with the top album being the newest one. If this is not your case then same photos in your album have a newer “created date”. This happens if you edit a photo and save it with “save as”. Then the date of the edit and used as the “photo taken date”. To correct this you can use a software like this one: But I’m not sure if it will be worth the hassle for you.

  12. Hi. I hope you can help me. I’ve been using Picasa for about 5 years. I never backed up but recently Google + offered to back-up so I just let it happen. Today I logged onto Picasa (after being on vacation for a month) and EVERYTHING was gone (that would be like thousands of photos :-( I was wondering if you know what happened and if I could retrieve my photos back into Picasa with their folder names and all. I hope there is a way. If not, can I at least send/copy all my backed up photos from G+ back to Picasa? I’m very sad right now because these photos are my business…
    Thanks for any insight…

  13. jaclyn says:

    Thanks for this article. When I search for a specific picture by name or a specific album in Google +, it can’t find anything. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jayclyn. You need a reference to search for specific pictures. If you want to see the pictures of your cat you can search for “my photos of cats” and all photos of cats that you took will be shown. If you gave description texts to your photos or name tags you can search even better. If you just remember when you took the picture you can search for “my photos of april 2013″ for example.

  14. Eryn Lackie says:

    Hi Andre,
    Perhaps you can help me out – I can’t find an answer anywhere else! My Picasa Web Albums are not showing up on Google +. My Picasa Web Albums live here: This is the original Picasa account I had, set up with my email, before Google+ was around. I now have a Google+ account with the same email address, but the albums from do not show up. When I go to my photos on my Google+ account, I get taken here:, and my old albums do not show up. I tried migrating my old account, but it says I can’t migrate to my Google+account because it has the same email address. Help please!

    • Hi Eryn. Thanks for reaching out. I’ve never heard of this problem. You should definitely see the same albums in google+ if you login with the same e-mail address as you do for picasa. The albums should appear on an url like this: where 1234567890 would be replaced by a number generated for you by google plus.

  15. Hi Andre,

    I’m trying to print off my pictures from Google + and don’t see the shop button or anywhere else I can possibly print from. Can you offer some insight?

    Thank you so much,

  16. Tom says:

    Hi Andre,
    I have very often wondered how can I move pictures from google+ to my cell phone (Android)? It seems impossible. I would appreciate the answer very much!! Thanks beforehand!

    You may ask why I would need this. For instance, this is useful if someone wants to send me pictures and I would want them to be saved in my camera pictures or at least to my phone so I can view them offline (for some reason google+ works poorly offline for me). In addition there are occasions where I would want to send pictures to other persons, but they want to have those sent pictures saved directly to their mobile phone. So it seems that google+ works fine when the traffic is phone–>google+, but not the other way around. I haven’t seen apps that would do it this way though.

    • Hi Tom, there is no need to “move” your pictures from google+ to your cellphone. Your photos are stored in the cloud and thus accessible from your desktop and your cellphone. To have offline access in android you can go to account settings > google and select to sync your google photos. There must be a way in iOS to do something similar also. Then you have a local copy of your photos.

  17. ira says:

    hi, i am using Google+ and tried to send photo albums one at the time via multiple emails and it says that i cannot send to so many people at ones! any idea

    • Hi Ira,
      this is how you invite people through several emails:
      – open the album in google+ photos
      – click on share
      – in the “Visible to” field enter the e-mail adresses, if the user does not have a googl+e account you get the option: “Send an email to…”
      – click on share

      • Katalin Pap says:

        Hi Andre, Thanks for your job! I have question for this topic. I receive to my hotmail account Google+ links and album shares and I can`t view them. Than I log in to my Google+ account with my gmail address and still no access… Also I only want to send a link to my friends about the album via e-mail so everybody can look at it, who gets the mail, but it seems to be not possible. This feature is missing from Google+ or I did not find the right way to do it. Also it is quite bad that my shares appear each time on my time line and I totally don`t want that. Best wishes: Kata

        • Hi Katalin,

          there are solutions :)
          1) you need to login to google with the same e-mail where you received the link to the album
          2) it’s possible to invite your friends through a link, it’s a bit complicated. You have to access the album that you want to share through the picasaweb interface instead of the google+ interface. with the picsasweb interface you can share an album by sharing a direct link to the album.

  18. Rick says:

    Thanks for all this information. I’ve just discovered all the updates you discuss here and am very happy because I found Picasa to be too cumbersome for me. I much prefer the web-based interface with Google Plus. I have just downloaded the AutoBackup app for my Mac. What I want to know is can I now delete Picasa from my my computer? Will the Auto Backup stand alone and take care of my needs to sync all my photos on my computer to the cloud (Google Plus), or do I still need to keep Picasa installed?

    Also, do you have any recommendations for using Google Plus and AutoBackup along with Dropbox? I like the way that Dropbox syncs pictures and video into my existing folder structure and it appears that once Dropbox syncs with my computer, AutoBackup will put those pictures and videos into Google Plus. What I’m wary about is abandoning the Dropbox sync because of the folder structure. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

    • Hi Rick,
      yes you can uninstall picasa and just use autobackup on its own.
      If you want to work with a folder structure you can use google drive and go to your google+ photos settings and enable the sync of photos between google+ and google drive. This way you can see your photos in google drive in the folder structure and within google+ in the flat album structure.

  19. Robin says:

    Great article! I get asked these questions all the time about backing up photos. I have one for you though….My computer is about to die and I have 3 years of photos in Picasa and synced up to Google+. I have the web sync turned on for each album. If I get a new computer-and just start fresh with new photos in PIcasa-will Google+ be looking for those old folders and delete them because it can’t find them in the new Picasa? I am worried all of my online photos will disappear? I stress about photos all the time-trying to keep them organized and backed up several different places. You are right-it was much easier when we just had one primary camera!!!

    • Hi Robin,
      when installing picasa on your new computer google will not erase your old albums. Because of situations like this I recommend administrating your photos in the cloud instead of doing it locally. You almost have the complete functionality of picasa online now, so maybe its a good time of trying to change your habits and go with the workflow that I recommended in the article.

  20. Jaco de Villiers says:

    Hi Andre, is there a setting automatically remove photos successfully uploaded to Google+. This will then free up a huge chunck of space on my notebook. Also, any news on the People Tags?

    • HI Jaco. No I don’t know of such a function. You might be able to find an App that frees up storage when your storage is less then xx GB automatically? Sorry, can’t help here.

  21. Karen costa says:

    How can I upload/synch all my google+ photos into Google Drive?

  22. Paul says:

    Thanks for the time and effort you took to put this sheet about Picasa and is a great help to me as a casual user of photo backup programs.
    I note your point about tagging pictures. I think Google have missed a trick here. I use Picasa to look up family and friends within my own photo library.
    Again thanks

  23. Anthony says:

    Well done on putting this all together. It covers everything.

    In my situation, and I know in many others as well, when I have taken a picture/video I am happy for it to be uploaded to Google+ Auto Upload. But that folder is now 9000+ strong. When it comes to arranging and creating albums I am absolutely fucked.
    1) I cannot download all my data as it takes too long and times out every single time.
    2) I want to have all my Google+ Auto Upload pictures readily available for me at my PC when I feel like sitting down and editing them/creating albums and the ideal candidate would be Picasa (desktop).
    3) Why cant they have the Google + Auto Upload as a direct relationship to a Google Drive folder (that would make syncing easier).
    4) I dont want any other apps (dropbox, cloudsync, etc).

    • Hi Anthony.

      Google automatically groups your pictures into Highlights. You should be able to easily see you rpictures if you go here and then seperate them into albums.

      You can also download these albums then through picasa “File -> Import from Google plus photos” and if you want you could move those to your google drive structure.

