How to find the best seat on a plane

5 Travel Infographics Every Traveler Needs

In today’s busy world it can be hard to find time to read and research all the travel tips out there. To make things easier (especially on a Friday) we’ve compiled the 5 best travel infographics for you.  Whether you’re looking for advice on how to pack your backpack most efficiently, or how far 100 Euros will get you in certain parts of the world, we’ve got the basics covered. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Staying Healthy During Flights

Humidity in airplanes can be as low as 1%,  lower than in any major desert in the world. Here’s some great tips on how to stay comfortable on long, dry journeys.

Travel inforgraphics on how to stay health on an airplane

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2. How to Best Pack a Backpack

Perfect suggestions on where to put your heaviest items, how to adjust all the different straps, and more, all from the outdoor masters at REI.

How to best pack your backpack for some adventure travel

3. The Best Seat on a Plane

Most airlines now let you choose your seats on the plane during the booking process. Keep these tips in mind next time.

How to choose the best seat on an airplane.

4. How Far 100 Euros Will Get You

For those on a budget, here’s a cool comparison of what 100 Euros will get you throughout the world.

Travel infographics with budget travel tips on what 100 euros will get around the world.

5. How to Pack Your Luggage

Scientific precision is the best method for packing any type of luggage.

How to pack your luggage the right way.


Do have any great ideas to add? Are there any specific tips you wish were here? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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