  24. John E says:

    Greetings Andre, I have very much enjoyed reading all these helpful hints. I just downloaded Picasa yesterday as a way of creating albums of historic photos to share with anyone interested in local history. My question is, in Picasa, I have created 3 albums, two of which show on left under “albums” with the title and number of photos contained in them and the albums contents (photos) show on the right. The third album however, the title shows on left under “albums” with zero contents and on the right I see the title, but not photos although there is a link to view them on the web (google+). Why are all three of my albums contents not visible on picasa although all three albums and their contents are viewable on Google+? Did I upload pics differently? Are they stored in different places? Thank you

    • HI John, thanks for your question. I think what’s confusing you is the naming. What in picasa is called “folders” show up in google+ photos as album. Try top move the photos to folders, sync those photos with google+ and then you can see them online. Cheers, Andre

  25. This article is great, thanks.
    Some days ago, I (foolishly?) updated my primary email address from to
    On my desktop Picasa, I realised my web albums were no longer in sync, and my folders all appeared blue again.
    When I tried to re-sync one, it duplicated the album in Google + with a different album ID.
    This is a disaster for me since my website relies on album ID feeds (I run a property business).
    I am I stuck with this now, and do I have to re-sync and change all of the album I’D’s that are linked to my website.
    Thanks for any advice whatsoever, and see you in Formentera. Ben.

  26. Tom Stradling says:

    Hi Andre,

    It is proving a real pain right now. But I created a Picasa account with an email address many, many years ago. It has almost all of my photos in it (probably around fifteen years worth). However I created a gmail account a few years back. Since the move away from Picasa – everytime I try to use my old login to reach the account with most of my photos in – it just forces me to log into my GMail account (which is following my original account) in Picasa. As you can imagine this is a real big problem as I would like to get to my photos – I would have been fine with Google just moving my old account photos to my new gmail google+ account but I can’t find anyway to do or request this. Also there is no way to even contact Google to ask for this to happen or how to solve my issue …

    Even if you can’t solve the issue yourself. Do you know who I can ask??



    • Hi Tom, I’m not sure, how I can help you, I have never been in your situation and would need to google an answer also. Sorry.

  27. Joshua says:

    I took some photos with my sony QX-100 and then added them to photo+. They show up on the web and in the app. I then went to auto awesome (it’s a friend climbing up a rock climbing wall). They don’t show up to choose for auto awesome. Is it only stock camera photos that show up for auto awesome? It’s quite frustrating that I can’t use the pictures taken with this awesome lens!

    • Hi Joshiua, hopefully this feature will come in the future, but as for now: googles algorithm run over all your photos (independent if you took them with a sony or any other camera), whenever the algorithm believes a photos is suitable for some “awesomeness” it will run the algorithms on it (the different kinds are explained in the above article). Over time you will see some #autoawesome photos for photos taken with your Sony camera. You could try it out by taking 10 photos of a friend of yours as portrait. Chances are high, that google will create a “Mix” Autoawesome within a few minutes.

  28. Jit says:

    Hello Andre,
    I have a lot of pictures on my ipad that I want to upload to Google+. What app is available to do this. I tried downloading picasa app but it does not allow me to upload anymore

  29. Lywyllyn says:

    Hi Andre,

    thank you for your insights! I have a question regarding picture sorting to which I can’t seem to find any official solution. I have been taking many pictures over the past years. the images have the creation/modify date of say January 2007. I upload them to G+ into an album and Google gives them the date of the upload i.e 7/22/2014. Editing the date manually has no effect not to mention that it will need to be down per picture (sigh)

    I would like to use the G+ timeline to find pictures but I can’t seem to get it work right. Any ideas?

    • Hi Lywyllyn, this is easy but time consuming. You can correct the photo date directly in picasa. Go to “Tools -> Adjust Date and Time ..” for the selected photos you can change the date. Once synced with google+ your photos then will be in the correct order. If you don’t have your pictures in picasa, you can download your google+ photos first by selecting “File -> Import from Google+ Photos”, then adjust the date and then sync it.

  30. donna sharpe says:

    how do you send pictures from google plus to facebook

  31. Paul Willcox says:

    The “highlights” function is driving me mad!. In effect, Google+ is posting a random selection of (my carefully selected) album. Most of my albums are of holidays in a chronological order telling a story of the trip. The highlights selection ruins this. Is there a way I can add photos to the highlights to make a story or disable the function all together?

    • HI Paul, yes. If you are in the album view you can select the photos, that you want to highlight. Then select in the blue menu under “more”: “Highlights”. The same way you can also remove photos with the highlights attribute.

  32. Hi There! Bookmarked this page for future reference! I just made the jump from an iPhone to Android and have been trying to transition from using dropbox to google+ Photos. The price to space ratio can’t be beat and for the same amount I’m paying DropBox both my wife and I can have their own 1TB drive to sync photos to! Not to mention the ability to edit documents on our tablets and phones!

    Anyway, I still have a couple of questions. Maybe you can clear some up for me??

    Background: I have a crap ton of photos. (I blame my wife and her crazy photo taking or our children) Originally I was loading them into drive and then let +photos show images in my drive. That’s all fine and good but it kept all the photos apart from each other and I want to keep them in the same area. Instead I took the photos out of my drive and am currently in the long, long process of using the auto backup desktop application to upload all my photos (20,000+) into +photos. I did like how when I loaded the folders in to drive it automatically separated each folder into its own album but I don’t believe there is a way to have auto backup (on the computer and phone/tablet) load new photos to drive instead of the invisible #autobackup album in +photos.

    My questions are…

    1. is there an easy way to keep the files synced with the computer and +photos storage? I’m looking at the Picasa app and the syncing but I’m not sure if I delete a photo in the app if it will delete from the +photos on the web as well.

    2. Using the +photos in the the web browser to create albums seems to create duplicates of every photo I put in an album rather than move them from #autoupload or where ever they are saved. I guess I could do the extra step copying the photos and then remembering which ones I moved and trashing them from #autoupload. It just seems odd that there isn’t another way to do it in a simpler fashion.

    3. When I make an album and it makes a second copy of my photo does that second copy also count against my quota? I’m guessing it does because after making a test album and putting a couple photos in it, it seems that when I got to “all photos” I’m getting doubles of the photos I put in the album.

    4. Does “Auto Awesome” count towards my quota? I love the feature but it seems a bit shady that the feature creates files that takes up space toward the quota that I’m paying for. I guess I could delete the ones I don’t want but sometimes I just don’t have the time to go through them. Maybe it comes slower when I’m not uploading a crazy amount of photos at once?

    Sorry for the drawn out questions. I want to make sure I know everything I need to before I get my wife on board. Thanks!

    • Hi Mike,
      1. the answer/link is provided in the article
      2. from the highlights view you can choose between moving or copying photos, I’d recommend you hiding the automatic folders in the highlights section, so you just see your albums
      3. no
      4. no it doesn’t count to your quota
      Good luck with your wife then…

  33. Justin says:

    Hi André,

    Do you know how I can re-order Albums in Google+ ? I just moved all my pictures and created albums but they are presented in random order.
    I could not find any wat to do this or to edit albums properties.


  34. Anna says:

    Hi Andre—this is a terrific article, so thank you. I was wondering if you had any advice about managing my photos while on a 2-wk vacation. I have an iPhone 5S and the google+app, as well as the Picasa “web albums” app, which might be a bit redundant. I have auto backup on and was just wondering if you had any advice or tips so that I don’t lose anything and so that things stay organized? Thanks for your help …

    • Hi Anna, apart from the advice in the article itself I’d recommend you the following: If you have good internet connection, I recommend that you just use the google+ photo app. This has the advantage, that all edited photos can be returned to the original status. If you don’t have online connection I’d use snapseed for editing, as I still find it more stable and faster the the snapseed functions in the google+ photos app. I wouldn’t know, why you’d need the picasa wel album app. Have a great trip!

  35. Great article and read. I am wondering though if it is possible to get an album ID for recently added photos? I am trying to use that as my feed but can not figure it out!

    Any thoughts anyone??


  36. Larry Martin says:

    Great article but if you can, explain why if you house all your photos in Google Drive and choose to show these pictures in Photos, they dont all appear. For example, I have a folder with just pictures of me. In G+ photos I click More==>Albums and open the Me folder and it says there are 37 pictures. If I click View on Drive and open the same folder there, I see all 71 of my photos. Keep in mind I am not looking at Highlights, I am clicking on Album and seeing every picture in an album. This should match the same folder in Drive but it does not. It appears they are only showing what they consider highlights everywhere in G+ photos.

  37. Bill says:

    Thank you for this complete article. I have housed many years worth of pictures on Picasa Web Albums. The reason I like it is it is my private organization Centre. ie. “Not social”. I take many images for youth sports. I can collate a clean album and simple turn on ” anyone with the link” and send a mass email. Everyone on iPhone, blackberry, android or PC can just click the link and see the picks without needing to sign in to G+.

    I haven’t had this ease factor with Google+. I haven’t figured out a way to share a link. I think I figured out I couldn’t do it from the android app. Then when I try on pc the link sent sends the recipient to a dead end or makes the recipient sign in. Any help would be appreciated… I don’t want to give up my huge investment in google photo storage. I need the solution to be extremely easy and non account based for the recipient. I was scouting out Dropbox because of this but don’t want to start all over again.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Bill. Thanks for reaching out. Please check the comments above. I already answered your question to another commenter.

      • Bill says:

        Oops… Thanks Andre.

        I see that the solution was to send the invite through the Picasa web interface. Will this be available as a solution in the long term? It just seems that they wish to move to discontinue Picasa Web Albums but perhaps I had incorrectly assumed.

        • Hi Bill, I don’t know if there will be a long term solution, I wouldn’t count on it. I’m pretty sure, that the picasaweb interface will be gone within the next year.

  38. Yann says:

    Hi, I can’t find a way to let friend add photos to a google plus photo album. This was possible under picassaweb…
    I found this help page :, but there’s no “send email only” option… Is there a trick to make collaborative albums??

    • Hi Yann,
      1. upload your photos as usual
      2. go to:
      3. here in the album setting you send a mail to your friends with a link where they can upload their photos to your album

      • Yann says:

        Thanks André, it worked perfectly!
        So it’s still working because this functionnality still exists in older picasaweb album… I hope it will get supported in google plus albums before older picasaweb functionnalities stops being available…

  39. Nariman Riahi says:

    Hi and thanks for creating the best source of this info.
    I have about 3000 photos from my Android phone on Google plus and would like to switch to do the same as you do (use Picasa and Google Plus). I also have about 31000 photos in iPhoto that I like to import to Picasa and dump iphoto.
    Here are my questions:
    Once I have 31000 photos in Picasa and I import from Google+ Photos to Picasa it would be possible to just get the new photos that are taken with the Android phone into Picasa (with steps that you described), correct? This way Picasa is the only source of all my photos.
    My Android photos that are uploaded to Google+ photos are not in any album. As long as I do not move them to Albums there is no way to import them easily to Picasa and keep it synched?


    • Hi Nariman, yes this option exists. Dump your 31.000 photos from iPhoto into Picasa, where your already have your android photos in. Now go to “tools > experimental > search for duplicate files” to easily select and delete those files.

      • Nariman Riahi says:

        In order for the Google+ photos to get imported to Picasa they need to be in an album, correct?

  40. Mick says:

    Hi Andre
    When I started using Google+ I uploaded 20000 odd photo’ over a period of weeks. Each photo has been tagged with the date uploaded rather than the date taken (even ones from Gdrive). Do you know of way of editing date data in bulk in G+?

    • Hi Mick, to my knowledge google+ takes the creation day of the photos. Maybe in the process of moving to google+ you edited the files so a new creation date was generated? I’m not aware of a bulk-edit solution for you. sorry.

    • Eric says:


      I have no answer to your question, I can only say that I have had the same experience. After reading this blog post (Thank you, André for providing this excellent information and taking the time to provide instructions to all of us Googlers), I tested uploading wedding photos and others from my hard drive to Google+ Photos directly and by uploading them to Google Drive while allowing them to be viewed on Google+ Photos. I found that in both cases, sometimes the metadata (including “date taken”) were changed to the upload date with other metadata missing, and sometimes the date taken was correctly shown with all the metadata intact. There was no logic or consistency to it. For instance, I uploaded four photos from the same hard drive folder with each photo having full metadata and once in Google+ Photos, two of the photos showed the metadata correctly, two didn’t (date taken shown as upload date, other metadata missing). These photos were taken by the same camera, the same date. Very frustrating.

      Google states in their “Help” instructions that metadata will be preserved during the upload process. Not so, Google!

      I hope Google sorts all of this out very soon. Google+ Photos is basically all we have to work with within the Google infrastructure/framework now that Picasa is disappearing. Additionally, there needs to be a real and straightforward sync between Google Drive and Google+ Photos for those choosing to store photos on Google Drive.

      • Hi Eric, I’ve uploaded thousands of photos and never had the experience, that google changed the creation date. I personally just noticed changed changed creation date, when I edited photos with other software. Strange.

  41. Norma C. says:

    Hi , I ‘ve been trying to sync my albums from, Picasa to Google + and it seems to take forever. I am talking about a 10 picture album.
    What can I do ?

  42. Terry Williams says:

    I was hoping to find in your ultimate guide how I can upload to a website. Have been doing it for years with Picasa and G+ but can not ow get it to work. It seems that both G+ and Picasa want to make this as difficult and as obscure as possible. What is the problem with both of the sites making it nice and simple. Why hide everything away in sub menus, misleading jargon and messy layout? I have been trawling forums for days ask one very simple question, How in practical terms, ie. what do I press and where, do I make an album upload from G+ to a website. It’s not too much to ask is it. Google are incapable of answering the question, forums are populated with people who want to show off their techie knowledge, and never quite get round to actually answering the question. I would really appreciate some help with this one.

    • Hi Terry, it’s probably hard for you to find and answer because your query “uploading photos from g+ to a website” is unclear. Do you mean embedding G+ photos into another website?

  43. Luigiette says:

    Question: Is there any way to stop people from downloading your photo to their own computer. I want to post pictures for people to look at but I don’t want them to have the option to download (right-click and save). Thanks.

  44. Schnitzel says:

    Dear André

    THX for a great site with Q&A’s. I have an question which i haven’t found any solution for, so I hope you maybe can… I’ve created an album on google+ instead of a blog and as an alternative to non-facebook users to keep track of my life in Greenland. But! People are not allowed to comment on the pictures, and that made me wonder… Is it only other google+ users who can comment and like my pictures? And if so, it this changeable? I’ve made my album as public as I can but it still doesn’t work. Looking forward for your answer :)

    • Hi Schnitzel. Yes, this is true. It’s the same way with other networks liek facebook, twitter, etc. If you want to participate you need to sign up …

  45. Eric says:

    Hi Andre

    Thanks for such an awesome summary! Have used Picasa for years and years and just yesterday discovered Google Plus photos and the auto backup! Looking at it now

    A few questions if you wouldn’t mind helping

    1. In picasa what I spent a lot of time doing was “starring” all my favorite pictures. We didn’t delete the other ones, but really depend on the “starred” portions of any album when we go to making photobooks. Is there any way that this carries over or to do the same feature in Photos?

    2. There are many pictures where on any given date, they are split up instead of organized together. Is there something in the setup to fix this? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Eric,
      1. yes, it’s now called “Highlights” and not as intuitive as before
      2. probably the the creation date has been overwritten in the editing process and google thinks, it’s 2 different dates. You can correct this in picsasa under tools (see above comments for more details)

  46. Asima Mehdi says:

    I’m ready hoping you can help me. I should have done more research on Picasa before I went on a deleting spree on my Android device. I deleted so many of my baby’s videos and pictures from when he was a newborn until recently, to clear up space on my phone. All the while thinking that I have them auto backed up on Picasa. The videos are there indeed, but a message stating , “Sorry this video cannot be played” is displayed on EVERY video I try to play.
    Please understand that these videos aren’t in my Google account either.
    Please help me. Please advise on what I can do to retrieve the videos I deleted well over 2 months ago from my GS3 device but are on Picasa but unable to play. This is my only child, he’s a miracle baby, and these videos are extremely important for my husband and I. Thank you very much for your help and time.

  47. M.C. says:

    So I went through and edited many photos in Google+, cropping, straightening, adding filters, etc., and hit the ‘done editing’ icon. The ‘saving changes’ graphic comes up and all looks good. However, now going back into Google+ and my photos, most of the edits weren’t saved. Some were saved but most are gone now. I’ve actually done this whole process twice and can’t figure out why some save and others don’t. Any ideas?

    • Hi MC. To me it sounds like you are editing a different photos then the one you are viewing in another view. Could that be?

  48. zach says:

    Would you know how to search for just Black and White pictures in my Google Plus photos? Couldn’t find any help by Googling.

  49. Hi Andre.. Thanks for making this resource available.. :-)
    A few months ago, I activated Google’s Autobackup feature to upload photos from my Android and PC – something like 7000 images..
    I already had some albums on G+ with some of the images from the 7000 already in those folders ( I had manually uploaded these prior).
    I’d like to sort these into albums, but it’s proving to be a real problem.

    I don’t seem to be able to find anyway of determining if a photo in my Autobackup listing, has aleady been saved to an Album. One would think that it would be logical, and easy for Google to show that an image is already in a particular album, or albums (perhaps something in the Properties that shows “This image is filed in Album A and Album B.)

    Am I missing something, or is there no way of determining this? If not, can you suggest a method, rather than going through all 7000 in one sitting, and then going through each album and looking for duplicates.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi John, you are right, there is no easy way. You could look in the “all photos” view and go to the dates, where you uploaded pictures twice. I’d recommend though until google will come out with a solution for this. Good luck!

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Andre,

        Great article – thanks.
        Just a follow up to John’s question, as this has been my problem too.
        Is there any way to just view the photos that have not yet been added to an album?
        I am trying to sort photos into albums, but can’t seem to isolate the ones that still need to be allocated to an album.



  50. Thanks so much for putting this together. I’ve been needing a system with this level of backup security for my work pictures. The auto backup is a good concept, but every time I reinstall a ROM on my phone, I forget to re- ‘first launch’ photos and as a result I have big gaps in my auto back up.

    Thanks again

    Ben Wolfram
    Seattle (currently experiencing the best stretch of summer weather ever)

  51. Willie says:

    Is it possible to copy and paste photos from a friend’s album into one of your own? How can it be done?

  52. André Bake says:


    thank you for this very helpful guide.
    I’ve a question. How to manage the flow when you have several Ipads and Iphone connected together with Apple Streams.
    Duplicates are coming and it becomes a nightmare when on the top of that you have autobackup from Google.
    You have advices they are welcome…


  53. Nancy says:

    I am trying to make a book with and cannot upload my pictures from Google+…can you give me help on this?

    • I believe there is no integration. You have to manually download and upload it. Just an idea: Maybe something is arrangable with ifttt?

  54. Laura says:

    Thank you for compiling this blog. The one thing I am unclear on is the following…
    1. I take 20 pictures on my android and they auto backup to Google+.
    2. I then download them from Google+ into Picasa.
    3. I edit the photos including deleting 2 of them.
    4. I then sync the Picasa album with the 18 photos to the original Google+ album.
    5. Does the Picasa album contents fully replace the Google+ album so I end up with 18 in both places?

    I am seeing that sometimes it doubles and I end up with 38 in Google+ (original plus edited) or it syncs the 18 but leaves the original 2 unedited that were deleted in Picasa.

    How do I get the albums to be exactly the same?

    • Hi Laura, the syncing is working for me. It happened, that the syncing went crazy when I edited photos online again. So I recommend doing the local edits, then doi the syncing and then trun the syncing off in picasa. This way the albums/photos should be the same in picasa and in google+ photos.

  55. Mark says:


    I work for a preschool, and we have 15,000+ pictures. I used to be a Picasa user, and liked the way tags worked, i.e., I can tag someone and it’ll suggest to me other pictures with the person I’ve tagged, and thus I can easily sort all my picture automatically by who’s in them (i.e. people albums).

    How can I do this with Google Photos? The only ‘tag’ I see is to tag someone to share the picture with them. Not only is this not helping me sort out my pictures according to people, but I also wish to keep the pictures private.


    Warmest regards,

  56. Jenny says:

    This is driving me nuts – I have been able to get back to the “old” Picasa web albums so that I can order prints through Snapfish – but when I go to “prints” and click on “order prints” nothing happens. The same thing happened a few weeks ago. I have spent tons of time putting albums on picasa and need to be able to order prints. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny. Sorry, I don’t think the print interaction will come back any time soon. You can just download the pictures and upload them to the service of your choice. Maybe the option still exists in the desktop picasa though..

  57. seth says:

    How does one change the date of the images in bulk on Google+?

  58. I dont know why I have a such a hard time keeping all of these various streams/backups straight but I do I read through the comments but as they were numerous I might have missed this. With the new iOS you might have heard people were freaking out a bit regarding “disappearing” pics (which hadnt really disappeared but I digress). I have become unhappy with the the way apple manages photos and so made the jump to google+ (via your artically actually!) and already love things like the auto-enhace feature (previously i uploaded individual pics to a camera plus app and did it one by one…)

    what im not 100% clear about….

    1. what photos exactly is google+ backing up? are shared albums on my iphone auto-backed up? (both shared by me as well as albums shared by others)…is it just the camera roll? is it the camera stream?

    2. if i delete something on my iphone, will it also be deleted on google+ the next time it auto-backups? i am thinking NO (because its auto-backup versus an auto-sync but again, want to be sure…)

    3. Finally, is it recommended for me to then go into google+ and create albums versus keeping them in auto-backup? besides from an organziation standpoint (ie, having a set “italy” album ready to go to show friends) are there any other crucial benefits?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Megan,

      let me try to help, even though I’m using the android version, so my help suggestions are based on an android experience.
      1. when you are in google+ photos select “on this device”, here you can select which albums are synced by clicking on the cloud icon
      2. on android you are being asked if you want to be delete the online version also. To make sure I’d make a test
      3. google+ will create “highlight” folders, so you have an automatic structure already. I’m using the albums myself just for organizational reasons, you don’t need to use it.

  59. ron says:

    IT’s a great article, however there are some flows which I would love to hear a solution for:
    1. You don’t have local backup of your phone photos. Even if you use dropbox/drive sync – it wouldn’t have the structure as your google+ photos or even worse – you would have duplicated (photos that were uploaded and moved to album, and the dropbox’s photos)
    2. Since I’m not always near a computer, and want to share pictures – I sometimes move pictures from the autobackup on g+ (taken from phone) to an album. I now need to remember the name of the album to import, and if there are many albums which I haven’t imported – I need to remember which albums i already imported and which not.
    3. I can’t organize pictures (delete,add) on g+ and have those changes reflect in my computer which is sucks.

    I think the best way is if there would be a two way sync between google photos and local computer. that would solve everything…

    • Hi Ron, thanks for your feedback:
      1. I do recommend making locale backups and I’m doing that also
      -> the sync between google+photos and your local computer is already possible. You can activate the sync with “google drive” in your google+ photos settings and install google drive sync on your local computer.

      • ron says:

        thanks Andre for the response.
        The sync with google drive IS possible. There are some limitations though.
        1. There isn’t a built in tool in google drive app for android to sync your photos to google Drive, so one must use a third party app for that.
        2. You have to put all your stuff in a single folder called drive which I hate.
        3. the options are a bit different between “regular” album and google drive album (such as sharing via a link)

        BTW – so how do you backup your mobile photos?

  60. ron says:

    thanks Andre for the response.
    The sync with google drive IS possible. There are some limitations though.
    1. There isn’t a built in tool in google drive app for android to sync your photos to google Drive, so one must use a third party app for that.
    2. You have to put all your stuff in a single folder called drive which I hate.
    3. the options are a bit different between “regular” album and google drive album (such as sharing via a link)

    BTW – so how do you backup your mobile photos?

    • Hi Ron,
      1. true
      2. it works with all subfolders, so you could have /drive/photos/2014/greece/..
      3. I didn’t know this
      I back them up manually once a month by connecting my phone to the computer

      • Thanks for the very thorough article, and diligent replies! I am thinking about finally trying Google+ photos.

        I do have one issue with your new workflow, the same thoughts as Ron. I wondered from the article, are your cellphone photos ever saved to your computer? I see here you do this separately once a month. Your Google+ doesn’t have a full size copy right? So if you lose your phone you just have to go with the 2048 version. I don’t know about Android, but with my iPhone I use iCloud photostream so all my cellphone photos automatically upload to my computer whenever I’m home- actually whenever I’m on wifi. Maybe Android has something similar?? This way I don’t even have to plug my phone in and I came take the photos out and arrange them into folders at my leisure. This would make a lot more sense to me. Everything is on your computer first that way, and then you upload to Google+ from one device instead of multiple. The reason it might not be optimal is if you don’t want to use your computer much or you’re away from home or wifi for long periods. But you can always upload directly from your phone to G+ if you need to.

        • HI Mike. Correct, in the workflow I didn’t mention this step. At the begining of the month I move my photos from my cellphone to my local backup to have a local backup of all my photos. My backup in the cloud is google. I save them fullsize, but actually I believe 2048 Pixels are fine also.

  61. Dia says:

    Hi, I am trying to embed an album on my website… Apparently, the “Link to this album/slideshow/photo” is not there on the site anymore… Please, help!

  62. Abraham says:

    Good information mate, helpful indeed.

    Have been using G+ Photos for a few weeks now and really enjoying the auto GIF maker as well as the stories. I’m not much into editing so don’t really bother with it… I prefer to shoot a bunch of pics and delete the not so good ones, its all digital anyways.

    One potential problem with G+ Photos though, there is no 2 way sync between G+ Photos and the Android device… pics deleted on G+ are not deleted on the smartphone so there always exists the option of everything getting backed up if the account is reset.

    Also, and more of problem IMHO is that if the pics are deleted on the phone then they are automatically deleted in the cloud and in G+ Photos, not such a good thing. I’m wondering how this will work in case the mobile is changed and all data on the old phone has to be erased.

    For now I highly recommend taking backups on an HDD and also if you like the story maker pics and the GIFs on G+ then downloading and backing them up too.

    Going to play with Picasa (have not used it in a long time) and see how I can auto sync from G+ to Google Drive or DropBox.

    • HI Abraham, I’m not sure, what setting you have. I delete photos on my phone all the time and they are not deleted on google+. What App are you using to delete your photos locally on your phone?

      • Abraham says:

        Hey Andre,

        Thanks for the update, it helped me fix what’s wrong. I was using the Google+ app aka listed as Photos in the app drawer instead of the default Gallery app. Did some digging around and it seems its directly linked to the Google+ app and hence it deletes pics from Google+ Photos too.

        I have verified that deleting from the Gallery app does not delete from Google+ Photos, so guess its only using the Gallery app henceforth.

        Thanks again, for taking the time to reply.

  63. Graham says:

    Andre–what a WONDERFUL article. This is one of the clearest articles I’ve ever seen on how to reconcile Google+ and Picasa (which I have used for years).

    A previous comment asked about finding AutoBackup photos from a particular date, and you noted that the #autobackup tag does not seem to work with other “traditional” search terms like dates, beach, trees, etc. Unfortunate and I don’t know why that is the case, but anyway…

    In any case, I am finding that searching for my photos by date (or most other searches) return results that DO NOT INCLUDE any of my AutoBackup photos, only those that exist in “normal” albums which I previously uploaded from Picasa. In other words “my photos from August 2014″ or “beach” search returns only album photos, not AutoBackup ones. Have you had that experience? In fact, the only search that seems to include my AutoBackup photos are when I search by location and pull up phone pictures that are geotagged. Any idea how to get my AutoBackup photos included in search results?

    • HI Graham, thank you for the flowers. IN order to see all photos from a certain month you may go to “all photos” and scroll down. Click on the date on the top right, you will see a navigation element. With this you can jump directly to the right months and see all photos taken in that month (independently, if the photos is in an album or not). Hope this helps.

      • Graham says:

        Thanks Andre! The guidance is useful on dates but not on the other kinds of search terms–was hopeful that AutoBackup photos would show in searches for other terms, but not seeing it at this time…

  64. Graham says:

    Andre, sorry for just one other question. I’ve read the comments and don’t think I saw this one.

    I’ve uploaded thousands of files (via AutoBackup) and would now like to include some tags (which I think I can only do on Picasa) for better G+ searches but am nervous I would need to re-upload (or create an album structure for, then upload) anything I edit…

    Will photos updated on Picasa with tags/metadata get flagged by AutoBackup for re-uploading, or would they be passed over? Would be great if I could avoid creating a bunch of albums I otherwise don’t need but I’m not sure if AutoBackup will get them.


    • HI Graham. You can go into picasa, import an an album from g+. Select the autobackup folder. Once downloaded you can batchedit photos with the tags that you desire and then activate the sync to pass that information back to g+. those tags then are searchable in g+ photos.

  65. Sammy says:

    I would like to know if I can disable the syncronization between picasa and goolge+ photos. It seems both google+ and picasa both have copies of the same photos (and picasa has pushed my storage over the 15GB limit thought my photos for google+ are 2048 and the videos are short so technically i should have limitless storage on google+)- I just spoke to somebody at google drive and they suggest i not delete photos from picasa as it will effect my google+ photos – as they are in sync. Hence I would like to delete the picasa copies (so my storage goes down) and only keep copies on google+

    help is appreciated. I liked your article – very informative. !


    • Hi Sammy, in picasa there is a “sync to web” option for your folders. You can see it on the top right of this screenshot:

      • Sammy says:

        my apologies I may have been ambiguous. I was referring to picasa web photos – not picasa desktop software (which I do not use).

        I use my smart phone and it syncs to both picasa web and google+ photos. The problem is that picasa web (and not google+ photos) had pushed my storage over over google’s supplied free data of 15GB. I was warned not to delete picasa web photos as it would affect my google+ photos (google drive people told me over the phone!).

        So how do i reduce the photos in picasa web and have it not affect my google+ photos ?

      • Sammy says:

        also, I auto back up from my smart phone and have that checked at 2048 but also upload from my pc. i have discovered some photos for some reason that have uploaded from my phone at a greater rez than 2048 but interestingly i never adjusted the resolution to be anything other than 2048 – some are like 2056 or more. They seemed to have slipped through ? how could this have happened ?

        also how do I find of the photos that have a higher resolution than 2048 ? I suspect there are thousands it would be hard to find them if indeed like the above example the odd photo was uploaded at higher resolution ?

        • micah says:

          Did this ever get resolved? I have ~6Gigs of my Google account limit being taken by PicasaWeb photos. In order not to have these used against my account limit, do I have to remove them from PicasaWeb and then re-upload them to Google Photo? Is there an automatic “migration” feature that will do this?


  66. Graham says:

    Hi Andrea–loving this new workflow, I finally have it working for me. Just one issue I have seen–I have geotagged all my photos so it has become very easy to find photos from a specific location through G+ search. However, my albums are titled also by location of the trip, for example “2004 Texas and Florida.” In this example if I search “Miami” I get my photos from Miami (and only those). However, if I search “Florida” ALL of the photos from the album appear because “Florida” is in the title of the album. So naming the album in this way helps me find the right album but screws up the pictures. So my question: is there any search term I can use that references ONLY the geotagged location and not also the album title? Failing this I will need to go back and rename every album with a place name (and name it something less useful so that the searches become more useful). Thanks!

  67. Steve says:

    Thanks for the great article André. I recently returned from a trip where I was primarily taking pictures with Google Glass and an Android phone which were all automatically sync’d to my G+ account. During the trip I had copied some of the files from my DSLR to my Android tablet which was also sync’d to G+ but I still had some pics “orphaned” on the DSLR when I returned. In short I was quite confused how to sync everything and still take advantage of G+. Your article has helped me better understand how G+ Photos are organized and provided a workflow that I can adopt immediately.

    Thanks again! Invaluable advice!

  68. Harvey says:

    Hi Andre, great information, thank you very much!. Although moving from Picasa photos to Google+ photos seems to be the right direction, I’m still worried.
    I got more than 100 photos albums with Picasa, probably more than 50,000 photos, many of them went through some editing using the Picasa facility, and I want to keep the albums exactly as they are now, and to be able to download or browse each album straight away.
    I have downloaded each time the original photos from my cameras to a file in the pictures folder in my PC, and also have backed it up in external storage unit. I prefer this way than in the cloud, as sometimes the cloud is very slow.
    My question, will it be possible to keep the Picasa photo albums in Google+ as is? or if I will use the Google+, can I still have the option of continue using the Picasa same as I am using it now? its a very vital decision for me, I hope you can clarify the options. Thanks!
    BTW, does Google+ got some of the Picasa editing modes like Sharpen image? fill light, shadows, color temperature, text? Properties of each photo with all its positions & histogram ? Thanks.

    • Hi Harvey, you can try it our with one of your 100 albums. Click the sync button and see how you like it on G+. If everything is fine you can proceed then with the rest of the albums. And yes you can keep using picasa at the syme time. Keep the “sync” option activated if you want both versions be the exact copy. And G+ has a different set of photos editing tools then picsas. Imho fewer, but better.

      • Harvey says:

        Hi Andre,
        Thanks Andre for your information and suggestions, I couldn’t find any sync to G+, the only sync I got is between Picasa and Picasaweb where all my photo albums are, or do I need first to register with G+ before trying the sync as you have mentioned? (if so, if I register with G+, will I lose connection to my Picasa, as these issues are worried me quite a lot, sometimes you can find that there is no way back!). any suggestions? Thanks

        • When you login to you should be able to see the same photos as in Picasaweb. You won’t lose your picasa connection by looking or working the pictures in G+.

          • Harvey says:

            Last question Andre, in case I’ll register with Google+, will it be possible after trying Google+ to cancel this registration and return back to my Picasa account same as before without loosing any of my albums/photos or any of its operation? thanks.

  69. David says:

    Hi, i’m after some help regarding organising my G+ photos please. I understand how to copy photos to albums. My question is how do you know which photos you’ve copied? On the Google+ Photos app there are 2 tabs – photos and albums. All photos are shown in the photos tab, from here you can copy photos to albums but you can’t move them. So if I copy a photo to a new album it remains under the photos tab but how do I know which photos I have copied to albums and which ones I haven’t. Basically I have 4500+ photos on autobackup and I want to organise these into folders, for example pets, garden, house etc… Any help would be appreciated.

    • HI David, imagine “All Photos” like the “all mails” in Gmail. You can’t move mails out of “all mails”, similar you can’t move photos out of “all photos”. All photos have to be in “all photos” in google’s logic, it also makes sense to me. You can just copy photos to albums from there. Maybe you should work with the highlights view. It’s like a gmail inbox. And you can move the photos from there to the album that you want it to be. Does this make sense to you now?

      • David says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. What you’ve said makes sense. However is there any way of telling from the ‘all photos’ screen which photos have been copied onto which albums. I have 4500 photos to sort and this will obviously take some time. So I may sort some photos and then come back to it another day, at that point how will I know which photos I’ve copied and which I haven’t?

        • I understand your point David. But no, I don’t know how to show which pictures are copied already to an album :(

          • David says:

            That’s a shame, I think this is something Google needs to address. Until then I’m not sure google+ photos is a fully functional tool.

          • Johnny says:

            I have the same question and issue…..If I move a pic from All photos to an album, does it take up more space or is it just a mirror? So if I delete the photo from all photos is it deleted from the album?

            Why when sorting recently added by date I have the option to move, and in all photos there is only the option to copy?

  70. Johnny says:

    Lets say I use auto back up or sync….and all the pics I take today are uploaded to google+ at the end of the day when connected to wifi.

    If I add those pictures to an existing album, are they now duplicates taking up space? Sometimes I’m given the option to copy or to move. I assume copy creates a duplicate and move does not. I can not find a way to click on a pic to see if it is already in one of my albums or not, therefore it is very time consuming to look at ‘all photos’ then check an album to see if it already has one of the photos I want to add, then go back, copy the photo over, then go back and delete the original.

    Any tips on this?

  71. andrew young says:

    I’ve setup google for work a/c’s for a sports group that I’m involved with.
    Am looking to migrate various members private photo collections into a central resource. Initially I’ve got some stored in google DRIVE folders which we can link to from the groups website etc. One of our members has a huge resource of albums going back many years which are in his personal Picasa a/c. Currently the groups website just links to his album but ideally we want to migrate the relevant club pics/albums from his personal a/c to our new central Groups a/c, so that we independent of his a/c in future…..leaving him with all his own personal stuff on his Picasa a/c.
    I found your article when researching migration ideas, but a few questions come to mind:
    – If we migrate from his Picasa a/c, can this be done by specific relevant subfolders with albums that we want/need or does it only work for the entire Picasa a/c which would include many other ‘private’ folders of the a/c owner….?

    -I was wondering if should try and set up our own groups Picasa a/c or just bite the bullet and use Google+ photos etc…..
    It does sound like google+ photos will take over from Picasa albums but I hear many people are not happy with being forced to use G+ as not as many features /easy to use as Picasa…..

    – Can pics in DRIVE be shared/shown on G+ photo albums…?

    – whats a good workflow allowing other members upload pics to a new central group albums/archive etc…at moment I’ve suggested contributors share to the group gmail a/c via DRIVE / DROPBOX / Onedrive etc then me or other ‘admins’ can move/manage from there….

    Thanks for your help/suggestions….


  72. Mari Glau says:

    Hi Andre,
    I have a 2011 Macbook Pro with serious issues that started about a month ago. I’m trying to save my 7000+ photos to Google+ before my computer dies completely. I have been successful uploading over 6000 photos, but an upload stopped midway through and will not progress past a certain image. I have plenty of available storage. It will let me re-upload images that were previously done, but will not go any further than that one photo. The rectangular blank upload images show up on the screen after I hit “choose” and it acts like it will begin, but never does. I hope you can help me and thank you so much in advance!

    • HI Mari, I’m sorry, but I believe I can’t help here. I would just move this one picture so the rest of the pictures will be uploaded..

  73. Lola says:

    I hate google+ I’m trying to make a calendar and can’t get my photos where they need to be. I use walgreens. Is there a way to get my photos back in Picasa? Or in Photoshop Elements.

  74. David says:

    Is there a way to view all photos based on location? Most of my photos were updated from a Cell phone, and it contains the location data for those photos. Thanks!

    • Hi Dvaid, there is no maps view to my knowledge (but I’m sure it will come). But you can search for location, for example: “my photos of san francisco” or “my photos of italy”.

  75. Frank Logan says:

    Google Plus auto-uploaded all my photos before I edited them on my computer in Lightroom. Now that I have deleted many, and edited some, How do I get Google Plus Photos to sync and remove the images I have deleted on my laptop?
    Thanks for this informative article.

    • Hi Frank, Google+ Photos is made for people, that want to edit and organize their photos online. if your workflow is to sync them first, then edit them locally then G+ is not made for you. If you want to use G+ photos as a backup of photos you edited/deselected in lightroom, i would recommend to disable auto-upload. Do your selection in lightroom and then upload them manually or set your auto-upload to a folder, where you put your pics after having sorted them in lightroom.

      • Matt Van aardt says:

        Hi Andre
        I have the latest Samsung Tab 4 and have loaded all the apps, but, all the pics I uploaded into an album have been turned on their side :( and I don’t see ANY ‘editing’ tools anywhere in Google + or Picasso
        Please advise

  76. Steve j says:

    Great job on this but I didn’t see anything on my problem…..wondering if u have suggestions…..I have 4000+ photos in G+…I’ve organized 2000+ photos into albums…when looking at all photos, how do I tell which ones have not been placed into album yet. I want to prevent dups in the albums

  77. Kewal says:

    I uploaded about 500 images on Google+ and selected one image as Album cover. Before I could save anything into an Album and click on done button, the PC turned off and the upload was interrupted and stopped. I cant see the uploaded images in my Photos section.

    Please help with the following:
    1. How can I find the images already uploaded.
    2. How can I resume my upload for the balance images without tracing them manually.

  78. Adam Smith says:

    Any idea why the pictures embedded in this article fail to show up? I’ve tried a few different browsers.

  79. Doug H says:

    Incredibly thorough article. Unfortunately, the pictures do not show. Any chance you might be able to correct the problem? Regardless, very helpful info!! Thanks

  80. Joe Arnold says:

    Hello, I am having some trouble importing my Google + photos into Picasa. When I go into Picasa and select “import from Google + Photos” it says it has downladed them, yet I cannot find some of the albums in Picasa. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Joe, this just happens, if oyu have downloaded the album before. Try to delete the old download or the picasa.ini file, where you download albums, this should make it work again.

  81. Karen says:

    My phone pictures automatically also go to Google+. Now I want to send some to Sam’s Club for developing and can’t seem to do that. Any suggestions? I am a scrapbooker and need hard copies.

    • HI Karen, Google+ doesn’t support ordering prints, you need to install another app on your phone, that uploads your pictures automatically (or manually) to a print service.

  82. Susan says:

    As of today, I can no longer access any of my 5,000 pictures in Picasa! They are in Google+, but I was in the process of sorting, starring, etc., pictures from a recent trip to Russia and all I have now are the pictures, no sort. The link above for finding starred photos in picasa does not work. Any suggestions…I am absolutely sick about this as I was nearly finished with it.

  83. Susan says:

    I reinstalled Picasa 3.9 and voila…they are there! How on earth did I lose my program?!?

  84. Stephen says:

    Hi, the biggest struggle I’m having is in relation to “With tags I refer to tags that you added to your photos on picasa. These kind of tags are not yet available on google+ itself.”.

    I’m trying to sort through 4000 photos in the autobackup bin from my phones. When I had them on the phone, they were neatly organised in local folders. I’ve since switched phones and would prefer to just adopt google+ albums but it’s hard to tell if you’ve already added a photo to an album, because there are no notes on the picture as to what album it is already located on. Further, it allows you to put the same picture multiple times in the same album.

    In short I’m just trying to figure out the easiest way to keep my photos organised in the cloud and it not be an issue when I go from device to device, but without adequate tagging options (non person tagging) it certainly makes it difficult. Is there an alternative to google+ that can do what I’m looking for? I’m basically looking for a photo organising software that is like gmail, with the ability to tag/label that is cloud based.

    • Stephen says:

      No feedback? The onedrive update that came out last week looks pretty enticing

      • Hi Stephen. last year, when I wrote the article the tags had been working, as long as you have used the feature in picasa to write to xmp”. I’m right now on a chromebook so I can’t open my picasa. Did you try that option and then synced your pics?

  85. Fiona says:

    I cant seem to download the videos i saved in google+ . I have no problem in downloading photos, would you know why? Im using ios

  86. Courtney Manning says:

    I am trying to print my pictures from googleplus can you help me with it?

    • Unfortunatly there is not direct printing integration from google+, so you have to download the photos and upload them to a printing service manually.

  87. Joe Houska says:

    What is the easiest way to do the following on my Android phone/camera (Samsung Galaxy Note 3; TMobile):
    * Sync an album of pictures on my phone with an Album on Google+?
    * Snap a picture and add it to a particular album on Google+?
    * Hide sensitive photos?
    * Hide sensitive albums?

  88. Lynne says:

    Hi Andre, I apologise in advance if this has been asked already. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 android phone today, and have delved into the world of auto backup online with Google Drive and Google Plus through my Gmail account. I’m a little confused about how it all works, but I think I’ve got it all working. However, on my phone in the Gallery I have 2 folders – one is the main camera folder which contains most of my photos, plus another folder I created called “Art”. If I go into Google and access my photos through Google Plus, I can see what looks like most of my photos, but firstly I can’t see the 2 folders created, none of the photos are listed chronologically, they’re all out of order, and some appear to be missing. I’ve tried to find information online about how to change the order of my photos, and why some might be missing, but am struggling – your advise would be hugely appreciated! Also, if I remove photos off my mobile onto my computer, will the originals still be stored in Google Plus and/or Google Drive, or does the auto sync feature mean they’ll disappear? Thanks :-)

    • HI Lynne, the photos in G+ are sorted by creation date. You can’t change that. It’s made for photos, that you make. If you want to use it for other photo or image materials I don’t think it will work and you will be better off with another service :(

  89. Nionios says:

    Hello Andre,
    just some (maybe silly) questions about the Google+ photos. I recently moved from an Iphone 4 to an Android phone (specifically the OnePlus One). On my Iphone I had approx. 3100 photos and videos. I used WonderShare MobileTrans and indeed transferred all 3100 photos to my Android phone. Then, the AutoBackup process started automatically and after quite some time I now have approx. 4300 (!) photos and videos in my Google+ photos folder. My main question is where did Google+ find the extra 1200 photos & videos since I cannot search one by one all my files to find the differences. Any thoughts and/or ideas? I have turned off the feature that Google+ photos also displays photos stored in Google Drive and therefore the extra files are not originating from there.

    Also, on another note, all my videos were uploaded but the “Date taken” was automatically set to the date I first synced my Android phone although in my Iphone they were correctly timestamped. On the other hand all photos were sorted by date with no problem. Why is that? Finally, if I change the “Date taken” though my browser in Google+ photos, will this change be reflected automatically on my smartphone and the video will move in the correct date or should I edit it manually also on my phone?

    Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for my long post. Keep up the good work!

    • HI Nionios, I have no clue, where google found the 1200 extra photos. The “date sorting” has been an issue several times in this thread. You would have to edit these dates manually if you want to resort the items. I mentioned tolls for that above.

  90. Nikita says:

    I backup photos from my pc with autobackup feature but I got hundrets of invisible “folders”. How to make them visible in albums?

  91. Hi Andre. Maybe you can help me. I used Picasa web albums to move photos of my jewelry to my website. I would edit photos and move to web album that was linked to A tech person set it up for me that way so I could keep my website current. Now that I can no longer find picasa web albums I do not know how to use google + to do the same thing. I am not at all svavy about things like this, but would appreciaciate any suggestions.

  92. Martin Pease says:

    Hi there André, I’m sorry but I lost my concentration before getting to the bottom of all these comments. This is maybe a silly question, but is there any way that I can share ALL my Google+ photos automatically with someone? Thank you so much for all the time you’re putting into this business. Obviously a true scholar and gentleman!

    • HI Martin, there is no easy way to do this (other then handing on your password ;). I assume you can only use picasa, select all photos, copy them to a new folder, sync this album and share that album afterwards. If it’s just a one time thing you could also export yll your photos and share the zip file with that someone.

  93. zack says:

    Great article :)

    I’m working on organizing my existing photos into albulms…

    How do I filter out all the photos already in an album, so I can only see the ones that aren’t sorted yet?

  94. Peter__ says:

    I have… lots of photos. 30,000? 40,000? something like that. The good ones I star, and they all end up in the starred photos folder. Obviously I’d like all my good ones accessible on the web, so would like to upload my starred folder to Google+, but… Google+ won’t accept more than 2000 images in a folder, and I have about 5,000 starred photos. So any suggestions for getting my starred photos onto Google+?

  95. ellie riley says:

    Hello, please forgive me for my ignorance technology is pretty new to me. I was wondering if you have an answer for this question? If i had photos and videos backed up to google+ from an android device (samsung galaxy s3 mini) and then that phone broke. So i get an s4 mini am i able to view the photos from the first device on the new device? I do not have the old memory (sd) card or access to the old mobile device. I cant find them anywhere. Admittedly i do not know if i am looking in the right place. I can see the photos backed up that i have taken woth tgis phone but none of the old ones at all. Thanks in advance.

  96. Jan says:


    You’ve written about tagging photos. Do you know if there is any way I can have others help me tag photos I upload? I’ve got a panorama of a family reunion and I don’t know all of the people that are in the picture. It would be helpful to have my cousins contribute.

  97. ashley speed says:

    hi, if i delete photos off my phone will they stay on google plus?

  98. MartyRL says:

    Great article – but too bad about Picasa going away…I really hate google+ and I really hate having to spend time transitioning to something else when Picasa was working fine for me. This is not about making things better for Picasa users – this is all about getting people to move to google+. I don’t want automatic uploading, or automatic sharing, or automatic interfacing with my other devices – I just want a repository for my photos that I can easily manage manually. I will keep using the old Picasa page until it ‘goes away’. Also – when I try to look at my photos via the google+ page (with same account as my picasa page) I don’t see all of my old picasa albums – only the ones I’ve created since updating the picasa app on my desktop.

  99. Mark says:

    I like to keep the pictures in my G+ albums sorted by reverse date taken so that the newest photos are always at the top of the album. I presently use Picassa3 to upload my pictures to my G+ albums. Once uploaded I have to manually open the G+ album and sort it by reverse date for the new pictures to appear at the top of the album. Are there any settings that would automatically place the newest photos at the top of the album when they are uploaded?

  100. Mark says:

    Great Article! My wife and I each have a Google account and our photos from our cell phone automatically back up to our respective accounts. Is there a way for each of us to add photos to a collaborative album? Can I share one of my albums with her to allow her to add photos to my album? I just don’t get how to do it. Thanks for any help.

  101. Anca says:

    Hi. I have a problem…when I delete a photo from google+ it doesn’t delete it from the album from my phone… it appears in the album but just like a grey picture. And it shows me all the photos. For example…I have 664 photos and when I delete 10 it doesn’t delete from my phone. Can you help me please?

  102. Alfredo says:

    Question: when looking at All Photos in Google+, how can you know if a photo has been placed in an Album? Is there any info telling us that such pictures has been placed in an album (so that you don’t duplicate it in such an album?)

  103. Nick says:

    Andre – I have 100’s of shared albums in Picasa Web Albums and am thinking of converting to Google + . Some questions …

    1) Will old albums , plus the lists of people they have been shared with , both show up in G + ? Does G + store the email addresses of people who have been shared ?

    2) For new albums , can I disable any “automatic sharing” in G+ ? What are the sharing options once I have uploaded a new album ?

    3) I am concerned about privacy and want to be able to control sharing myself. Some bad publicity about Google + is that it will automatically share / make visible my albums to other Google + members ? Is this true or not ?
    Thanks for your help !

  104. Rj Phipps says:

    Love your guide. I am looking for help. I am trying to organize my photos and when I put them into an album I run into a problem. I want to reorder them so I choose organize but when i do the next pop up window shows the box outline of the photo but the photo never fully loads. is this a problem with Google+ photos or my computer? stumped

  105. Max says:

    Thanks for the tips. Shocking that there is no single great product that manages the end to end photo workflow (I thought it would be Picasa but it hasn’t been kept up to date and the API has limitations).

    Now that you provided a trick on finding all AutoBackup photos (or folders), how do you know which ones are copied to an Album?

    This is the issue I have with AutoBackup.. while great .. and while i can move it to an Album, I have no idea which ones are already part of an album.

    Over time, with 100s of autobackup files, it will be painful to sort photos into albums

  106. IAN says:

    Can complete the whole sharing process of pics from albums but nonne has been received .Have tried all ways and tried to send to myself but receiving nothing, WHY””” is there a setting I must change?

  107. Hi,
    I have my photos only in Google Drive.
    My Google+ Photo shows ALL the images I have in the drive, I cannot get rid of photos I do not want without deleting them, (I do not want to delete them) such as books covers, engineering drawings, comics, reference anatomy photos, etc. I just want the Photos I take with my camera, or the scans of my “historical” albums. The worst: I use Calibre as my boog libriary administrator and calibe used one folder per book so I have dozens of “albums” with one photo: the book cover, I barely am able to find my “real” photos among tjhi mess. Can anybody help me?

  108. Amy says:

    I’m trying to understand the relationship between Google+ and Picasa – as far as my current photos. I have used Picasa(Web) for a few years. Now I signed up for Google+.
    All my PicasaWeb photos are showing up in Google+.
    If I delete my Picasa account (or a bunch of the photos) to free up space so that they aren’t taking up space twice, will all of those photos still remain on Google+?

    • Lachlan says:

      Don’t delete anything from PicasaWeb or close your account. If you do you’ll lose them in both PicasaWeb and Google+.

      Google+ and PicasaWeb effectively share the same storage space. Each photo is stored only once, you just see it presented to you differently via the two interfaces.

  109. Can I delete the photos on my sim card after I uploaded them to Google Photos? Or will GP then delete them as well? In other words, I’d love to store my photos on GP and then clear them off my card.



  110. Mike C says:

    I need some help. I’ve uploaded all the family photos up to Google Photos. Frankly, I’m not seeing the point. Yes, I can create albums–except there is no way to tell which photos are NOT in an album. Sorting through 20,000+ photos in Google photos is an absolute pain. Second, how do you edit photos? None of the options you show here appear any where in the Google photos or Google, web app or desktop app. I can do some color changes but that’s it. No cropping, no editing, no face tagging…nothing.

    I can’t add tags I can’t sort other than by date. This is becoming the electronic equivalent of dumping all my photos into a big box….what am I doing wrong?

  111. This is great, but having to log in to the destination platform afterwards to change the album’s permissions from public to my trusted friends/circles somewhat defeats the object

  112. Nikolay Stoykov says:

    Hi. I need to give access for seeing some of my photos from a Google Drive Document to restricted number of people but not to share with them. Before hat was possible and very easy, but now I can not do it.
    How can I let people see my photos without sharing?

  113. Valerian says:

    I am searching for an google functionality or app, or third party app, or online store that allows following:
    – multiple user can upload/share in the same pool/folder/album/store
    – multiple user can view the pool/folder/album/store
    – the users are maybe invited by one kind of administrator

    I want to make our family photos available at one place. But different family members shall have to possibility to upload photos there. I don’t want to be the single point of upload, and all photos of other family members must first send to me.

    I loved the idea of the google+ circles. You could share your fotos with a group of people, without the need to always sending out links, and that are only for some photos. But I have no idea how such a grouping will be provided in google+. But the circles did also not allow the feature of allowing different user to upload in one circle.

  114. Cal says:

    Great guide and very informative, thanks a lot. I wonder how the latest Google Photos would affect this? Would all the functions you described above would still be useful and applicable in Google Photos please? Many thanks.

  115. Lenka says:

    Hi, can you please advise how the description tags can be visible to my followers? It used to be visible on picasa, using google photos they need to click on information and i’m not sure this is the right way.

  116. Valeri Hristov says:

    Hi !
    1. Didn’t find a possibility to move entire photo album with comments under the photos and noted location. ”Google Photos Backup” was offered to hep me to do this, but I can only upload photos from my computer – not to move from Picasa to Google + Photos.
    2. Google said my photos are already there, but in Picasa i have 16 albums, in Google Photos are just 5 albums.
    3. Google Photos Backup was installed in Bulgarian in spite my computer’s and my Google Account language is English_UK. No option to change the language later…… I didn’t expect this from You !
    Anyway .. I’ll survive but so many hour working got lost in the trash… I’ll reconsider shall I upload photos again…

    • Valeri Hristov says:

      My apologize,

      I found my photo albums in another Google account that I don’t access often and that’s why I didn’t see the emails from Picasa too.
      Best Regards

  117. Bob C says:

    My biggest concern in moving away from Picasa has been the options for sending prints to a third party service like Snapfish. Picasa made that easy to do from within the app, but I have yet to find a way that’s similarly easy with G+ Photos. True, the Snapfish website allows you to do the upload right there, but it relies on you knowing the directory structure of where photos are located, essentially falling back to using file explorer. My wife has no particular interest in the low level details of the directory structure of our computer and Picasa made it so she didn’t need to; she just picked the photos she wanted prints of, clicked send to Snapfish, entered a password and done. I’ve been poking high and low and this one feature has been surprisingly hard to find in any photo management software I’ve found. About the best bet I’ve found is to brush up my coding skills and work up a plug-in for Digikam. Not impossible, but a lot more effort than I was anticipating.

  118. Aisha says:

    I want to delete all photos from my sd card because my phone has storage issues. I have noticed that when I delete an image from my sd card, it also gets deleted in Google plus, how do I go about this?

    • That shouldn#t be the case, I delete photos on my card all the time without deleting them in the cloud. Maybe just delete them outside the google photos app to make sure it’s just deleted locally.

  119. Terry says:

    I have been ill and out of work for two years. I cam back in April and Picasa wasn’t on my computer. It was a new one and my old one doesn’t work and not everything is backed up. Is there anyway to check with Picasa to see if any of my pictures are there? I got some of them but not all of them. I don’t know what else to do.
    Thanks for the article. I will read it again I am sure as I start working on that. I have a lot of other things to catch up on as well.

  120. Janice says:

    I am trying to share an album that I just made in Google Photos. I ask for a link which I am given but when I email it to someone without a Google account, they only get the name of the album and not the album itself. It doesn’t matter if I click on the share button or the more button and then share, I get the same result. Quite frustrating. Can you help? Please be specific. Thanks Janice

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